India too has reasons to be worried about increased clout of ISIS with implication on AF-PAK- Kashmir region: By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- Political model developed by Russia in Syria will have to be emulated in rest of Russian Block
-- Almost confirmed views on Wednesday of governments of USA & UK that ISIS planted bomb downed the Russian plane resulting in cancellation of flights even by Russia to and from Egypt (which has raised the clout of ISIS among Jihadi terrorists all across the world) - raises question that why will ISIS target plane of Russia (which has been bombing Sunni ISIS merely for one month) in contrast to the planes of USA & its dozens of Allies, who have been bombing ISIS for more than an year? Answer is simple. Because unlike USA & its Allies Russia is trying to protect the regime of Assad and that too with the help of Shia power of Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah.
This manifestation (through plane crash) of gory Shia-Sunni conflict [where snatching the territories in Syria & Iraq from Sunni ISIS (entrenched in Sunni region) has become urgent priority of global community ironically without USA & Allies or Russia & Allies prepared to put adequate combat boots on ground for accomplishing this objective] has grave implication for entire Muslim world and ultimately for entire mankind. India has special reasons to be worried because now ISIS will find it much easier to get foothold in Afghanistan and through it among the Jihadi terrorists of nuclear Pakistan (the traditional rival of India mainly due to unresolved Kashmir problem).
After tragic plane crash too in Egypt by ISIS, Russia should understand that it will succeed in Syria & with ISIS only if it assumes the leadership of ~ half the world as explained below. For this in addition to (i)- Launching common currency with proper asset back-up of precious metal, land and landed properties under physical and constructive possession of Central / Reserve bank with its head office in Russia and branch offices in all the countries of Russian block. (and public debt born out of fiscal deficit in Russian Block strictly against security of ‘Consolidated Fund’ of the government) Russia should ask Syria (ii)- For Syrian National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for ensuring HR in Syria and even getting HR enforced (in case national law enforcement mechanism fails) through Russian Block HR Commission (RBHRC) with its head office in Russia [if necessary even through Russian Block Peace Keeping Force (RBPKF) generally on the pattern of Mandatory Protocol MP-1 (instead of OP-1) of ICCPR of UN] :-
With head offices of all the four institutions registered at Russia for (1)- Russian Block Security Council, RBSC (with voting rights to all members as per formula based on contribution of men, materiel and money and record of human rights through which RBPKF will be deployed (2)- Multi National Political Parties (MNPP) (3)- Head office of Reserve Bank of RB Currency and (4)- HRNGOs (registered at RBHRC) which will provide volunteers - The peace and prosperity is bound to come sooner than later to Syria through constitutional-institutional-legal mechanism and the same political model can be emulated in other troubled NAME etc countries of Russian Block. (Democracy needs new / more institutions and can not be run satisfactorily merely with institutions which were enough to run the monarchies / authoritarian regimes)
Russia should take India (only functioning secular democracy in Asia and that too of ~ 1.25 Billion people) with it in this mission rather India should look forward to be most important partner of Russia in this mission which will not only be immensely beneficial to both but will restore the lost glories of both (in addition to protecting AF - PAK-Kashmir region from the gory designs of ISIS).

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