Report on Pakistani NGO,s in view of a religious leader; Part-1


It is humble request in this Point positively to think about religious boundaries and spiritual levels. It is too much essential to save new generation on the humanity basic including one’self; even it seems impossible in the entire world but most in Pakistan. Jesus said that you are light of World, but sun light had become bulb light of room only that cannot shine darkness of hearts and mind to be shined with great of Lord Jesus Christ.
His Holy Words are true, it is written that all did sin and come short of His Glory (Romans 3: 23). Majority depends on networks because their trust in human, few trust in God, But Bible tells that cursed is one who trust in human ( Hosea 5: 11). We see current examples; people are far away from God’ Holy Words. We see current NGOs in Pakistan, people depends on people than God, even many of organizations are playing by making cases and complicating according to current reports and analysis.
It has been observed among some organization (NGOs) are modern dictator who stops personal character development to keep their ruling over all, they did not allow some educated Christian’ children, families and some to grow on equal standard. They wanted to keep all under their control of dictatorship by spread negativity about them through networks to block growth and positivity. They said that if these poor go ahead, they will be successful, and then their dictatorship will be finished on families.
There are many case that had been observed among so many families who are victim of NGOs by providing them little but getting a lot by funding agencies, Most of them Handicap, rehabilitations, rallies, welfare, earthquakes, maltreatment, blasphemies and awareness. Funds uses are wrong for personal causes and benefits on name of victims but they use all funds for luxuries. Even they arrange marriages and arrange divorces for their network and dirty thoughts. NGOs must be but according to commitment and vision for real help for helpless as written in book of acts who are spirit filled ( Acts 6: 1) not lustful.
Even it has been observed among some churches who are getting funds in abundance for people but uses of funds on wrong side or personal development, whenever some genuine case bring forth them, they refused to help and raise voice, it means that they are working for personal causes and benefits only. Even they find fake and dead umbrellas from fake evangelical parties who are agents of devil serving two masters, most of them are not qualified to preach and teach but they have relationship with fake leadership where they mixed up pure with unclean. Even personally they are started work for this purpose as business point of view not soul wining. In this way, they are polluting field. Because there is no merit of holiness, they make fake stories and empty without His Holy spirit and Holy words.
Most of them mental find some educated personal to use them for ministries, even stimulate them to give them example of other ministries; they are getting funds by false. It means that their base is on wrong purpose. Many of old generation minister leadership are too much proud for their knowledge. Most of them had been observed who are ruled by NGO’ in project for materialistic, in this genuine believers are deprived from rights, Even we can see, many of them had been buying church property and ( Church) Akklisia among other for flesh Even it has been observed that they did start in spirit but working as flesh.
Many of cases had been observed by NGO who are playing politics with righteous families to pollute their characters and play with their children for flesh purposes; even it has been observed that they do everything for getting favor of other people by pleasing their desires. Under unbeliever’s supervision and connection, many families had been spoiled through neighbor through networks. Desiring and faithful families are under those people who are corrupt. Even they are educated but they are victim of someone dictatorship.
Now People are doing formal prayers here even they sit in prayer, their intentions and thoughts are another place instead of keeping pure connection with God, it means that people had prepared themselves to find pleasure in other activities than to enjoy God presence ( Hebrew 12:9). Even their time which they did devote for Lord God to praise Him, they are thinking about worldly matters in his God’s house in worrying. Even Lord Jesus Christ said that give me your all worries and put on my yoke that is light and easy (Mathew 11: 29).
Many of NGOs are thinking about church goers people. They think that poor people only goes to church to satisfy their soul and spirit under Umbrella of God. Rich people enjoy their luxuries and their own fellowships. They are spreading these kind of mentally among all to fed them up from church and spirituality.
God said. What man can not do but God can do by my spirit of God (Zech 4:6). There is no need of armed’ forces. There is only need of trust in God. Then it means that there is no need of groups, networks because human is not perfect from worldly point of views, there is only God’s holy hand and wings that satisfy souls. As much as these networks are growing, love of money is increasing, greed for luxuries is creating in the human’ hearts. They are killing fellow human for their craze. What it had been observed, poorest are victim from all sides who dies like dead in dependency on NGOs and fake leaderships.
There is proverb, crocodile or big fishes eat smallest fish, nature law. It is written in His Holy words, shepherds had become wolves, shepherds are enjoying worldly enjoyments and sheep are lamb for them for their enjoyment not their responsibilities as shepherd.
(PCP exclusive Report Part-1)

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