Queen Elizabeth wasted opportunity during Modi’s visit to make 'Common Wealth' meaningful. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Kashmir etc should have been solved by Qn. Elizabeth during Modi’s visit by making Common Wealth (CW) meaningful (ii)- Qn. Elizabeth should rescue CW from being a ‘Chattering- Club’ (iii)- Kashmir problem and problem in NAME should be solved by CW by making CW a mini - UN (participatory and not veto-wielding)
-- UK being a ‘country of shop keepers’ a phrase commonly attributed to Napoleon was proved right during current visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi where mostly economic issues were discussed (and some perfunctory reference to religious harmony in India). Not only the Kashmir issue (which, as per media, has claimed the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims for Kashmir and is grossly violating the human rights of Kashmiris by security forces of India armed with AFSPA etc and causing frequent firing and displacement at border / LOC from both sides) still remains an unresolved chronic and gory dispute between two CW nuclear member countries, India and Pakistan. But Nepal has become another disturbed country after new constitution and so-called embargo of goods from India.
But what is more disappointing is the way Qn. Elizabeth has allowed CW to become a ‘chattering club’ and is doing nothing (i)- To solve the problem in NAME region (born out of terrorism including of ISIS) especially given the fact that USA & Russia are unwilling to put their boots on ground whereas CW can easily put boots on ground and which is the only way to solve the problem in North Africa and Middle East (NAME) (ii)- To give voting power to all the CW members in Security Council which is denied in UNSC.
Therefore it is expected that without any further delay Qn. Elizabeth will do the following by calling ‘Emergency Meeting’ of CW in order to make CW meaningful in view of given below:-
(1)- Oil rich NAME region is important for CW member countries where tens of millions are displaced including millions as refugees in neighboring and other countries and hundreds of thousands have been killed. As per its charter the CW can be enlarged hence CW should be prepared to extend its membership to countries of NAME etc where peace and stability will be restored by CW Peace Keeping Force (CWPKF). As far money, NAME is an oil rich region hence can financially afford 'Common Wealth Peace Keeping and Stabilization Program' (CWPKSP).
(2)- For this mission CW need not worry about military and other manpower for CWPKSP. The CW can still depend mainly on pre-partition India for providing ‘boots on ground’ and other manpower to CW. Notwithstanding some complaints, by-and-large India still has high respect, love and even gratitude towards UK. Hence if pre-independence India could provide ~ 2 million people (including military) during each of World War I & II to UK, then present day India (and Pakistan, Bangladesh) of 4.5 times the population can easily provide up-to ~ 10 million people (including out of ~ 600 million Muslims who are concerned over ongoing turmoil & bloodshed in NAME) for CWPKSP including for CW Election Commission (CWEC) in NAME.
(3)- The CW will generally do well and especially realize its objectives in NAME if it does the following:-
(i)- In addition to CWPKF, the CW should involve volunteers of Human Rights NGOs who (Muslims, Hindus, Christians etc for doing home-guard and other civilian work / duty) will come in huge numbers from CW member countries ALSO from SAARC & further East Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia etc (the total region having about half the Muslim population of the world). These volunteers (especially Muslims) are interested in bringing peace & stability in NAME, also due to the reason that misguided Jihadis (terrorists mainly ISIS etc) in NAME region are now creating bad image for Islam. These volunteers will (A)- Reduce the financial burden of CWPKSP in NAME (B)- Provide global legitimacy and credibility to CWPKSP (iii)- Make it difficult for ISIS etc to fight in presence of these volunteers with CWPKF.
(ii)- In some countries of NAME, Ukraine etc the trouble started with demonstrations / protest against Government, hence CW should insist that its member countries should keep laws in order to:- (A)- Provide adequate space & facilities for non-violent demonstration / protest by opposition / people at various places in the country. (B)- Provide adequate prison facilities for those who break law / offer arrest during such demonstrations / protests. ( C)- Provide legal (national & international) / institutional mechanism for prosecuting government authorities who resort to war crimes and other excesses on demonstrators / protesters and for enforcing human rights (through National HRC & CWHRC) generally on the pattern of Mandatory Protocol MP-1 (and not OP-1) of ICCPR of UN.
(iii)- Moderate Muslims in NAME region are suppressed by violent Jihadi fundamentalist that is the main reason that ‘Arab - spring’ also failed in NAME and ISIS type terrorist organizations cropped up. These Moderate Muslims will prevail once CW boots are put on ground to eliminate ISIS etc and other personnel of CW are deployed to install ‘Federal Secular Democratic’ political system with rule of legislated (and not Sharia) laws commensurate with free market Globalization in these countries. Because political management of NAME region can not be left entirely in the hands of local people (who are under strangulating influence of medieval clergy of misinterpreted Islam) hence the mechanism of ‘Multinational Political Parties’ (MNPP, which will participate in all the elections in member countries of CW) should be launched in CW countries with its Registrar in UK.
(iv)- The CW should not commit the mistake of involving the Muslim clergy (whose medieval mindset is more a problem than solution) in solving social and political problems of NAME region. Instead in order to mobilize the social forces in member countries the CW should insist for ‘Participatory Health Care Program’ (PHCP). Democracy will succeed in any country much easily if people take the responsibility to run the country. In any country whoever runs the institution of health and education runs the country. Therefore CW should ensure that people in member countries run these institutions (first the institutions for health care and then educational institutions can be taken up later on which will be much easier once people of CW succeeds in running their health care institutions). For this the PHCP should be launched, as given below, to provide health care in member countries of CW for every employee (whether in organized or in unorganized sectors) and to economically humble employers / self-employed:-
(A)- In management in addition to representatives from government the elected representatives of employees and of employer (making contributions) should be there.
(B)- There should be first appellate tribunal nominated by employers which can look into leave (suspected to be unnecessary) granted by PHCP doctors to ailing employees (second such appellate tribunal may be nominated by government).
( C)- Throughout his / her life every Medical care / facility should be free to every member (and his / her dependent family member) of this PHCP.
(4)- In UN the member countries of CW should not be member as individual but through CW. Regarding India Pakistan etc the SAARC should be member of CW where like India, Pakistan, Bhutan Nepal etc the entire J&K (having both side of Kashmir) can also be a member of SAARC.
(5)- With head offices of all the four institutions registered at UK for (i)- The CWSC (with voting rights to all members as per formula based on contribution of men, materiel and money and record of human rights) through which CWPKF will be deployed (ii)- Multi National Political Parties (MNPP) (iii)- Head office of Reserve Bank of CW common Currency (with proper asset back-up of precious metal, land and landed properties under physical and constructive possession of CWRB) with head office in UK and branch offices in all the member countries of CW (iv)- HRNGOs (registered at CWHRC) which will provide volunteers for CWPKSP- The peace and prosperity is bound to come sooner than later to all the member countries of present and extended CW.
It is hoped that Queen Elizabeth II who saw the dismantling of British empire in her lifetime will endeavor, as mentioned above, to make the 'Common Wealth' a political reality not in a ruler (empire) and colony relationship but in a equal relationship where sovereignty and independence of every member country of CW will be respected and protected.

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