Nana Patekar can solve problems of Farm Labor and Suiciding. By Hem Rej Jain


During last 20 years ~ 3,00,000 farmers have committed suicide in India out of which ~ 61 Thousand in Maharashtra alone. This year also situation in Maharashtra remains as tragic as ever hence as per media reports last week famous Bollywood actor and philanthropist Nana Patekar said that -”["There could be a farmers' revolution. If farmers can kill themselves, they could kill others too and if this thought of a 'revolution' persists, farmers could become Naxals]”
Not only governments at Centre and in Maharashtra and political class in Maharashtra but Naxalites too (who are not supported by Nana Patekar himself because Naxalites needlessly shed blood and kill people) are clueless (and even unwilling in many cases) about what is to be done to tackle this problem. But fortunately Patekar himself can easily solve this problem if he, through Human-Rights-NGO, does as given below :-
(1)- First and foremost Patekar will have to keep the following in view:-
(i)- It is not merely farmers but also the condition of farm labor which is miserable. It is made worse because there is no labor law for farm labor. This situation has become miserable for the simple reason that after land sealing farm holding has become very small over the years due to distribution of farm land in subsequent generations.
(i)- In developed countries agriculture is only ~ 2 % of GDP rest is manufacturing and services and India will also have to achieve almost this target sooner than later (also in India majority of population is absurdly depended on agriculture hence this too has to change).
(iii)- This problem of farming community in Maharashtra can be solved when alternate employment is generated for them This can’t be done by private capital alone hence State-capital (through fiscal deficit) has to be pressed in service.
(iv)- In the past the State-capital has not been deployed PROFITABLY (rather squandered / looted by governments and political class) therefore nobody is thinking of solving India's economic problems through State capital in mixed economy (another name of socialism which is nothing but joint-capitalism where private -capital and State - capital both deployed profitably will run the economy of India)
(v)- There should be parameters / standards of town planning especially to take care of traffic congestions, public facilities like park / gardens, playgrounds, land for health & educational institutions, community centres, libraries, sewerage, drainage, waste disposal etc. Moreover in the localities where these standards are not met the purchase of land and landed properties by private persons should be banned and only sale to government should be allowed which would try to bring such overcrowded localities within the standards of town planning. This (in addition to bringing civilized & better living conditions to Maharashtrians) will bring many new residential and commercial complexes into existence (hence huge job creation) in Maharashtra.
(2)- This alternate employment can easily be generated in Maharashtra as given below:-
(i)- State-capital should be deployed PROFITABLY by Government of India and of Maharashtra in ‘Rural Employment Programs’ (some thing like MREGA and NREGA) for constructing residential and commercial (in shopping complexes) buildings.
(ii)- These buildings should be given on rent which should be decided by State and Union Rent Commissions. (There should be roof over head of every person but that does not mean that he should be owner of that house also. People prefer to own a house also due to the reason that there are no proper and just rent laws in India).
(iii)- Simultaneously Government should encourage sale of agricultural land to government where government can do efficient farming and also apply labor laws for farm laborers in these large agricultural farms. Some agricultural products like opium should be exclusively produced in these government agriculture farms (a sort of nationalization by Union & State Governments) which will stop many crimes and criminalization of politics.
(iv)- Whoever run and control the institution of health & education run the country. People should be expected to take the responsibility of democracy. Medical care in India is hopeless to say the least. Hence a modified system of ESI (‘Employees State Insurance’ with contribution from employees, employers and government) should be launched to provide health care in Maharashtra for every employee (whether in organized or in unorganized sectors).
(v)- In this modified ESI following should be there to avoid traditional problems of ESI:-
(A)- In management in addition to representatives from government the elected representatives of employees and of employer should be there
(B)- There should be first appellate tribunal nominated by employers which can look into leave (suspected to be unnecessary) granted by ESI doctors to ailing employees (second such appellate tribunal may be nominated by government)
( C)- Throughout his / her life every Medical care / facility should be free to every member (and his / her dependent family member) of this Modified ESI
(vi)- Once this modified ESI is launched and run mainly by people then they will be tempted to take care of education system also, on merit.
(3)- Above mentioned new programs and policies about employment, agriculture, housing & commercial building, health care etc will generate huge employment and will go a long way in solving the problem (including suicide problem) of agriculture community of Maharashtra [Nana Patekar can emulated (get implemented) this model in other States of India too].
Therefore Nana Patekar should immediately launch such Human Rights NGO or may associate with any existing HR-NGO which believes in above mentioned programs and Policies (which will be a better alternative to both, - the trade union & political party for agricultural community of Maharashtra). Here it is needless to mention that in this mission Nana Patekar will get all the help, assistance and cooperation from Governments of India and of Maharashtra and from Local Bodies of Maharashtra.

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