Mufti misleading Kashmiris on AFSPA etc, only Yasin Malik can help them. By Hem Raj Jain


In the backdrop of recommendation by State government for removal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from Tripura the J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on May, 30 said at a meet at SKICC that his Government will achieve its objectives regarding revocation of AFSPA in J&K. On hoisting of Pakistani flags in rallies of various separatist leaders, Mufti blamed the media for giving the issue too much hype, but said the law would take its own course.
Mufti may be having best of intentions for the people of Kashmir / J&K / India, but politics is not for saints. It is amazing that Mufti at his age and experience in politics does not understand the basics of politics of J&K.
As far Pakistani flags & slogans in Kashmir, will Mufti enlighten the people why Masarrat Alam is in Jail and not Geelani, Mirwaiz, Shabir Shah etc for raising Pakistani flags and slogans in their meetings ? It seems Mufti does not understand that discrimination in law enforcement always boomerang.
About AFSPA, without going into the reason for partition of India Mufti and similarly others cannot understand this problems in J&K. Notwithstanding propaganda by Hindu majority India that Jinnah and Muslim communalists were responsible for India’s partition, the fact of the matter is that Hindus did not want to live with Muslims. Hence both Hindu and Muslim communal forces (under Gandhi etc and Jinnah etc) were responsible for partition of India.
Communal forces can be suppressed by martial element only. Had blood of both Hindus and Muslims flown together (like 1857) for independence of India, the Hindu & Muslim communal forces would not have dared to even talk about partitioning the country. But being martially deficient Hindus did not raise guns against Britishers and Muslims did not do it because Hindus being majority community (hence major beneficiary in democratic independent India) were supposed to take the lead, which Hindus did not take.
Now it is a history. The same Hindu communal forces did not allow Government of India (GOI) to assimilate Muslim Bangladesh in India (because India is not secular which Kashmiris by this time must have realized at immense cost of life, liberty, dignity and honor ) though two nation theory (the basis of India’s partition) collapsed in 1971 with separation of Muslim East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) from Muslim West Pakistan.
In a nutshell Hindus do not want to live with Muslim Kashmiris (hence separate posh ghetto for Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir is envisaged by GOI) but here there is one catch. In popular perception (of Hindu India) Muslims inflicted huge injuries and atrocities on Hindus during last ~ one thousand years (including during 1947 partition). Hence Hindus are taking revenge on Muslims (through Muslims of Kashmir) by keeping hundreds of thousand of security forces with AFSPA etc on them where stories of excesses (including rape) on Kashmiri Muslims come to the glee of majority of Hindus in India (even by quoting what Kashmiri Muslims did to Kashmiri Pandits) .
Everybody says that if security forces are deployed then AFSPA is necessary but nobody enlightens us why security forces are needed in J&K. These are needed because Kashmir problem is not solved. It can be solved if POK is taken (like Hindu Goa was taken by India). But as I said Hindu India does not want Muslim POK.
One more factor has complicated the matter. Even if GOI forgets POK and Government of Pakistan forgets Kashmir, Islam (Jihadis) from Pakistan which, as per media reports, laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis (from Pakistan, J&K, Afghanistan etc) for Kashmir will not forget Kashmir and in cooperation with Jihadis from J&K will continue to promote infiltration and terrorist attack in J&K. This will always give reason even excuse to Hindu India to keep security forces and AFSPA in J&K.
Notwithstanding what is reported in biased Indian media or said by pusillanimous (English educated urban India, social activists etc) and some other saner voices (who all are in hopeless and minuscule minority in India) there is nothing more pleasing (sadistic) rather music to the ears of most of the Hindus in India than cries of helpless Muslim Kashmiris coming out of J&K. And this reality, the naive (and even cunning) Kashmiri Muslim politicians ( like Abdullahs etc of NC, Muftis etc of PDP, Lone etc of JKPC and others) will never understand.
In a nutshell (because territory is a military affair hence needs military strength to back it) theoretically there are only three solutions for Kashmiri Muslims:-
(i)- India becomes secular by taking POK (with military strength of Indian Sate) which India will not do as it has not demanded Pak nukes to be taken under UN control as explained at
(ii)- Pakistan takes at-least Muslim Kashmir if not entire J&K (with military strength of State of Pakistan even with the help from Jihadis). This Pakistan tried but failed and (given comparatively larger military strength of India) will never succeed hence this option is ruled out
(iii)- Muslims of Kashmir go out of India by demanding ‘Independent Kashmir’ ( with military strength of UNSC) under the Trusteeship of UN. Pakistan (Islam) will also ultimately support it because like Bangladesh it will carve out another Muslim country from the motherland of ‘Kafir’ Indians (Hindus)
In realizing this third and only option of Independent Kashmir (under UN Trusteeship), under the present circumstances Yasin Malik is in a best position to help Kashmiri Muslims. After giving-up militant approach, more or less Yasin has remained on the path of non-violent agitation for independence of Kashmir. Hence Yasin should pay India in the same coins. As India under Gandhi adopted non-violent movement for independence of India similarly Yasin should take-up non-violent movement for independence of Kashmir (along with POK) under UN Trusteeship.
If India resort to excess and cruelties on this non-violent independence movement of Yasin then Yasin can always take the help of media in highlighting it (by comparing it with British approach to non-violent independence movement of Gandhi). Of-course for this Yasin Malik will need independent media in J&K. Because existing media in J&K is pro-establishment hence Yasin may have to launch a newspaper / TV Channel of JKLF in J&K (as Gandhi also launched his newspapers) and this should not be a difficult job for Yasin and his Gandhian followers.
After this non-violent independence movement by Yasin Malik if martially deficient India comes to senses and decides to become secular by taking POK (militarily if necessary) then fine (which will be good for every Indian including for selfish / defeated / demoralized Muslims from rest of India too, who will continue to live as second class citizen in India but will not do anything to solve their problems by cooperating & working with Kashmiri Muslims). Otherwise Hindu majority India has no reason or right to weep (with crocodile tears) over another dismemberment of their mother land.

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