PCP coverage helped people, now Sachin Pilot should enlighten people especially Gujjars about half-cooked deal: By Hem Raj Jain


8 days long Gujjar agitation (which was causing immense problems & inconvenience to people because Delhi - Mumbai rail route and Highways were blocked by agitators) has been called-off on May 28, 2015 following assurance by Rajasthan Government that it will bring a fresh bill to accord 5% job reservation to Gujjars.
Last time in 2008 when Gujjars blocked railway route at the same place Pilukapura (from May, 23 to June 17, 2008) nobody bothered to remove them but this time due to coverage of this agitation by ‘Pakistan Christian Post’ (PCP) http://pakistanchristianpost.com/letterdetails.php?letterid=696 (the copy of which was sent to President, Lok Sabha Speaker, Supreme Court, NHRC, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Railway Minister, Rajasthan High Court, Delhi Police, Rajasthan Govt & Police etc) not only (i)- Delhi Police registered the case Ref. No.- 8247/E-mail dated 25/05/2015 at Special Commissioner of Police / CRIME, where if railway services had not started the railway authorities would have been booked under criminal law by Delhi Police but also (ii)- Rajasthan High Court too (which did nothing in 2008) pressurized Rajasthan Government & Police to restore rail and road traffic.
Due to this pressure on Gujjars (of getting removed by force by Government) they entered into a half-cooked agreement in haste with Rajasthan Government. In Rajasthan the Gujjars had a towering leader Late Sh. Rajesh Pilot whom Gujjars trusted. After his death his son former Member of Parliament & Union Minister Sachin Pilot is still in politics. Hence Sachin is under moral obligation to enlighten Indians especially Gujjars of Rajasthan about the real position of this deal in view of given below:-
(1)- There is nothing wrong in giving reservation in government services [and not in elections and education (to protect merit)] if some communities think they will otherwise not get justified representation in government services. But it should never be given in the name of oppressed (Dalits) or backwards because it demoralizes the beneficiaries which is anti-democratic. Because in monarchies government run the people but in democracy people run the governments hence their moral should be more than of the governments. Because Hindu majority India has majority of population in these reserved categories who consider themselves as depressed and backward (hence demoralized) , this is the main reason India has not progressed to the extent it could / should have.
(2)- Hindu majority India by deceit has given reservation to even those castes of Hindus in the name of backwards (like Jats, Yadavs etc which once even ruled at Mathura, Bharatpur etc) but denied reservation to Muslims and Christians. Therefore entire reservation laws could have been challenged in Court under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution (by Gujjars etc from Hindus and Christians & Muslims) and then government could have made new reservation law where any community (which wants reservation) may be given reservation in government services as per its %-age in population. But Gujjjars preferred to go alone.
(3)- Historically there has been rivalry (even gory) between ‘Meena’ and ‘Gujjar’ communities in Rajasthan. Their socio - economic condition is more or less same. Meena are getting reservation in ‘Schedule Tribe’ (ST) category which gives maximum advantage (in education, government services, elections to Local-bodies Legislative Assemblies, Parliament etc) as compared to reservation in various categories of Backward (which Gujjars had). This empowered Meenas so much that it disadvantaged Gujjars immensely in their age-old rivalry.
(4)- Therefore in 2007- 8 agitation Gujjars demanded that they too, like Meenas, should be given reservation in ST category. Anybody who knows anything about Rajasthan knows that Meenas do not deserve ST status because many Meenas are having tens of acres of irrigated land with agricultural implements like tractors etc. (including in Kota division with canals from Chambal river dam) But Gujjar leaders either goofed or conspired (against gullible Gujjar community) when they did not press for survey of Meenas too (as was done for Gujjars by Chopra Committee which Rajasthan government constituted after Gujjar agitation to know whether Gujjars deserve ST Status and which Chopra Committee naturally declined).
(5)- After 2008 agitation Gujjars, for the reasons best know to them only, scaled down their demand and have been agitating for 5% reservation in Special Backward Class (SBC) Status which takes total reservation to 54 % in Rajasthan. Because Supreme Court of India (SCI) has put a limit of 50 % to all the reservations, Gujjars were getting only 1% reservation in SBC category.
(6)- Now on May 28, 2015 what Rajasthan Government has assured is a bill which will allow 5% reservation to Gujjar in SBC category and in order to take care of the objections of SCI the Rajasthan Govt. will request Union Govt to put this bill in IX Schedule of the Constitution where Bills repugnant to even fundamental rights, court decree / directions etc can be put.
(7)- But here there are two problems (i)- Any constitutional amendment will require majority in Parliament which incumbent Union Govt does not have and other political parties (including allies) may not cooperate with incumbent BJP in this matter (because of its fall-out in other States). Hence Gujjars may face this problem (ii)- The SCI has been taking objection about putting bills in IX schedule which SCI can still do especially given the fact that many other States will do the same and which will culminate into huge political turmoil in India. Hence Gujjars may face this problem too.
Therefore Sachin Pilot should clarify to the people especially to Gujjars of Rajasthan the above mentioned issues otherwise people of Rajasthan may soon have to face another Gujjar agitation with half-cooked remedies sought by Gujjars and thus perpetually creating problems and inconveniences, by Railway and Highway blockade, to tens of millions of people of India.

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