Police Tortures minority community in Hyderabad. Report by Sooba Bhatti


On 27th August 2005, a boy named Sunildas, s/o Chirandas, age 14 years, religion Hindu, residence H. No. 43 Muthidda Colony, Near Christian Colony Unit No. 10 Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, was playing in front of his house. Suddenly two policemen came and begin to beat him. After a few minutes his elder brother Mr. Vicramdas and his mother Mrs. Chirandas came and questioned the police why are you beating Sunildas? As the policemen listened they left Mr. Sunildas and then the policemen beat his mother and after beat Mr. Vicramdas. During this incident the people of the colony look and stood silently. Nobody interfered in this matter.
After this the policemen caught Mr. Vicramdas and pushed him in the police vehicle and went away to the police Station, B Section, Latifabad, Hyderabad.
As policemen reached the PS and they started to beat Mr. Vicramdas and bound him in chains and the policemen beat him on the legs, hands and arms.
Some more people were also at the Police station on other cases. The policemen called one lady and men and said is this fellow who stole your things? But the lady and men denied and said he is not, and then the policemen filed a case in the name of Vicramdas that he supplied drugs (charas`).
But after one hour a crowd of respectable people came to the Police Station for the release of Mr. Vicramdas.
The people demanded from the police and said that Mr. Vicramdas is a gentleman, poor and a human being.
So after a few minutes the police said they will release to Mr. Vicramdas but first he must apologize to us and say that " He is guilty and he is wrong".
So Mr. Vicramdas's father and mother were weeping and upset and with pressure from the Policemen they also apologized to the police.
At night at 11:00 p.m. at the residence of Mr. Vicramdas in the midst of the whole community Mr. Vicramdas and his parents apologized to the policemen.
During the interview with Mr. Vicramdas and his parents they said that the police tortured them and pressurized them. They also showed wounds where the police tortured.
The Vicramdas family also went to the doctor for treatment; the doctor suggested an X-ray, so they went to a laboratory for an X-Ray. The X-ray report was in favor of Mr. Vicramdas. The Doctor said that his arm was injured and there was internal hurt to the muscles.
The Vicramdas family is not in a position to fight against Policemen.

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