M.P. Congress complicit with BJP govt in 'Vyapam' scam. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- M.P. Congress Leaders Digvijay Singh, Satyavrat Chaturvedi, Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia etc. seem to be complicit with BJP govt in 'Vyapam' scam (ii)- Rajasthan Congress Leaders Ashok Gehlot, CP Joshi, Dhariwal, Sachin Pilot etc seem to be complicit with Vasundhara in pay-back scam (iii)- 'Lalitgate' protest of Congress is merely a drama to fool the people (iv)- Congress does not believe in time bound remedies (v)- No surprise Congress lost power despite every ruling dispensation following its policies.
-- On June, 28 prominent media reported that -”[Narendra Singh Tomar, an accused in the high-profile Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB or Vyapam) scam, has died under mysterious circumstances in an Indore jail which added another murky chapter to the scandal in which 24 accused and witnesses have died so far. The special investigating team (SIT) probing the scandal had recently submitted a list of 23 deceased (to the M.P. High Court) who had died an "unnatural death" including most high-profile death in March 25 this year of Shailesh Yadav, son of Madhya Pradesh Governor and former UP Chief Minister Ram Naresh Yadav, who was himself made an accused in the scam before getting relief from the court (Some reports have claimed 40 such deaths). Vyapam scam is a massive admission and recruitment scandal involving politicians, bureaucrats and middlemen. Several politicians including former education minister Laxmikant Sharma, a host of officials and scores of aspirants have been arrested in the case. Congress has even accused chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan of complicity in the scam]”.
Despite dozens of such mysterious deaths (which is increasingly emboldening the accused), if Congress party still could not get persecution started against all the accused (and also punishment to most) then it is an incontrovertibly evidence that the prominent leaders of Congress in M.P. (Digvijay Singh, Satyavrat Chaturvedi, Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia etc who are normally found very energetic and active in M.P. only at the time of elections especially to lobby for party tickets to their camp followers) either (despite their prominence) do not understand politics or they are also hand in gloves with BJP government in Vyapam scam.
Similarly Lalit Modi, Vasundhara and her son are involved in money laundering through their companies NHHPL & AHHPL which was known to Congress led Union government & Congress Party’s State government but they were not booked & prosecuted as per law in four years (though it is not a job of more than four days). This is a proof that Rajasthan Congress Leaders (then CM Ashok Gehlot, CP Joshi, then Home Minister Dhariwal, Sachin Pilot etc) either (despite their prominence) do not understand politics or are complicit with Vasundhara in pay-back scam (where Lalit paid-back in lieu of favors given to him by Vasundhara).
This impression / suspicion gets further strengthened when one looks at Congress response to current controversies about Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje in ‘Lalitgate’ (as is popular called in Media about black money cases related to former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi) as given below:-
(1)- Sushma and Vasundhra of-course should be punished as per law but this also Congress is not trying to ensure through court cases against them (especially when BJP government at centre is not taking legally expected action them). Moreover the way Lalit could not be brought to India by Congress led Union government in four years and the way Lalit Modi, Vasundhara and her son etc were not booked & prosecuted as per law in four years is a proof that Congress does not take such cases seriously
(2)- How-much establishment of India protects the criminals (involved in money laundering, black money etc) is evident from the statement of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who said that purchase by Lalit of Dushyant’s (NHHPL) share of Rs. 10 Rs at price of over Rs. 96,000 is a commercial deal between two individuals. This shows that Jaitely does not understand that no entry can be made in the books of accounts of any business or a company unless there is consideration (that is the reason entries between debtor and creditor of a firm are directly not allowed instead it has to be between firm and debtor and firm and creditor) . And this basis of consideration in this over 96,000 v/s 10 deal can’t be justified and that too in view of reported absence of commensurate assets with the Company. The Company laws and accounting practices are framed and allowed by Indian State in the interest of genuine economic activities like business, industry etc and not for facilitating money laundering, black money, tax evasion etc. But Congress party never demanded resignation of Jaitley though he is trying to protect said accused in a legally objectionable manner.
(3)- As per media report former IPL chief Lalit Modi had enlisted several high profile backers in his efforts to procure resident status in the UK and for his legal defense in India on the basis that he was allegedly harassed and prosecuted by government and its agencies in India. How can 'High profile backers’ and BJP office bearers & spokespersons and other commentators in media denigrate Indian State without Lalit Modi first exhausting all remedies in India including in Supreme Court of India but Congress party and its spokespersons never called-off the bluff of Lalit and his all the said backers.
(4)- Congress Party even came out with signed letter (with secrecy clause) of Vasundhara Raje in support of Lalit but Vasundhara said that it was not submitted to UK authorities. Hence unless Congress comes out with prove that UK authorities admitted this letter in their proceedings, Vasundhara cannot be said to have backed Lalit’s case. But Congress Party has so far not enlightened the people of India about its stand on said argument of Vasundhara.
In a nutshell it is not merely Vyapam scam in M.P. or pay-back scam in Rajasthan [both with the complicity of Congress leaders (by their acts of omission) in these States] but in general entire Congress Party does not take matters of extreme public interest & importance, seriously and is cut off from reality of political life of India (proverbially ‘poore Kue me bhang padi he’). This precisely is the reason the Congress party finds itself in such a pathetically reduced condition in elected bodies of India (Parliament, Assemblies and Local Bodies) though the policies of this Grand Old Party (GOP) of India, are more or less followed by every ruling dispensation including BJP led NDA (in the past and present) at centre .

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