Kashmiri to avail opportunity of UNGA and ongoing US Presidential campaign. By Hem Raj Jain


Whether it was 2012 letter of APHC Chairman separatist SAS Geelani to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in which he mentioned that -”[I am addressing you on behalf of my people, who for last 64 years have been striving for peace, justice, freedom and dignity. During these 64 years we have suffered immensely at the hands of Indian armed forces, who are implementing the policy of subjugation and control over our lives, resources, culture, and dignity. During last 20 years more than 1,00,000 people have lost their lives due to conflict. More than 7,000 women have been molested and raped. 10,000 men have been got disappeared. 50,000 children have been got orphaned. 30,000 women have been got widowed. 2,00,000 people have been tortured. And thousands buried in the unmarked graves and the mass graves of Jammu and Kashmir. According to the recent admission of the State Human Rights Commission, around 2730 unmarked graves have been investigated in 38 graveyards of north Kashmir, out of which 574 persons were identified as locals residents after being killed and buried after giving them the name of being foreign insurgents. Presently the State Human Rights Commission is investigating 3844 unmarked graves in Poonch and Rajouri districts. So far the investigation is going on in only 5 districts and numbers of unmarked graves and mass graves are already more then 6500. One can only imagine what could be the total number of unmarked graves and mass graves in 20 districts of Jammu and Kashmir. Many of the disappeared persons may have been buried in these graves. Disappearance is a continuing crime till the dead bodies are found. The family members of 10,000 disappeared persons are hoping amidst hopelessness.]”-
OR this Thursday appeal of SAS Geelani where - “[Hurriyat (g) appealed the international and local human rights organizations to take serious notice of the freely use of the pallet gun against the common people in the Kashmir and use their influence in stopping the use of this deadly weapon. According to the Hurriyat (g), the first 6 months of the Mufti Sayeed government has proven to be very bad of its kind for the common people and this period has shown an increase of 50% in the incidents of crackdown, search operations, frisking, arrests and cruelties. While demanding immediate release of the innocent citizens of Kakpora Pulwama Hurriyat (g) said that the Indian Union investigation agency NIA had caught any youth in the Udhampur and now they have got an excuse and they have started to arrest the people from all over the valley. ‘NIA is not only arresting the people on suspicious bases but now it has become a business. NIA is tapping the phone calls of the common people here and then charge them heavy ransom money. And in case of the refusal of the said payment, they are being threatened of arrest and shifting to the Tihar Jail in India’s capital Delhi’]” -
It will not bring any relief to the people of J&K unless separatists (SAS Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik Shabir Shah etc along with other pro human rights Indians ) immediately launch a Registered Lobbying Forum in USA for the solution of human rights problem in J&K. These separatists should use the golden opportunity of next month UN General Assembly Session. Also these separatists should use the ongoing US Presidential campaign to highlight the human rights problems in J&K.
Once such lobbying is done in USA as per laws of USA then it should not be difficult for these separatists to mobilize considerable number of pro human rights Americans in New York (the Seat of UN) and in Washington D.C (the seat of US Government) and in other politically important cities of USA and which will bring succor to the people of J&K by restoring and ensuring their human rights and this may even contribute immensely in the solution to chronic & gory Kashmir problem.
Separatists should not forget that despite so many things wanting in Americans & their FED Government (hence I wrote the book with title ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) this is an irrefutable fact that USA (if mobilized intelligently & properly) remains the last hope for mankind especially about protecting human rights all over the world. Hence if Kashmiri separatist ( along with other pro human rights Indians) spend a little part of their efforts (what they are spending ineffectively in India / J&K) in this Registered Lobbying Forum in USA in which many citizens and residents of USA can also become member - then they will get the desired relief much sooner for the people of J&K.

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