An Open letter to Military Veterans of India. By Hem Raj Jain


Indian military veterans have done enough to bring humiliation and disgrace to the martial element of Indian State by almost begging before civilians of Indian States for OROP (One Rank One Pay). Hence it is time they terminate their protest at Jantar-Mantar Delhi which they have been carrying out for the past above two months. Instead Military Veterans should launch a Human Rights NGO (with membership to other Indians too) which should come on Jantar-Mantar again within a month with demands ( in the interest of restoring martial efficiency of Indian State which will solve the problems of OROP and many other problems which martial element of Indian State are facing) namely (i)- Asking UN & P 5+1 to take Pak Nukes under control and possession (ii)- Retrieve of POK for solving gory chronic Kashmir problem (iii)- Deportation of Illegal immigrants in N-E (iv)- Problem of Sri Lankan Tamils (v)- To constitute Martial Courts (in addition to Court Martial) (vi)- To constitute Judicial commission to resolve border dispute with China. All these are explained at
In addition to these this NGO should also file writ petition in Supreme Court to get present Reservation Laws repealed [which demoralizes (fatal for any democracy) the beneficiaries by terming them ‘Dalits’ (Oppressed) and various types of Backwards (including those castes which once ruled in India like Yadav, Jat, Maratha etc) and also these laws are discriminatory against Muslims]. There is nothing wrong in giving reservation (to any group which demands) if it is on merit in government services (and not in legislative, educational institution etc) and for the purpose of giving adequate representation in government services (which they otherwise can’t get) on the basis of percentage in population.
[While demanding the above mentioned this NGO should keep in mind that India is likely to be again unified as explained at ]
After demonstration by this NGO at Jantar-Mantar and at district headquarters in all the States of India (for said demands) if some political party champion these causes then fine otherwise Veterans (this NGO) should be prepared to launch a Political Party (Here it is in context to add that in Pakistan its martial element failed to run Pakistan for the simple reason that its Generals destroyed democracy and brought martial law and failed to develop pro-martial political party to run the Pak democracy with justice)
It is hoped that after Veterans were roughed-up and manhandled at Jantar-Mantar just before Independence Day and after PM Modi has disappointed Veterans in his Independence speech by not committing any date for implementing OROP (rather contrarily saying that his government accepts OROP in principle and still wants to discuss. God only knows then what to discuss!) and after listening PM Modi’s Independence Day speech (which has convinced every perspicacious Indian that India is not in safe hands regarding economic, political and military powers), - The Military Veterans will rise to the occasion and [after terminating present ‘Dharna’ (Demonstration) at Jantar - Mantar] will again come on Jantar - Mantar etc under the banner of said to-be-launched-NGO in order to restore the martial efficiency of Indian State (which will automatically & honorably with grace solve the problem of OROP too).

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