Cross of Asia in Karachi. By Indranil Maitra


It's definitely a moral victory for the Pakistani Christians; There is an interesting story behind the making of a 140 feet 'cross' (symbol of the Christians) at the Gora Qabristan Cemetery in the heart of Karachi city. A businessman of Karachi Mr. Pervez Henry Gill is building the bullet proof sculpture which is the largest 'cross' of Asia.
Some 4 years ago, Mr. Gill had a dream where God telling him to do something for the Christian community. After 4 years, Mr. Gill is now building Asia’s largest 'cross' in the economic capital of Pakistan. There are some more interesting facts about this structure. All the Muslim workers who're making it, one day suddenly quit the job except Muhammad Ali. It's Gill's all kinds of support & co-operation that made possible for Muhammad Ali to complete this bullet proof mega structure. According to Mr. Gill 'this cross is a symbol of God and by seeing this everybody will b worry-free.' These are interesting facts behind the scene which we should know.
But the original reason, importance and greatness of this mega structure 'cross', I would like to elaborate through my logical analysis. I think the miseries and sufferings of the Pakistani Christian community is a well-known fact to all of us. The way minority Christians are paying huge cost for their physical survival in Pakistan, are mostly barbaric in the history of humanism.
If u are a Pakistani Christian then u have to face couple of more acts & which are very common in Pakistani social phenomenon. Probably misuse of 'the blasphemy act', I mean any Christian of Pakistan can be beaten to death any time in the name of Islam/blasphemy act. Then of course bomb blast in a Sunday church is another common atrocities in Pakistan. And of course gang rape, firing, looting & communal violence have become a regular routine against the Christians & other religious minorities of Pakistan.
We have to admit the truth that from any corner Pakistan is not a religious or an Islamic state. Because it needs some ideology to be an Islamic or any kind of religious state. Frankly speaking, Pakistan is nothing but a real 'communal state'. And except Sunni Muslims, nobody is safe in this 'communal state'. So far, a city church or a remote village area, a diseased poor girl like Rimsha Masih or an h'able minister like Shahbaz Bhatti, nobody is safe nowhere in Pakistan & Christians are struggling for their existence.
And above all, the city Karachi is the most dangerous horrible place of Pakistan. So at this time, when a big hearted Christian businessman of Karachi came to build a mega structure (140 feet cross) at the heart of the city for his community, obviously it would be a great news for his state, for his community & of course for the entire human society.
At least a million (10 lakhs) Christians are the permanent residents of Karachi. And by God's grace Karachi Christians at last got the positive objective to fight their daily lives. Because it is not only a religious sign(the mega 'cross') for the Pakistani Christians but also the spirit of their fighting for existence. When the 'Satya Narayan Mandir' of Karachi got attacked by the terrorist or when 'Zabran Nikah' (force marriage) happened to abducted young Hindu girl, same kind of (or other types) big hearted protest could change the entire scenario.
Anyway it is the Christians 'cross' or the Hindus statue or the Sikhs Gurdwara or the Shias Imambarga isn't a matter or differ at all. But the matter is that it has been done by marginalize religious minorities of Pakistan. And it is the most powerful truth of this great incident.
It's a great service to his community & particularly at this time when the Christians are fleeing Pakistan for their safety & those who aren't able to leave will stay in their own motherland. Those Christians who're staying (fighting!) in Pakistan need a spirit or mental strength to survive & to protect their dear ones. And this colossal 'cross' must give them the courage to fight. Either an atheist or a pious, a Marxist or a capitalist, every human being needs some kind of courage or spirit to fight for existence.
Great J. B. Shaw once expressed ''perhaps protest is the finest art of human life'' (in his Dublin conference speech) & now Karachi businessman Mr. Gill proved that legendary comment by making the 'cross' (largest in Asia) for his own Christian community.
Frankly speaking, I'm neither a Pakistani nor a Christian, but still I feel pride by remembering the great work of Mr. Gill. And any person who believes in humanity, would feel pride about Mr. Gill's great job. Any work with a noble objective is a great creation. So the 1 million Christians and all the progressive peace loving people of Karachi should remain grateful to Mr. Pervez Henry Gill for presenting them 'a victory' which is a 'moral success' of the entire humanity.

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