Shia Massacred Inside a Mosque in Kuwait by ISIS: Syria and Gulf Support of Sectarianism. By Murad Makhmudov, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker


Shia Muslims in Kuwait have been slaughtered in a mosque by Sunni Takfiri Islamists that deem the Shia to be apostates. Immediately ISIS (Islamic State – IS) claimed responsibility for the latest atrocious attack against Shia Muslims that is all too common in nations like Iraq and Pakistan. However, Kuwait is usually immune from attacks like this against the Shia but sadly the Takfiri Islamist virus is growing throughout the Gulf region. This can be seen by recent brutal attacks against the Shia in Saudi Arabia, whereby many Shia perished inside mosques because of the barbaric nature of ISIS.
The BBC reports: “An Islamic State- (IS) affiliated group said it was behind the attack. IS has carried out similar recent attacks in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and Yemen… However, this is the first attack on a Shia mosque to take place in the small Gulf state.”
It is known that 27 people have perished in this barbaric Takfiri Islamist attack against innocent Shia Muslim in Kuwait. The numbers could easily rise because many individuals have been taken to hospital with various forms of injuries. Therefore, what should have been a day of prayer became yet another suicide bombing nightmare whereby bodies would become torn apart by the forces of pure evil.
France 24, (Reuters) reporting about the terrorist attack in Kuwait, states “Pictures posted on social media and Kuwaiti news websites showed men in traditional white robes smeared with blood outside the mosque. A second photo showed a row of victims wrapped in white body bags and a third the collapsed ceiling of the mosque.”
Sadly, institutional discrimination is a reality for the Shia in nations like Saudi Arabia and currently the Saudi led coalition is bombing Shia forces in Yemen. At the same time, Shia persecution is rampant in Bahrain therefore anti-Shia sentiment isn’t new. Despite this, recent barbaric attacks against Shia Muslim mosques in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – and in other parts of the world – is highlighting a growing Takfiri Islamist trend that seeks to cleanse the Shia. Therefore, it is time for nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the Gulf to relent from supporting various Takfiri Islamist sectarian groups against the government of Syria. If not, then obviously more attacks will take place against the Shia because the ISIS and Takfiri virus is spreading its tentacles.
It is also abundantly clear that Sunni Islamist clerics are spewing hatred against the Shia in nations like Saudi Arabia. On top of this, the foreign policy objective of Qatar and Saudi Arabia – and others – against secular Syria is fueling the Takfiri virus that hates all and sundry. If this reality is overlooked by feudal monarchies in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, then more terrorist attacks will take place throughout the Gulf region. Not only this, ISIS and other Takfiris will become emboldened by their sectarian agenda because this reality is being sponsored against Syria by state institutions in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
In other words, the links between the brutal deeds of nations that are supporting various sectarian terrorist forces against the government of Syria will come home and spread the same hatred. Nations like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey should hang their collective heads in shame because of their brutal policies towards Syria. After all, ISIS, al-Qaeda affiliates and an array of sectarian terrorist groups have been openly supported by the above nations in order to defeat the government of Syria.
Likewise, the nations of America, France and the United Kingdom have been involved in many ratlines against the government of Syria because they have co-opted nations like Jordan and utilized Turkey based on geographic factors. Despite this, it is clear that Erdogan in Turkey desired direct military intervention against Syria and the same applies to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. However, when this didn’t materialize despite the “chemical false flag” the covert intrigues of Ankara, Doha and Riyadh increased to a new level. Indeed, the different approach being taken by America that is assisting Kurdish forces in the north of the country, is a far cry from the policies of Ankara that supports various Takfiri Islamist factions including ISIS according to media sources within Turkey.
Unlike the sectarian card being taken by Gulf powers and Turkey the government of Syria is the opposite. After all, the government of Syria supports the Palestinian agenda (most Palestinians are Sunni Muslim) and took in various religious groups that fled the chaos of Iraq prior to the destabilization of Syria. On top of this, the armed forces of this nation are multi-religious. Therefore, the Sunni Muslim component within the armed forces of Syria is essential in fighting back against the meddling of outside nations. Likewise, the Christian and Druze communities are being targeted by anti-Syrian government sectarian forces therefore all faith groups understand that it is the government of Syria that supports the religious mosaic. Equally important, all major religious leaders, irrespective if the Sunni Muslim Grand Mufti of Syria or leading Christian clergy, openly support the government of Syria because this nation is on the frontline in the civilizational war.
President Bashar al-Assad of Syria warned the international community that the sectarian and terrorist card would backfire based on blowback. Not only this, but even nations not involved in the destabilization of Syria are at risk because of the folly of the usual Gulf and NATO powers that destabilize. Therefore, Kuwait – and the international community – must question internal policies and the roles of nations like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey that are fueling the fire in Syria.
Indeed, with ISIS spreading in Libya and Yemen then the Saudi led coalition against the latter – and the roles of Qatar and Turkey in Libya, must also come under the microscope. After all, just like the destabilization of Syria, it is clear that ISIS and other Takfiri Islamists are gaining from the policies of Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington. This equally applies to the destabilization of nations by major powers that create terrorist and sectarian vacuums – alongside the direct involvement of regional players that are enabling the ISIS virus to grow and spread. Modern Tokyo Times – International News and Japan News Modern Tokyo News – Tokyo News and International News Global Security News – Geopolitics and Terrorism

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