Yousuf Youhana and Pakistani Christians. By Stephen Bahadur


Pakistan has been established since 1947 and during last 58 years Christian Minority in Pakistan produces only one Yousuf Youhana. Is it possible? Obviously not! Because there were many talented Pakistani Christians in the past who had all the abilities to represent Pakistan at the International Level and could be the heroes of the Nation but they were not given an opportunity and had been discriminated because of their religion.
In almost all the sectors of life talented Pakistani Christians have to come across to the situation where they are asked to either convert to Islam or change their names and bear an Islamic name to avail an opportunity and success they are dreaming of, which definitely is unacceptable to every true believer of Jesus Christ. In Pakistan, ratio of people favouring talent over religion is like salt in flour, if compared with the people favouring religion over talent.
Selection and success of Yousuf Youhana in the cricket team has awakened the hopes of other talented Christians that they can also represent the national cricket team. His success has also opened the gates in the team for all, irrespective of their religion; and subsequently a Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria has also been succeeded to make his room in the national team on the basis of his talent and many others are lining up for the opportunity.
But now after the conversion of Youhana to Islam, all the gates to Pakistan Cricket Team have been shut down for the minorities of Pakistan. Because it seems like that some people want to make the Pakistan Cricket Team as an Islamic Cricket Team, in which they want all members to be Muslims, no one from other community is allowed to be the part of that team and if someone would be succeeded to make his room in the team he would be made Muslim by any way like Yousuf Youhana.
Yousuf Youhana has definitely pressurized to accept Islam because in his statement, he said that he has accepted Islam three years ago which is absolutely a wrong statement because he did not accept Islam three years ago, as he has been regularly making the sign of cross during that period. Making sign of cross means believing on TRINITY to Christians and Muslims do not believe on the TRINITY. If a true Muslim knows the meaning of making sign of cross he would not practice it in front of the world again and again but Youhana did it on numerous occasion.
We sincerely request President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz that please stop proclaiming that you deem in EQUALITY FOR ALL, if it can not be practiced actually. Because for last 58 years we are not enjoying the equal rights, as Muslims do. The base of 1973 Constitution is Discrimination, according to which a Non-Muslim is not liable to become the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. I never even heard that a Non-Muslim had ever been a Chief Minister in the past 58 years. Likewise the same clause has been adopted by almost every organization in all sectors of life in Pakistan.
Moreover, in everyday life a minority person is not equally respected. Let me know you something about the treatment given to Yousuf Youhana when he belonged to the Christian community. He was called CHOORA by the member of his team because of miss-fielding in the ground and what to say about public, when he came to bat they welcomed him saying “O BHANGI AA GAYA MAIDAN MAIN”. If a world famous star batsman has been disrespected with such bad words just because he belonged to the suppressed Christian community; you better imagine the kind of disrespect a common minority person has to bear.

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