Independence Day of Pakistan 14th, August 2015. By Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


It is wonderful to share with you that Independence Day of Pakistan is on 14th, August 2015, every Pakistani is happy for Jasionai Azadi programs in office, Hotels, press clubs, schools, colleges, universities, Churches and in every department of Government all over Pakistan. May God bring change and justice in Pakistan?
My heart is full of Joy for the independence day of Pakistan when we all Christian and Muslim achieved freedom from India as independent land because of "Two Nation theory". It is pleasure for whole Christian Nation that we did struggle, vote, gave lives for Pakistan with Muslim friends to bring Pakistan into existence.
We all know that Pakistan has still enemies within state of Pakistan. Those enemies are killing real essence of "Nationalism as Pakistani" but promoting "Racialism, discrimination and prejudices" for their own personal benefits. The days are coming when Sober and decent and educated Muslim and Christian will not like to live here. Civilized people are saying that they had different shops where they are trading with souls of humans.
Religion is personal belief where everyone is responsible for his acts to Almighty God who had different name in different Languages. Everyone is praising Him according to His belief. Pakistan is divided on the basis of faith on the Two Nation Theory. But Christian did not take care of belief and faith, they did help Founder of Pakistan Quid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for creation of Pakistan.
Before creation of Pakistan, Founder of Pakistan Quid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said to all nations that they will have privilege to practice their belief. Christian did help Founder of Pakistan on saying of English Rulers who were in favor of Pakistan, it should be separate land from Hindus and Sikh. But after creation of Pakistan, Pakistan' Name was changed as Islamic Republic state of Pakistan. In this way, Christian become again stateless even for giving votes for Pakistan, struggling, giving their lives for Pakistan' creation.
Christian has still enthusiasm and national spirit, passion for the Independence Day of Pakistan on 14th August every years. Prayers are carried out in all churches of Pakistan. Even all Pakistani Christian had lost their hope for rights and Justice. I would like to present glance about the hatred of Government of Pakistan for Pakistani Christian. Christian had lost their rights for their Ministers of National and Provincial Assemblies by votes. Even now it had been announced that now counselors of local communities will be selected by Majority Muslim Parties.
This is continual slaps on the face of Pakistani Christian from both sides who had left India to live with Muslim with full freedom to practice their belief where they will have equal rights in the Government level and in the civil department of life. Christian had been good forever with Muslim even from beginning of Islam. All can read History of Islam and Pakistan. Now everything is going against the saying of Founder of Quid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
It is so sad to share with you all civilized educated people of Pakistan. Now our Pakistani Christian had lost their hope, Patience and passion of tolerance. Because Pakistani Christian girls and women are raped by Muslim groups. Pakistani Christian had been getting Asylums in other countries after seeing so much persecution on poorest Christian families, churches, even Christian colonies had been burnt and even Live Pakistani Christian burning. It is extreme of hatred.
Our Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters are insecure in other countries for getting Asylum in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is so sad to share that most of Pakistan Christian' visas has been expired, they had been sent to prison. They had no money to get freedom the prisons. Pakistani Christian are insecure from all ways of life, food, protection even raping cases. U.N.O had been informed by agents of Pakistan that Pakistani Christian has no genuine Asylum seekers. It is another brutality that Pakistani Christian have no right to live with freedom anywhere in world except European Countries. Foreigner Pakistani are also praying for Pakistan and Pakistani Christian rights.
Pakistani had learnt so many lessons from voting for Pakistan, As Pakistan had got freedom from India, But Pakistani Christian had no freedom any ways of life. They are still slave to Majority for everything. Even so many families had been supervised by so called humanitarian and Muslim group who are wolves in sheep clothing.
Christ taught lesson about women who was caught red handed in the Gospel. but people wanted to kill her, then Lord Jesus Christ asked question to all people, who is among you, who did not do sin ever, all people went away to their ways. Lord Jesus Christ forgive that women to be saved, no more sin.
Now everybody considered himself pure and holy but they gave blame to all other but they did not see their inner what kind of wolf is within themselves. Is it humanity work to prepare women and girls for their pleasure or consider women as tool of pleasure? No religion allow these kinds of teaching to label women in their homes for their purpose in their innocence. They gave rights to women to use them to kill men of their homes morally and spiritually by giving them leadership. It is biggest trap of evil one to use them for their purposes.
Women are respectable to all of us according to the Law of God, God created women from man as soft and weak than man. we respect women, we cannot see women insult, some evil doer are using women of poorest families to use them by other names before their marriages and pollute their families and their characters through influence group of politics and religious.
Some people are intentionally use girls and women to pollute them because they don't want to see them respected in society. Christian girls and women are extremely insulted by other nations as tool of their enjoyments and some organized group who are working to pollute Pakistan Christian women by names. It is brutality on Christian.
Now Pakistan is only place of terrorists from all sides whosoever can terrorize fellow human being, where Muslim and Christian don't want to see mixture in eating things, but all things are not pure, even Government supplies of Electricity and Gas, whenever it is off and on, as human life is not secure, in same way Government supplies of water, Electricity and Gas are not certain for need of human being.
Christian are not only who want to leave Pakistan but also rich and educated sober and decent Muslim want to leave Pakistan and they want to shift themselves on the decent and respectable place in the world. There is no Nationalism in the spirit of human of Pakistan. They did not take care of fellow human being to invent and making eatable thing even they mixed natural things of God for their craze and greed of money. It mean that people had lost humanity within their spirit.
If people will not change their attitudes and way of life and thinking, Pakistan will be worst place for all not only for Christian. Because tree is known by its fruits.
Let us pray for Pakistan and suffering Pakistani and persecuted Christian Pakistani Christian who are seeking Asylum in other countries.
Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, the Most High God, Yahweh, Jahovah Jirah, you are creator of heaven and earth and all creation. We come before your throne of grace and mercy with our humble heart for Pakistan and all Pakistani and Pakistan Christian who are suffering in other countries from their beloved families. Oh merciful God bring change in Pakistan and give wisdom to leaders to run Pakistan with National Spirit without any any personal benefits and prejudice of their parties. Give them wisdom to tolerate other parties time of ruling as sober and decent. Oh merciful God comfort those souls and poorest families and who are flood effected in the natural disasters. Oh merciful God help us and set us free who are blocked because of some one personal interest to keep all of us under the bondage of slavery. I I ask your justice for all of us, I ask in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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