'India makes China another party in Kashmir dispute' - Kashmiri Muslims should decide their future. By Hem Raj Jain


When last month in April during Pak visit Chinese President XI Jinping announced $ 46 Billion assistance to Pakistan for building ‘China-Pakistan economic corridor’ which will pass through POK, some discordant noises were heard in India but concerns were assuaged by saying that during Modi’s visit to China in May this matter will be taken up with Chinese leadership in order to ensure that claim of India on POK is not vitiated in any manner.
But the Joint Statement between the India and China during Prime Minister's visit to China is for anyone to see where there is nothing specific (which was imperative from Indian point of view) about POK. The only mention in Joint Statement is - “[The leaders agreed that the process of the two countries pursuing their respective national developmental goals and security interests must unfold in a mutually supportive manner with both sides showing mutual respect and sensitivity to each other’s concerns, interests and aspirations]” - and this is meaningless as it is no where near addressing the concerns of India especially about POK.
Because POK was not taken by India militarily hence first Pakistan became party in Kashmir dispute and then with the confused policies of Government of India (GOI) for the last 67 years Kashmiris (especially through separatists) have become at least half party in this dispute thus so far there were only two and half parties in Kashmir dispute. Now with acquiescing to and condoning the Chinese virtual control of POK there are three and half parties in Kashmir dispute.
It does not require a genius of strategic & economic affairs to know that this ‘China-Pakistan economic corridor’ is going to become a matter of life and death for China for the simple reason that for access to markets of middle east, Africa etc for exports imports this corridor will not only save ~ ten thousand K.M. of navigation / transport but will also avoid sea route having hostile / potentially hostile countries of Pacific and India. Moreover if needed with Pakistan consent (which will come gladly) china can place formidable naval power in front of coastline of Gujarat and Mumbai / Maharashtra in Arabian Sea.
In a nutshell India (including people of J&K) should now forget POK. Worst come worst for China it can always say that India can keep Arunachal Pradesh (which China claims as its territory) and forget about POK and some more of strategically-important territories of India.
To be fair to China for this mess solely India is responsible because in any case India (a martially deficient country) was not doing and is not likely to do anything to retrieve POK from the official (and now unofficially increasingly with China) possession of Pakistan and about other territories from the possession of China.
The main impact (of this inevitable increasing control of POK by China) will be on Kashmiri Muslims and they will face greater problems and will have to make intelligent choice, as given below, if want to lead peaceful and honorable life :-
(1)- Without unification of J&K there is no Kashmir solution. Due to said China factor the solution to Kashmir problem is now no where in sight. Because, as per media reports, Islam has laid down lives of ~ one hundred thousand jihadis for kashmir hence Islam will never forget Kashmir and the terrorist attacks by jihadi infiltrators and some jihadi locals will never stop in J&K and even in other parts of India. Hence
India will continue to keep its military and paramilitary forces (along with AFSPA etc) in J&K forever. This will make the lives of the people of J&K (especially of kashmiri Muslims) a virtual hell.
(2)- Now Kashmiri Muslims have only three alternatives :-
(i)- If Kashmiri Muslims want to live as third class citizen of India then they need not do any thing and may continue to live in Kashmir as it is.
(ii)- If Kashmiri Muslims (like Muslims of rest of India) want to live as second class citizens of India then should (A)- Demand the abolition of Article 370 of Constitution so that Hindus may come and live with them (which will reduce excesses of military, paramilitary and AFSPA etc on them) and (B)- Leave Kashmir and should start living in other States of India like other Muslims (second class citizens) of India.
(iii)- If Kashmiri Muslims want to live as first class citizen (at par with Hindus of India) then they will have to develop a political party (based on the ‘Zakat’ principle of compulsory contribution and participation) generally on the lines as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2296

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