Role of NGO,s Part 2: Pungent Point # 294 - General Spiritual Level – 09: By Pastor FS Bhatti


“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. (Matthew 5:11,26: 29,Mark 14: 56 - 57, John 15: 20 - 21)
This verse is encouraging and inspiring verse for believer to be blessed ever to think. It is great verse for blessing of Lord of Host, Lord of lords, King of Kings for true believers, we should not mind and reactive like unbelievers what is happening with Christian believer in Pakistan, it is compulsory to prove that they were disciples of Christ.
People will make false cases, persecute you for name sake of Jesus Christ, they will say all kind of evil things against you, they will try to make you nasty by their accusations, and they will accuse you wrong for evil doing for name sake of Jesus Christ. When people will do these things, then you are blessed. How wonderful are you who are blessed. Jesus Christ said, heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away (Mathew 5 : 18). These things will surely happen with Christian among other nations as we are living among Muslims.
What is great need to do prayer for persecutor who did, they are not Muslim, they are source to make us blessed, they will persecute us, there is no doubt because it is written in God’s Holy words (the Holy Bible). This is not any so called lords’ saying, not saying of worldly lords. These Holy Words are Heavenly Father’s Words. This is British Government who did leave Pakistani Christian by handing over to other nations during separation of Pakistan, India and our so called Christian leaders who did not ask for separate country from British Government, because Pakistan is separated on religious basis. Why You are not finding root cause. Because Christian were third majority at time of partition before creation of Pakistan.
Pray for good leaders and NGOs, Ministries, Churches who can ask for poorest Pakistani Christian rights from British Government and UNO and authorities, pray for those parities like PCC who are working purely for Christian rights. Why prayer is needed for these organizations leaders, because now these are contractors of poorest Christian families who are selling them in other nation’s hands, Now you must think, whenever it had been possible that wolves will not find sheep for eating and making them prey. ( 1 – Thes 2: 14)
Because organizations want to raise their banners who wants to be prominent. Even It is written in His Holy words, May Christ increase within us, we decrease ourselves. But these lords do for money to increase themselves and decrease Christ for selling innocent and poorest Christian in other hands for greed of money and powers. There is crucial need of whole Christian nation to get together but they are not getting together in unity for their banners to be prominent, even they have forgotten example of disunity of woods example, old man who had many sons, but they had been fighting with each other. Old man ordered his sons to bring still stick of wood, they brought, then Old man said that to break stick, they broke easily, but old man bound all of them, he said to his sons to break this bundle, then anyone could not break it. It is power of unity.
Even great Apostle Paul said that Is Christ is divided when disciples are fighting with each other, In same way, we all Christian.

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