India concentrate on ISIS threat looming large over AF-PAK-Kashmir region. By Hem Raj Jain


The neo- nationalists & patriots [who have mushroomed (also in social media) especially after rise to power of PM Modi] would have made incessant enormous noise on the statement of former Chief Minister and President National Conference Dr. Farooq Abdullah which is widely reported in media that - [Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) should remain part of Pakistan while Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) should continue to be part of India] had Abdullah in the same breath not said that - [I remember when Vajpayee went to Lahore (in 1999) he told me that he had proposed to Musharraf to take that part and let us keep ours, and let us correct those lines (border / LOC) so it becomes easy for people to travel to and fro so that trade can flourish, but they (Pakistan) did not agree to it].
This is understandable because ‘Sangh Parivar’ and their followers (J&K deputy CM Nirmal Singh etc who question the statement of Abdullah) simply can’t afford to question the patriotism & nationalism of the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee [who made said offer to Prez Musharraf despite the Parliament resolution of 1994 that entire J&K (including PoK) is integral part of India].
However all these matters are irrelevant for the simple reason that now not only India but Pakistan have to be worried about ISIS which wants to get foothold in Indo-AF-PAK region through Kashmir (as is clear from widely media reported ISIS statement where it castigated Jihadis in Pakistan and nationalist in J&K who as per ISIS are working on the instructions of ‘apostate’ Pakistani army which is allegedly not interested in snatching J&K from India)
The world community knows that if ISIS gets foothold in AF-PAK-Kashmir region, it will be much easier for Sunni ISIS to influence Eastern half of Muslim world which (~ One Billion) lives East of Shia Iran in SAARC, Malaysia. Indonesia etc. Therefore UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon said on 7 th anniversary of 26/11 that improved relations between India and Pakistan could create a more conducive environment for both countries to stem the threat posed by terrorism.
Also in order to resolve Kashmir problem (which will improve Indo-Pak relations) on December 7, 2015 ‘Kashmir Peace Conference’ (Beyond the Blame Game: Finding Common Ground for Peace & Justice in Kashmir) is being organized at New York by ‘International Educational Development’ (an NGO accredited with the United Nations) in which many prominent persons (including associated with UN) will participate.
As per organizers of this conference - [The primary objective of the conference is to explore various possibilities to set a stage for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute. The speakers will focus not only on the well known opposing views of the governments of India and Pakistan but also on the rights and perceptions of the PEOPLE OF KASHMIR because despite a significant shift in global politics during the post-9/11, the Kashmir issue remains a major impediment to GLOBAL PEACE AND SECURITY, and its resolution must be a priority for the international community as it is an issue, which, if not resolved could have dangerous consequences on the lives of 1.3 billion people across South Asia.]
Notwithstanding recent Russian jet downing by Turkey, the efforts of USA, Russia and their European & other Allies (including from Gulf countries) against ISIS are in full swing and it is only a matter of time that ISIS will be eliminated from the territories of Syria and Iraq where presently it is in possession of. Naturally so uprooted the ISIS will like to not only have safe sanctuary but also safe heaven to carry out its terrorist activities and what can be a better place than AF-PAK-Kashmir region.
Therefore, in view of above mentioned Indians should understand that every fatal attack on ISIS by USA, Russia and their Allies is bringing ISIS closer to Indo-AF-PAK region. Hence Indians should read the writings on wall and should find ways and means as to how to cope with ISIS threat which is looming large on Indo-AF-PAK region for the simple reason that the Vajpayee formula (then rejected by Pakistan and is now Government of Pakistan is reportedly being in a mood to accept) will not be allowed by ISIS for the Jihadis of Pakistan to accept (in view of the fact that as per media ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis from Pakistan, Afghanistan J&K etc have laid down their lives for Kashmir).
And thus aroused by ISIS (by the bogey of Government of Pakistan treacherously leaving J&K with India) what Islam / fundamentalists / Jihadis can do in theocratic nuclear Pakistan (and in its neighboring Muslim majority region of Afghanistan and Kashmir) is any body’s guess.

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