Kerry should rid USA of Isolationism, - the cause of its present comic political confusion. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- History has put great onus on Secretary of State John Kerry to usher humanity into humane world (ii)- Despite advantage Trump (due to Immigration and Chinese Currency factors), Secretary Kerry can still ensure Democrats in White House and majority in Congress through 2016 elections
-- Nature has its own way of dispensing justice. Who would have thought that USA - [which paved the way for World War II (which inflicted unprecedented killings, suffering for and cruelties on mankind by Hitler & his fascist collaborators) by its Isolationism when USA did not allow its then President Woodrow Wilson to join League of Nations after World War I ] - itself will one day suffer due its Isolationism.
But what is comic about the present political confusion in USA (as is reflected in Presidential campaign) is that USA is unaware of the real malaise (Isolationism) which is troubling the country and instead going further deep in the same malaise. This is evident from policies of GOP front runner Trump (which other aspirants are likely to emulate in order to pamper gullible US electorate) who true to ‘US Isolationism’ wants wall all across Mexico border to tackle the problem of Illegal immigrants and up to 35 % tariff on goods imported from industrially efficient countries.
Present comic political drama in USA has tragic part also. The political scene in USA has been swept by (as is evident from various polls too) the demagoguery of Trump without USA (the most powerful democracy) taking any lesson from India, the largest democracy of the world. In India a demagogue Narendra Modi came to power by promising moon about bringing trillions of rupees of black money back in India, eradication of corruption, huge job creation, tough approach (rather macho approach due to self-highlighted 56 inch chest of Modi) towards Pakistan & China, one rank one pay / pension (OROP to military veterans) etc but now to what pathetic & politically farcical position the ‘so-called dashing, energetic, dynamic (like Trump)’ the Indian PM Modi has landed - does not require any elaboration.
This Isolationism has even incapacitated USA to realize that in this age of globalization (i)- Without genuine (which is always stable) currency free trade is impossible (ii)- With wages in developing world hugely low than in USA for the same category of workmen, the people of USA instead of giving loans to or taking shares in business / industries of other countries should start US Companies in other countries where US Citizens (some percentage of total work force) can be employed (iv)- For this to happen, peaceful environment (free from terrorism) is necessary in other countries. Hence instead of hit and run policy - (through drone etc as is being done in NAME region or without putting alternative political mechanism in place the withdrawal from Afghanistan & Iraq) - will not do. Rather PPI, IPP and MP-1 of ICCPR are necessary as explained in quoted letter.
Therefore it is not only rest of mankind (which is suffering due to Isolationism of USA, the leader of free world) but now USA itself has become major victim of it. The history has put great onus on Secretary of State John Kerry to usher humanity into humane world which he can easily discharge by running for US Presidency as explained at :-

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