‘China protected Pakistan on 26/11’ - Golden opportunity for Modi to justify 56 inch; By Hem Raj Jain


Those countries are fortunate who have leaders who make public commitments for higher achievements for their country. In that sense India is fortunate that PM Modi is publicly committed (through election promises) to achieve (in addition to transparent and clean govt.) unprecedented economic progress and militarily self-respecting and honorable country. Such leaders, like PM Modi, always work very / extra hard to live up-to their projected image.
By this time Modi must have realized that without removing chronic martial deficiency, India cannot progress economically and to remove this deficiency (and to realize his mission) the opportunity is now, as given below, :-
(1)- India had presented the resolution in UN calling for sanction on Pakistan in view of Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi’s release from the court. India maintained that Lakhvi’s release was violation of UN’s resolution. But China reportedly vetoed the resolution, maintaining that India didn’t provide enough proofs & evidence against Lakhvi and the Indian propaganda over his release is baseless.
(2)- Some commentators in media are saying that though gate of UNSC are closed for India about Lakhvi matter but India can still ask some countries (including USA) whose citizen were killed in 26/11 to file another appeal in UNSC. This is nothing but delusion. The USA, apart from cosmetic action of declaring meaningless $ 10 million award on Hafiz Sayeed and some other measures, is simply not interested in getting justice to the victims of 26/11. Moreover in such an open and shut case as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2341 India too so-far could not get justice to the victims of 26/11
(3)- Therefore India is left with only one option that is to bring Lakhvi, Hafiz Sayeed etc through surgical military operation. Of-course this will culminate in full-fledged war with Pakistan but it is ethically right and desirable because :-
(i)- Notwithstanding India being ~ 6 times than Pakistan the military strength of both are almost equal because, as defense / strategic commentators (like Maroof Raza) rightly say that (A)- Fear of nuclear war is grossly exaggerated and (B)- India can spare only 750,000 military in comparison to 500,000 military of Pakistan and this 1.5:1 ratio is not enough rather in modern warfare 3:1 ratio is needed when going in other’s territory.
(ii)- In addition to this, Pakistani will mobilize Jihadis from all over the world which will obliterate even 1.5: 1 ratio of Indo-Pak military. As far war material and money, a country in defense will need less and Pakistan will get lot of help and assistance from other countries to make up the difference.
(iii)- India will be justified in waging war against Pakistan for not only capturing perpetrators of 26/11 and for retrieving POK but also to assimilate theocratic Pakistan which one day will become the gate way for ISIS as explained at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2345 . At the same time India will not win this war unless it is prepared to assimilate Pakistan on the basis of Constitution which will be secular, democratic and genuinely federal (which will go a step further than what Jinnah suggested before partition in the sense that apart from other things natural resources will belong to States).
(iv)- There is a difference between West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). In contrast to Bangladesh the martial element of Pakistan believes that they ruled India for hundreds of years hence they are martially better competent and can still defeat India military (and by implication may even again rule India). Hence Pakistani military has every right to test Indian military in a almost equal battle especially when it need not bother to defend Bangladesh (East Pakistan thousands of Kilometers away). Therefore World community should not deny Pakistan its long cherished dream to win and rule India again.
(v)- Islam (once known for brotherhood) spread on the power of sword from Spain / Morocco to Indonesia / Malaysia and still holds most of this territory. But presently most of the Islamic countries have become anti - human rights and their Jihadis are committing war crimes and other atrocities on minorities and other civilians (including women, children, old people etc) and even exporting terrorism. Hence nothing wrong if such Islamic countries (like Pakistan) are taken over by the modern, progressive and pro-human rights countries (like India).
(4)- Apart from such Indo-Pak war being ethically proper, India need not bother about China factor or West factor. Because West and many other countries will be interested in this war due to ISIS factor. Whereas China factor is exaggerated as given below:-
(i)- Victory of China in 1962 war was mainly because India (under Nehru, brought-up politically under Gandhi, did not realize the importance of military) did not use its superior Air Force which would have given even victory to India
(ii)- China is most vulnerable due to lack of democracy and it’s over dependence on Western market.
(iii)- It was China of Chiang-kai-shek (presently Taiwan) which was part of Allied power which fought in World War II and not Communist China. But India foolishly allowed China to become permanent member of UN with Veto power. India even now can deprive China of its Veto power (even by demanding restructuring of UNSC by voting rights as per formula based on contribution of men, money and material by countries). In this over 190 countries will cooperate with India.
(iv)- China, which has dispute with almost every near and distant neighbor, is still heavily dependent on Pacific and Indian ocean route for its exports - imports (especially when China - Pak economic corridor is still not operative and will not be so especially in view of Indo-Pak war)
(v)- Notwithstanding its economic and military power (with Dalai - Lama and his followers on Indian soil) China will not be able to stop independence of Tibet in case China takes interest on Pakistani side in Indo-Pak war. Even India siding openly with Taiwan and Pacific countries in their territorial dispute with China will also be the natural outcome.
(vi)- In a nutshell China will prefer to keep away from substantial involvement in Indo-Pak war.
(5)- Fortunately for PM Modi the ‘Lalitgate’ controversy will eventually subside with Supreme Court SIT (Special Investigating Team) intervening in black money matter of Lalit Modi. Hence while leaving domestic economic & other civilian matters to his cabinet colleagues PM Modi can concentrate on Indo-Pak full-fledged war which is the only solution to India’s most of the problems.
Let us hope PM Modi will live up-to his projected and perceived macho image of 56 inch ki Chhati (chest).

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