Hem Raj Jain responses to ‘Report card of 1 yr. of Modi government


Sub:-' - Modi considers global investors fools not watching anarchy (mobocracy) and martial deficiency of India
-- On completion of one year Modi presented report card of his government on Tuesday through advertisement in prominent Indian newspapers. But apart from good intentions and some welfare schemes which mostly convert beneficiaries as charity seekers (which is anti-democratic) Modi surprisingly had nothing to say on two issues for which people of India gave huge mandate to Modi.
Leaving transitory issues aside Modi government was voted to power with unprecedented majority of his party BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha election mainly on two issues (I)- PM Modi will create jobs (for ~ 10 million job-seekers entering job market every year) which will provide economic freedom (the aspiration of people in every democracy) and will not mislead India by merely giving data about GDP growth, fiscal deficit, current account deficits, amount of reserves, increase in manufacturing capacity, export growth etc. etc. and (II)- With his projected macho image Modi will handle China and Pakistan in a martially befitting manner.
On both these issues Modi seems to think that Indians are satisfied because they have seen him going on many foreign visits which are supposed to (i)- Bring huge investment in India and which will automatically create manufacturing capacities and will automatically bring huge employment to India and (ii)- Improve relations with all the countries of the world what to talk merely of China and Pakistan.
How unrealistic Modi is regarding these two issues, is evident from the following :-
(1)- In the first place without genuine federalism (and not parody of it what Modi is doing through ‘cooperative federalism’) and without deploying State capital profitably in joint-capitalism (Private + State capital) for job creation, the removal of unemployment is impossible. As far bringing huge investment in India there is yet no such sign. Moreover the global investors are not such fools that they will not take note of on-going anarchy (mobocracy) in India. Due to rail (Modi government's responsibility) and road obstructions even after one week of agitation tens of millions of Indians are suffering (and that too in this time of summer vacation when travelling is at the peak) for the simple reason that governments and constitutional authorities in India are prostrate before agitating mobs as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/letterdetails.php?letterid=696 . [Investors know that this mobocracy has been inflicting industries also in India where mob of workers have manhandled and even killed the persons from management but no legally expected punishment worth the name was given to all the culprits]. This submission to agitators by Modi government and Rajasthan government (of his party BJP) will go a long way in buttressing mobocracy in India (which paralyzes infrastructure also) to scare the global investors.
(2)- As far second issue of removing chronic martial deficiency of Indian State, to be fair to Modi he can’t be faulted when entire India (including its media, political / strategic / defense commentators, academicians etc) is saying that Modi has fared excellently on foreign policy. Whereas the fact of the matter is that if there is one area where Modi has done worse then it is foreign policy as explained below:-
(i)- Foreign policy can be divided in three parts (A)- Security / Defense (B)- Strategic and (C )- Economic. The economic factor of bringing huge investment by many foreign visits of PM Modi, has been discussed above. Because unlike USA India does not operate militarily all over the world and remains confined to India’s neighborhood hence Security / Defense / Strategic matters can be combined in one. It is evident from the record of past 30 years in SAARC that India could not assume the role of leadership due to unresolved Kashmir problem with Pakistan. Hence it will be naive on the part of government of India (GOI) if it thinks that it can gain any respect in its neighborhood or across the world without resolving border disputes with China & Pakistan.
(ii)- Indo - China border dispute (emotionally sensitive to at-least India if not so much to China) resolution is not a rocket science and can easily be resolved through Judicial Commission ( UN or otherwise and acceptable to both). But like previous governments Modi government has also not gone for it and is wasting precious time without understanding that China is not interested in solving border dispute with India in order to permanently keep territorial, military and strategic pressure on India (also to give such benefits to Pakistan vis-a-vis India). On the contrary Modi capitulated before China (which in the past has already grabbed Indian territory of Aksai Chin, Shaqsam Valley and Gilgit Baltistan in POK) and did not raise the issue (of ‘Sino-Pak economic corridor’ passing through POK) during his visit to China as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2392
(iii)- India stopped talks with Pakistan (by giving excuse that Pak talked to Kashmiri separatists which is allegedly against India’s territorial integrity) without understanding that these separatists never come on table when India and Pakistan talk, which means Pakistan has not made these separatists the third party. Moreover in this age of IT revolution people can talk to each other without meeting in person. If Modi really believes in territorial integrity of India then he should have kept talking to Pakistan for retrieve of POK but Modi does not want to retrieve POK (militarily or otherwise) therefore so far India has not petitioned UN & P-5+1 to get Pak nukes under UN control as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/letterdetails.php?letterid=694
(iv)- Modi government is totally oblivious of the grave developments in NAME countries (especially about phenomenon of ISIS). The GOI is merely apprehending (as evident from recent statement of NSA) what will happen in AF-PAK region if there is a bloodbath between Taliban and ISIS. But GOI has not thought what will happen if Taliban (of Afghanistan & Pakistan) & ISIS join hands to take over entire AF-PAK in two stages as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2345 .
GOI is simply not aware about threat of every kind India will face in case of this ISIS entry in SAARC region (with ~ 700 Muslim population) where Pakistani flags and slogans are being raised in Kashmir (due to non-retrieval of POK by martially deficient India) and 25 to 40 million (as per media reports) infiltrators from Bangladesh have been the cause of gory incidences especially in N-E of India.
Therefore Modi should desist from putting cart before horse and should understand that martial power precede economic power and not vice-versa as Modi is trying to do. India will never achieve economic progress unless it first protects its martial interests and authority & rule of law.
Still Modi has four more years where he can deliver on said two crucial issues [(i)- job creation and (ii)- defense / security / authority & rule of law] by adopting genuine federalism & joint-capitalism and by removing anarchy (mobocracy) and martial deficiency from India because that only will usher India into prosperity and peace with justice.

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