Idea can be fought only with superior idea, Obama can count on Indian Veterans for eliminating ISIS. By Hem Raj Jain


US President Barack Obama on Monday at the G7 summit of world leaders in Germany acknowledged that the US still lacks a "complete strategy" to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) and stem the group's rise in Syria and Iraq and further said "We don't yet have a complete strategy. The details of that are not yet worked out.".
Without understanding the strength of ISIS etc the US led coalition will not be able to eliminate ISIS etc therefore Obama should think about out-of-box solution and do the following by counting mainly on Indian Military Veterans :-
(1)- First and foremost Obama should realize that entire NAME region (mostly Sunni Muslim region) is bleeding and any solution will have to be devised for entire NAME region and not merely for Iraq and Syria.
(2)- The excesses, atrocities on and gross injustice against Sunni Muslims in Syria and Iraq facilitated the rise of ISIS. Therefore Constitution based on secularism and genuine federalism will have to be imposed in NAME.
(3)- Because Jihadis claim to fight for establishing Islamic rule in these countries hence Jihadis like ISIS, Boko-haram, Al-Qaeda, Houthi etc have one great advantage that in addition to military organization they have Islam (its clergy and elaborate Islamic institutions and organizations) which takes care of civil society (even provide money and other resources to these Jihadis) while these Jihadis are engaged in military battles.
(4)- Due to wrong interpretation of Islam present day Islam in NAME Countries have become anti - human rights (especially of women, minorities, petty offenders, blasphemous etc) but modern and progressive Muslims of NAME region find it difficult to break said strangle hold of Jihadis (and clergy etc of misinterpreted Islam). This is the main reason that US led coalition has so far not succeeded in eliminating ISIS etc from NAME region.
(5)- Therefore Obama will have to fight this battle on three fronts in entire NAME region starting from Iraq & Syria (the base of ISIS) :-
(i)- On military front which US led coalition is already doing but needs more boots on ground.
(ii)- On civil front to provide visible force (of home-guards and a sort of police and paramilitary forces) in civilian areas to give confidence to modern and progressive Muslims in these countries (maybe even as security guards, for preparing voter lists, for rehabilitation of displaced etc). The number of these civil forces will be many times more than the military forces which US led coalition has deployed or may be planning to deploy. There number may be hundreds of thousands (even up-to one million) for entire NAME region
(iii)- Obama will have to mobilize philanthropic organization from across the world (especially from economically powerful West) to launch institutions of health and education (in rural and urban areas) of these countries. These philanthropic organization will require funds (from West etc) only for kick starting these institutions because these will be ‘Participatory Philanthropic Institutions’ [PPI, with capital (as in limited companies from shareholders) from charity and revenue from fees from beneficiaries]. These PPI (with the participation of people) will be crucial in strengthening the modern & progressive forces in entire NAME region and this only will effectively eliminate misguided Jihadis like ISIS etc from NAME region.
(6)- Fortunately for Obama, this up-to 1 million strong Civil Force can be mobilized from Indian Military Veterans without any difficulty or problem due to reasons given below:-
(i)- India with ~ 1.5 million serving military persons has ~ 2.5 million Veterans. Out of these up-to 1 million Veterans are in working age group.
(ii)- Indian Military was developed by Britishers hence is thoroughly professional and Secular. Obama should realize that India is the only secular and democratic country of ~ 1.25 Billion people in this part of Asia
(iii)- Pakistani Military was also developed by Britishers but in theocratic Pakistan they have become another type of Jihadis. Similarly in Countries of NAME and in other Muslim Countries, Sunni - Shia conflict has rendered the Veterans of all the Muslim countries unsuitable for this mission in NAME.
(iv)- Such Civil force from Christian countries will not be acceptable to Muslims of NAME due to their age-old rivalry since the days of Crusade. And about non-democratic China less said the better. Hence only Hindu majority India can provide this up-to 1 million strong Civil force to US led coalition in NAME.
(v)- Out of these up-to 1 million highly trained (militarily) Indian Veterans any number can be used for military battles also against ISIS etc , if need so arise (this way Obama will not have to depend merely upon half trained Iraqi soldiers who recently fled from Maradi on the first sign of ISIS and which was lamented by US Army General too)
(vi)- OP-1 can be replaced with MP-1 of ICCPR of UN for NAME and countries of NAME can be asked to develop a mechanism for Human Right Commission in these countries (at National, States and Districts level) so that military / paramilitary / police assistance though these HRCs can be provided as per need out of these up-to 1 million Indian Veterans.
(vii)- Like governments of other countries the Government of India (GOI) too may have problem in providing official & regular military, paramilitary, police forces for this mission in NAME to UN or to US led coalition. But this up-to 1 million Indian Veterans (who can be used as military, paramilitary, police forces depending on need) can join this mission without any official / formal permission / consent from GOI. Rather GOI will be glad that NAME region (which is going to remain extremely important for India due to its energy needs) will find succor through Military Veterans of India hence will have tremendous goodwill for India.
(viii)- US led coalition has spent Billions of dollars and will spent another Billions in future for eliminating ISIS etc without any result worth the name. Whereas the salaries and perks of these up-to 1 million Indian Military Veterans will not cost more and that too with certain results.
(7)- Obama is in last phase of his Presidency and as President of USA (the leader of free world) would like to leave memorable legacy for the benefit of mankind (especially after his foreign policy fiasco in Ukraine).
Therefore Obama should ask US Ambassador in India to open channels of dialogue with Indian Military Veterans and their representatives in order to mobilize up-to 1 million Military Veterans for this mission in NAME countries (starting from Iraq and Syria) for the elimination of ISIS etc. and also for making ‘Arab-spring’ a success so that tens of millions of people of NAME, who are bleeding and weeping profusely, may find succor without any further delay.

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