Role of NGOs in our societies. By Rev. FS Bhatti


Luke 16: 1 – 14, we study and learn great lesson of unrighteous managers who was managing things of his lord. Somebody complained about manager who had not been honest. His lord called his manager to get back everything from him. Because he had been dealing with it in a dishonest rough ways, even he had distributed his lord’s thing among people to whom manager wanted to give. Manager had been getting honor from people to please.
This story shows that sons of darkness are cleaver and cunning than sons of lights. A servant can not serve two masters, because if he will try to please one, other will be anger with him. As like Manager who had been dishonest with his lords. It is example of dishonest servant.
Jesus Christ said, i am good shepherd who takes cares for lost sheep. Being Christian must take up our cross, we should not follow managers (dishonest teachers and preacher) who had been appointed by corrupt system to spoil families, ministries and churches. These signs of corruption and dishonesty among righteous is lesson. Because it had been seen in personal experiences about those managers who are faithful or unfaithful. They degrade and insult people who are under them to prove their supremacy. May God save us from those kind of managers who are unrighteous? Disciple chose righteous manager who were filled with Holy Spirit and wisdom to distribute things among people. (Acts 6: 3).
Now this age, we see living example through organizations and NGOs that had been playing satanic role against righteous person, family, ministry and church to spoil and destroy them through managers of other faiths and interests. In this way, they made slaves righteous by imposing their thought to walk on the double standards. They do not want to see righteous or anyone to be independent for their evil games. They supports sinners of their games but reject and regret who are walking righteously.
I want to share with you about shepherd and sheep, righteous and unrighteous shepherd (Leaders). Before sharing this mystery, i want to share about Old Testament and New Testament are united with each other. Both are incomplete without each other.
Ezekiel 34: 1 – 16 , In these verses, we learn that great mystery of shepherd who did not take care of sheep but sheep ran away to mountain where they become prey to the beast. They did not feed my flock but fed themselves, Prophets is saying according to God’s order that i am against shepherds because they did not feed my flock but pollute them. My flock had been scattered, even they did not search my lost sheep.
Here we see from New Testament, Jesus said that i will search my lost sheep, he went to find one sheep that lost. It is very simply to understand that Jesus is searching lost sheep of flock. Words of God are explaining about shepherds of New Testament and Old Testament who had been ignorant, they did not take of them. Even my flock become prey of beast of wilderness. Even they did not bind who was broken, they did not heal who was wounded. Because there was no real shepherd, they were dishonest to take care. Even they forcibly rule over them.
In this way, Kingdom of God’ sheep had been scattered and eaten up because of shepherd’s carelessness.

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