NRIs should work to assist US through India / SAARC for addressing problem of ISIS: By Hem Raj Jain


Nobody knows better than NRIs living in USA that only those diaspora get respect in USA whose original countries command respect in USA. Nothing will increase the stock of NRIs in USA better than their efforts where NRIs will contribute immensely & critically in solving the problem (of ISIS and other terrorists in NAME) which is great headache, burden and concern for USA and its allies & friends
This week a very important development was reported by media where objecting to some volunteers (majority of them Muslims) from India going to Iraq for fighting ISIS, the Government of India (GOI) reportedly submitted an affidavit informing Delhi High Court that - [It can’t allow Indians to fight against the ISIS, as this might directly result in sectarian (Shia - Sunni) conflict in India and GOI fears these fighters could get radicalized and indulge in extremist activities upon their return to India adding that the safety of such volunteers would also be at stake and GOI was of the view joining the fight against ISIS would tantamount to joining terrorist activities.]
Though the representative of these volunteers appeared on TV debate and challenged the stand of GOI by saying that the leader of these volunteer is himself a Sunni Muslim and volunteers are not merely Shia or Sunni Muslims but Hindus, Christians too who want to fight terrorism of ISIS which has disturbed the entire world.
Of-course no nation-state is served by private citizens acquiring the arts of war hence GOI stand (that why to send civilians in war when India itself can send regular troops to fight ISIS under the banner of United Nations) seems to be valid on the face of it. But things are not that simple as GOI is trying to project it for three reasons:-
(i)- GOI knows that due to antagonistic stand of two other veto wielding countries Russia & China the UN will not pass any resolution for UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF) to fight the menace of ISIS and other terrorist organization in NAME (North Africa and Middle East) region.
(ii)- The ISIS phenomenon has huge potential to disturb the peace & stability of entire SAARC region (having ~ 700 Muslims) especially in view of unresolved Kashmir problem and terrorism infested AF-PAK region.
(iii)- ISIS came in existence mainly due to injustice / atrocities perpetrated on Sunnis especially in Syria and Iraq by Shia dominated regimes hence merely crushing Sunni ISIS by Shias and others (Christians, Hindus etc) will not solve the problem unless the root cause of the problem is addressed.
Hence the lame excuse of GOI about joining only UNPKF against ISIS can be sustainable only when there is no other military alliance in case there is no UNPKF. But when USA & its European and other Allies and many Sunni-majority countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan are fighting ISIS etc in Syria, Iraq, Yemen then this stand of GOI is irresponsible, anti-human rights and escapism to say the least.
Incidentally all the world leaders (including from India and other SAARC countries) will come to USA to attend UN General Assembly Session at New York.The NRIs can take the advantage of this opportunity of UNGA and their delegation (by preferably taking representatives from diaspora of other SAARC countries) can meet the head of these Governments to seek the following:-
(1)- Under the leadership of India (major country in SAARC having secular democracy) SAARC countries should provide adequate military, paramilitary and police force by joining US Alliance for fighting ISIS etc in NAME.
(2)- Under the leadership of India SAARC countries should provide ~ one million volunteers to stabilize NAME region by assisting in making voter list after peace is restored most probably within three months, carrying out elections under secular constitution after voter list is ready, various administrative functions (including managing refugee camps, distribution of essential commodities, first aid etc), home guard functions, security personnel to business / industries / NGOs etc.
It will go a long way in realizing these objectives if NRIs can arrange a public function in USA where Indian PM Modi will give assurance publicly that he and his government will take utmost interest in providing said armed forces and volunteers through SAARC to join US Alliance for fighting ISIS and other terrorist organizations in NAME.
Here two points are noteworthy (A)- If India could provide ~ 2 million people (mainly military) to Britishers in World War I & II each there is no reason why now India (with SAARC countries) can not provide the same to US Alliance in NAME (B)- If NRIs take this initiative (including said public meeting in USA to be address by PM Modi) then diaspora of other SAARC countries will also do the same to persuade the governments of their native / original country to provide (under Indian leadership) the armed forces and volunteers to US led Alliance in NAME.

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