True democracy needs to challenge Islam! By Lee Jay Walker


In the past America, the United Kingdom, and other Western democratic nations could blame the Cold War on supporting despots like Suharto or despotic nations like Saudi Arabia. Yet after the demise of the Cold War, then this no longer applies and democracy \"in your own country\" is not good enough.
For what is the point of America being democratic, when it supports Saudi Arabia and other non-democratic nations? Are we really saying that people in nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and countless others, do not deserve the same principals we cherish and protect? If so, what does this make us? Of course it makes us hypocrites!
The \"New World Order\" was meant to celebrate the defeat of communism and the victory of democracy. Yet it is apparent that the \"New World Order\" never even started, and instead we have capitalist nations vying for economic contracts in nations like China, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and many other despotic nations. So what happened to the \"New World Order?\"
In truth, it never existed, and people who reside in despotic nations have been left to \"rot and suffer alone.\" Yet at least in nations like China changes are taking place because of internal demands, and despite this nation being far from perfect, it is at least starting to open up and the Communist Party is not the party of Mao.
Yet if you look at the global arena, it is clear that the Islamic world and Islamic radicals are intent on keeping democracy out. From Buddhists in Bangladesh, to Christians and Animists in Sudan, to Ahmadis in Pakistan; the constant theme is persecution and poverty. And the forgotten suffering of Muslim women continues and the same applies to liberals who suffer persecution or the death penalty in the case of Iran.
So why were women deemed to be persecuted in Afghanistan and not in Saudi Arabia? Why are honor killings allowed in the 21st century? Why is it allowed in Pakistan to put women in prison for being raped due to four men not seeing this crime? These questions are endless, and it means that America merely used women in Afghanistan for propaganda purposes.
For the same America supports Saudi Arabia and in this land Saudi women are not allowed to talk openly and segregation of the sexes applies to many aspects of Saudi male dominated society. At the same time this nation sponsors radical Islam throughout the world and in Saudi Arabia all converts from Islam are killed.
Therefore, shouldn\'t this shame democratic nations? For why is it correct to have democratic freedoms in Western societies and gender equality in Western law, when this criteria is not applied to other nations? Is this really what democracy means in America, the United Kingdom, and other nations?
The answer at the moment to this is cleary \"yes.\" And I am ashamed of such blatant \"double standards\" and surely human rights must be a universal right. What makes the situation even worse, is that Western trade in nations like Saudi Arabia is vital for their economy and Western nations do have economic and political leverages at their disposal.
For example nations who welcome democracy, gender equality, religious freedom, and so on, should be brought into economic blocs and trade should be focused on these nations. In time both economic and political incentives will encourage greater democratization and this will help internal democratic movements or mere demands for greater human rights.
Of course I am not stating that this policy will work in every nation, or that it will eradicate all global problems in the world. Yet a \"first step\" needs to be taken and it is clear that this \"step\" must focus on the Islamic world in the main and other nations like North Korea.
This may seem idealistic, and of course much research must be done to implement global policies with regards to economic blocs like the European Union and North American Free Trade Agreement, and other important institutions, like the International Monetary Fund. Yet policies of greater democratization needs to be implemented and a \"New World Order\" needs to begin.
Look at the consequences if this is not implemented. This applies to massive poverty, gender persecution, religious persecution, migration, civil wars, regional conflicts, terrorism, and countless other negative problems which threaten continuing upheaval. Also, this upheaval does not only apply to far away lands, but to all nations, for September 11 proves that world problems are indeed great.
More important, isn\'t democracy hollow if it only applies to internal democracy? For why should children, women, religious minorities, and so on, continue to suffer due to Western nations \"turning a blind eye?\" Surely democracy and universal human rights are more important than trade? So let us hope that political leaders will understand the need to change direction.
If not, then it is essential for voices \"crying to be heard in nations like Iran\" are met with genuine concerns in the West and not based on an economic agenda. If this means that lay people have to call for these demands, then get writing or demonstrating. For \"silence\" kills and allows persecution to continue.
The world now needs a \"New World Order\" based on democracy, liberty, freedom, religious freedom, gender equality, and so on. For don\'t our fellow humans suffering in lands like Iran and Saudi Arabia deserve our attention? And isn\'t democracy tainted when democratic nations openly trade with Saudi Arabia and countless other despotic nations?

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