Carson will be benefited if he declares rehabilitation of Syrians in Syria. By Hem Raj Jain


Because Federal Government has usurped many jurisdictions of States in USA hence nowadays during every presidential election civil matters are quite raised during campaign. But this time the genuine jurisdiction of US President (the martial matters) will ultimately dominate 2016 Presidential election. Entire world knows that current US Presidential contest will be mainly decided by Syria. Presidential candidate Ben Carson [who said (during interview on TV Channel on Sunday) after visiting Syrian refugee camps in Jordan that refugees told him " their true desire is to be resettled in Syria"] can easily win US president election (and congressional candidates of his Republican Party can also win 2016 election on this policy) if he declares to rehabilitate ~ 11 million displaced Syrians in Syria (of ~ 22 million population) for which he has to do the following:-
(1)- In order to rehabilitate Syrians the ISIS and other militant / terrorist organizations will have to be eliminated from Syria and then USA and others should be able to come out of Syria (unlike Afghanistan and Iraq). For this first and foremost Carson should realize that it is not that difficult task as being projected provided Carson believes that being US President he will not be under obligation to pursue foreign / Syria policies (of Hit & Run) of predecessor US Presidents
(2)- All the problems are being faced in NAME etc for the simple reason that permanent members of UN (who are NOW more a problem than solution to global crises) want to run 21st century UN with the mindset of 19 th century. In present globalized world (brought about by tremendous advance in science & technology especially in IT sector) the outdated and absurd policy of Hit & Run thus far has been pursued by West (as was unsuccessfully tried in Afghanistan & Iraq too by USA & its European Allies) which no more works.
(3)- In present world (notwithstanding so-called sovereignty of even such UN member countries who do not have competence and resources to defend sovereignty) only ‘Regulated Global Political Order’ (RGPO) will work. This will require:-
(i)- International Political Parties ( IPP) registered at UN (which will also take part in election in Syria etc) to take care of demoralized & incompetent local population who on their own can not manage politics of their countries
(ii)- Mandatory Protocol MP-1 instead of Optional OP-1 of ICCPR of UN (for enforcing human rights in every UN member country, even militarily if necessary)
(iii)- Mandatory requirement for every UN member country to provide adequate facilities & place for protest / demonstrations and prisons for those who break laws or offer arrest during protests / demonstration (this will avoid excuse of ‘excess on demonstrators’ for forced regime change as happened in Ukraine and in many NAME countries)
(iv)- Mechanism (including international) for prosecuting government authorities committing serious crimes including war crimes and other excess on demonstrators / protesters.

(v)- UN Election Commission (UNEC) for supervising the work of Election Commissions of TROUBLED countries.
(vi)- In order to involve entire mankind in the process of managing RGPO (which is the only viable political system in this age of globalization) the present veto system of UN Security Council (UNSC) should be replaced with voting rights to every member with formula based on contribution of men, materiel, money and its record about human rights.
(vii)- Without global currency globalization is impossible hence global currency with proper asset back-up (under physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority) with head office at UN and branches in every member country of UN.
(4)- Instead of adopting the said RGPO for taking care of alleged atrocities and excesses of Syrian and other governments the West & its Allies are arming the civilians (including so-called moderate rebels in Syria and Kurds) which not only will not solve gory problems in Syria / NAME but is also bound to brutalize the civilians.
(5)- Therefore Carson should declare that after becoming US President (which Americans will ultimately grant him for 8 years so that Carson can implement RGPO fully) he will persuade world-community to adopt said RGPO and then will move UNSC to send UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF) to eliminate ISIS etc and to stabilize the area by ensuring free & fair election (Under ultimate supervision of UNEC under federal secular constitution) after introducing above mentioned seven mechanisms and institutions at UN in the interest of RGPO.
(6)- Carson should also be careful while demanding adequate funds (including for education and recreation of children) for Syrian refugees in Jordan and other countries that it should be only till refugees are rehabilitated in Syria and it should not become an alternative to rehabilitation of refugees in Syria.

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