Nationalism or Racialism series# 26. By Rev. Dr. FS Bhatti


It is so sad story to write on the topic of “Nationalism or Racialism” about the facts today again, why Christians are feeling insecure in every field of life in Pakistan. Why Christians are being forced to get Asylum in other countries, Because Christian girls, women and homes are not safe in Pakistan. If someone raises voice for rights and justice, they had been killed, Christian’ right are completely blocked for getting revenge economically and socially through influence people among communities.
This is main reason that innocent Christian are surrounded from all sides, they did select MNAs, MPAs of their own heart of interest through their parties but not electorate. It clearly means that ministers and leaders belong to Government not Christian communities. It had been recorded facts of History. Before creation of Pakistan, all facts are crystal clear. Why Christian are treated menial for their good works in the Name of Jesus Christ. In fact, we see facts of History of Islam’ beginning and creation of Pakistan, Christian had been sincere with Muslim to help them. Now Muslim had completely condemned Christian rights.
We hoped for that sincere people will consider about these brutal attitudes toward the Christian Minority. They should see facts. Hindus and Sikhs can go to India But there is no other option for Christian to go any where except to seek Asylum in other countries, then they had been kept in other countries for many years suffering, they will always remember attitude of Muslim friends about their trust, friendship, kindness, sacrifices and services for Muslim humanity. Please note carefully that when Hindus and Muslim demanded freedom to have a separate Homeland for themselves. They were not termed as traitors but considered as religious and human rights positively.
Government of Pakistan allotted 5% Quota to Minorities. The 5 % Quota is divided among all minorities. In fact, Christian only gave votes for creation of Pakistan not other Minorities. Hindus did not vote for Pakistan. Christians are foundering member of Pakistan not other minorities. Christian condemns their injustice, hatred and brutality for burning Alive Christian and grabbing our Identity, voting rights through selection system, recognition of Christian institute, and our rights are being snatched; even our basic rights are snatched by these unlawful Acts. We are forced to demand a Separate Homeland for Christian only. It is most urgent need to change brutal attitude with Christian who voted in the favor of Pakistan instead of demanding a separate Homeland for themselves before creation of Pakistan.
We Christian are spiritually and religiously believe that we are body of Christ, if our any part of body had pain and suffering, whole Christ’s body is in great pain and suffering. Our Christian families, brothers and sisters are suffering so much in other countries finding Asylums to save their families, girls and women. Is it not Nationalism? We are not secure here in Pakistan.
I want to refer recorded facts before Pakistan’s creation. A Hindu leader “ Jowar Lal Nehro” asked Muhammad Ali Jinnah in “Simla Round Table Conference 1946” that the piece of land which you are claiming for Muslims. Have you any schools, colleges, Hospitals or any other Institutions of Muslim there? The faith is main source of attitudes to show love and hatred that is personal standing with fellow human being. Christian leader “SP Singha” replied to a Hindu leader “Jowar Lal Nehro” that what are Christian’s schools, colleges, hospitals or institutions all of Muslim. Christian leader “SP Singha” replied to Hindu leader on behalf Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1946. He showed his love and strong standing for Muslim before creation of Pakistan.
After the existence of Pakistan, we also see real facts, first of all, the first gift was allotted a small piece of agriculture land to the Christian field worker by the order of Quad – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah but it had been snatched by Ayub Regime. This was reward of Christian’ services and sacrifices negatively, and then Christian had to leave villages and try to settle in cities. They could not find any respectable job or labor. They were forced to do the least menial jobs such as to clean roads, sewerage and houses of Muslim Landlord and then discrimination had been started among communities socially because of Christian’ least menial jobs. They had been called as “Chura” for their sacrifice and great love in Christ for fellow human being.
Another hateful fact by ruler who did nationalize all the schools, colleges, hospitals and Christian institutes, It broke the backbone of Christian nation and blocked all the ways of progress for Christian. It was politics to grab our all economic power to kill us in poverty and helplessness and deprivation. It is constitutionally decided that no Christian can be appointed on any key post.
According to the Clause, Chief Justice A. R Cornelius was removed. Christian names of cities and roads were changed to wipe out Christianity from this land. They feel insult to salute any Christian officer as they term Christian as infidels.
Then another hateful ruler against Christian took over charge forcibly to revert attention of people and started implying Islamic laws in country. He introduced Blasphemy Law such as 295 A.B.C that empowers every Muslim to blame their opponent under these laws. To do anything with their opponents by blaming under these clauses, it is on the record of Human Rights Courts. How many Christian villages, cities, and churches, holy bibles had been burnt? How many Christian burnt alive. How many Christians are beaten to death? But who had cared for these lives. It is continually going on brutality over innocent Christian. Who had ever considered these facts of Blasphemy laws? What Christian got reward for giving votes for Muslim and Pakistan? Is it Nationalism or racialism?
We are very sorry that our so called Christian leaders betrays with Christian generations to be slave forever in these regions. This is reason that Christians are socially, economically and politically crushed. Christians are spending their lives worst than Israel in the Egypt.
It is admitted fact that India was divided on the basis of two nation theory i.e. Hindus and Muslim are two nations that can not live to gather (But Proved wrong) ideologically. In fact, Hindus and Muslim are ruling to gather in India. Is it two nation theory? Pakistan was granted to Muslim and for Muslim. It clearly showed that Christians are stateless under yoke of slavery in every part of Pakistan.
Muslim and Hindus have right to have freedom. Why Christian can not have freedom. Why Christian can not have freedom who are third biggest majority to have their own country. It is irony of fate that Christian can not win sympathies of any “Humanity lovers”. No one has ever considered this fact that if Pakistan can be granted to Muslim on the religion basis. Why Christian can not have their homeland to practice their beliefs because they are feeling insecure from all points of views as stateless citizen in this part of world.
We will see on record facts of international power and Government who had sympathy for humanity. When Sikh demanded a separate homeland by the name of “ Khalistan” then Canada open their doors and welcomed thousands of Sikh to take protection and residence in their country until they have their own country.
When Ahmedias were only declared as minority, then British, Germany and other European countries permitted them to settle in their countries even helped them to construct Mosques in their countries. When forty Shia Muslim were killed, then Australia opened their gates for 2500 Shai families to settle in their country.
We don’t hate Muslim but they hate us. Can love and hatred live togather. Muslim countries do not grant them nationality in their countries. But Christian countries have educated them, provide respectable job, good atmosphere even economically. At same time, they give chance to construct Mosque.
Some Government supported also to keep world in the darkness and don’t let the world to be known about real facts. Now it is appeal to all who claims that they are humanity lover for coming forward and help stateless Christian for their safety and achieving their rights to practice their beliefs or separate Homeland.
When we see all facts of foods items which are mixed with malicious virus for human body, it shows that people had forgot humanity love, even most of them are caught but they are freed on monthly income to management and journalists. Is it nationalism to pollute and destroy the fellow human beings? It is conclusion of Journalists, Doctors, Bishops and Pastors. How can people show their nation spirit for Pakistan who are divided in racial spirit of denomination?

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