Bishop Dr. Farhad Bhatti reports about Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand


UNHCR interviews every Asylum seekers with question, why you came here? Why you need Asylum? Any individual said that i came here after much struggling of escaping life risk, danger of other nation, persecution and religious prejudices from Pakistan or other countries.
UNHCR guided to individuals that Thai Government will not harm, if individual will follow the laws of this Country. Then individual agree with UNHCR guidance and Government laws to survive. I will obey law of country.
If someone come Thailand with employment visa and business visa, UNHCR did not accept person for Asylum, Person is forced to get visit visa for getting Asylum. When his visit visa expires, Then Individual's fear and danger start in his mind according to Law of this Kingdom. Individual cannot move anywhere without valid visa. They live in their rental rooms, cannot work with visit visa. In these restrictions of this Kingdom, Individual cannot feed his children and family with his personal responsibilities who came here for getting Human rights. After selling their houses, properties and leaving jobs after facing life risks and leaving their loved ones in born countries.
When individual's two month visit visas expire, all rights to move had been lost according to law of this Kingdom. They imprisoned themselves in their rental rooms. Hundreds of families had gone back to their countries because of this Kingdom's laws and UNHCR late results and after facing IDC prison. Recently 75 families are ready to go back to Pakistan because of ruthless system.
UN gives time period after first interview of individual for two to five years for result to send them in other countries. After passing two or five years, UNHCR declared that you are now refuges.
JRS also does same question. Why you came here, don’t you know that here is not job? Why you choose this country (Thailand) for getting Asylum. In fact, other countries did not allow Pakistani Christian who had not high class business and job. That is why, they have no big show money, bank balance and property to get visit visa of other developed countries. Developed countries reject Pakistani Christian visa mostly because of bank balance according to requirement of embassies of developed countries. Thailand is good country who gives visit visas to any visitors who have something to visit.
UNHCR has authority to reject or pass any individual case after two or five years or more than. In this way, Individual had been struggling for many years for good but when case is rejected, they are walking like dead people, they have no place anywhere as stateless Christian.
Individuals survived his life by eating food in morning from (Sikh Temple). Some churches also helped Asylum seekers in one month or after three months with (5 kg Rice, 5 Kg Milk for children, one litter cooking oil, 1 Kg sugar cane for individuals).
JRS gives 3 to 6 months’ rent and medicines to individuals. After 3 or 6 months, they said that it is enough; individual should go to Christian ministries and churches to get help. JRS gives rent upto 2500 – 3000 BHT.
Immigration arrested individuals after two months expiry of visit visa. Individual lives with fear of arrest all time after two month visa expiry, If family men was arrested in IDC. His own family cannot visit them in IDC. Because she is also helpless with expiry of visa, if his wife starts working for her survival and children, then she also arrested, then children are helpless in strange atmosphere where they can understand languages of thai and they can not speak to explain their pain and suffering. All pakistani Christian are kept in uncertain condition. Even they cannot help each other because theya re also illegal according to visa dates.
After seeing games of Human rights organization, UNHCR and JRS. Pakistan Christian are forced to go back to Pakistan. Where they had been forced to get Asylum in the Thailand for saving their lives, where they had been facing Blasphemy cases.
Individuals are played in the games of human rights, UNHCR who said that we will protect human rights. But now UNHCR and human rights organizations had been sleeping and ignoring human rights for needy and desiring people who are burning and crashing down in the prison of IDC under fear of brutal system of Prison and fake Blasphemy cases for last many hearts.
Why Thai Government did not accept UNHCR letter to live their lives freely. Why UNHCR issued this authority letter of Asylum seekers. When they have no power in their letter. Even they refused to provide funds to individuals. They are insulting human senses and playing with feeling of Asylum seekers and refugees.
If Ministries or church help an individual on a bail. Then Government issued bail order after getting 50,000 Bht for only one person. Bail issued for specific period for six months or more than. If Individual case is not finalized in this specific time. Individual can be arrested by Government. IDC, UNHCR, Human rights tortured Asylum seeker to commit suicide or go back to Pakistan.
If someone legally want work permit, then they must show big amount of 400,000 Bht. He must show two month bank history for getting work permit. How a poor and persecuted and tortured person can show big amount for getting work permit. This is law of Government for foreigners.
If this Kingdom did not want to give Human rights to Asylum seekers, they must stop UNHCR. If they did not accept UNHCR letter. Why this Thai Kingdom or UNHCR are insulting human rights and torturing feeling persecuted Pakistani Asylum seekers of poorest under- developed countries. They should stop this drama of playing with human rights who are created on God’s image and By His Holy hands. God does not like to play with human’s senses, feeling and sensitive and private lives issues.
Conclusion of Tragedy of Asylum seekers.
We have read Good Samaritan story, stranger helped wounded person and saved his life by paying for him. This is human rights, but here human rights are crashed down and insulted by Kingdom and biggest organization. Because these governments and UNHCRs are giving more wounds to wounded person who are already in troubles in other countries.
We appreciate that UNHCR send 300 person per years from Pakistani Christian and other minorities (Ahmadis and other). Pakistani Christian are more 4000. Other minorities are organized to get Asylum in other countries Pakistani Christian to be refugees.
We request UNHCR to review their laws and policies to help wounded souls of Pakistani Christian who had come in Thailand.
We appeal Headquarters of UNHCR to help needy and tortured Pakistani Christian. Christ teaches love, forgiveness and tolerance.

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