War Against Heresies and Apostasies (WAHA) By Bishop T Nasir


I have been answering the “Muslim Critics” of Christianity since last twenty five years. I gave maximum time to prove the “Truth of Christian Faith” and silenced many voices against Christian faith and the Holy Bible. Along with this, over the past few years I have been watching the activities of all the “Pentecostal” groups working in Pakistan and disfiguring the Body of Christ. I wrote a good number of articles on “False Prophets” and their “False Doctrines”. Yet the “Flock of Christ” is being misled by the imported and Pakistan made “False Prophets”. The invasion of so-called “Faith Healers” has damaged the “Body of Christ” to an extent that a major “War” was needed to save the “Body of Christ” from becoming “Devil’s Disciples”. Unfortunately no main line church in Pakistan or in United States of America, Europe and other so-called Christian States has ever given any attention towards this extremely serious situation or issue. All over the world the so-called mainline churches are busy discussing ”issues” that have been decided and taken care of by the Word of God centuries ago. Mainline Churches all over the world have lost their attraction for people seeking “Spirituality”. People are hungry and thirsty for the live giving Word of God, yet what they see in churches is the useless debates and un-repented sinners getting “special status”. Preaching and teaching the Holy Bible has almost ceased and what ever is being preached has become so hollow that people now avoid going to church. As a result many churches have been sold and today Christians see either a “Mosque or Temple” where once Gospel was preached. Human Rights, Interfaith and Peace Activists have diverted the Mainline churches from their “Primary Task” of preaching Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Today “Peace” is being sought without “Prince of Peace”. The church has made “Private Peace” with “gods who are not God”. Even in Pakistan the church has forgotten its “Primary Task” and is indulging worldly matters. In this situation and scenario a big “Vacuum” has been created by the mainline churches. This “Vacuum” is being filled by the “False Prophets” and “False Teachers”. Sick and tired of the ignorance of mainline churches and their “Ritualism”, majority of the people who are hungry and thirsty of the Word of God become an easy “Prey” to various “Hawkish” groups who are in reality “Wolves in Sheep Skin”. I have no hesitation in accepting the claim that their membership has surpassed all sleepy churches.

Devil who is always waiting for such an opportunity, immediately sent his followers to mislead even the righteous followers of Christ. They claim to fill the “Vacuum” of “Spirituality” by their False and Anti Bible teachings. These “Shouting Machines” create an atmosphere of “Trance” in their so-called worship services. They hire professional musicians and get young boys and girls who are encouraged to adopt any method to attract the attention of listeners. Their songs though Biblically and theologically deny every true Biblical truth are so fascination an attractive and they sing with such a zeal and voice that very few people notice the Un-Biblical “Poetry”. Clapping and chanting the word “Alleluia”, Praise the Lord, dancing and making strange noises and gestures that a serious minded person is stunned at the “Mockery” of “Praise and worship”. They “Cheat” the “Flock of Christ” with meaningless group of words that are called “Tongs”. They claim that they have the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They mercilessly slaughter the very true nature of various gifts that are mentioned in 1. Corinthians Chapter 12. Healing is their most effective weapon against Christian faith. Here I do not deny that gift the “Healing” that is taught and demonstrated in the Holy Bible. Yet it is my firm belief that the Gifts of Holy Spirit are not that “Cheap” that every Dick, Tom and Harry comes out of no where and claims that he/she has gift of healing. So is the case with “Miracles” and “Prophecies”. Here I narrate a recent incidence, Marilyn Hickey was in Pakistan from 27th September 2005 to 3rd October 2005. For four days she performed “Miracles” of “Healing”, not a single person was healed. She claimed in my presence that soon she would be receiving the power to raise the dead. She had her “Bull Dog Prayer Team” with her, yet she did not pray for “Spiritual Healing” or preached repentance or the Gospel. She spent more that a million dollars during her Seven days presence in Pakistan. Yet she failed to warn the people of Pakistan and the high ranking government officials of the “Catastrophe” that came only after five days after she left Pakistan. She could see “Back pain” and “Tumors” and make a “prophesy” that in “Nine Months” time “childless couples” would have babies. Yet her “Prophetic Power” failed to predict a catastrophe?

I have witnessed these Pakistani people preaching. Their sermons are mixture of Urdu and English while most of our people do not understand English. I have witnessed the desecration of Christian Worship. I have heard of their “Barking Spirit” and seen their “Laughing Spirit”. Their Gospel is not forgiveness of sins and eternal life, their gospel is “Worldly Gains”. They preach that a student does not need to study, he/she can pass their examinations through their “Prayer” with donation. They sell their prayers for luxury cars, instant monetary rewards, young people can get married to the girl or boy with whom they are in love through their “Paid Prayer”. There is a long list of such worldly claims of “Gifts” through their “Power of Prayer” but they must pay for that. Yet when one of these Prophetic family member committed adultery and then got married to a “pregnant girl” and had a child only “Five Months” after the marriage, the “Satanic Prophets” were not ashamed, they shamelessly termed this “Extra Premature Birth” a Miracle.

In this scenario the reaction of the so-called mainline Churches is a complete silence. This silence has adversely affected the “Body of Christ”. This Body that is expected to be perfect, free from all disabilities, disorders and disease, if full of “infection” and yet there is no healing. No one wants to displease these “False Prophets”. The most influential church leaders feel pride to be invited as “Chief Guests” in these “Satanic Dramas” that are “Staged” in city of Pakistan.

In May 2005, I started a new series of articles in Urdu, titled “Akas Bail”. (Air-Creeper, a plant that does not have any root. It is yellowish strings type shape that grows on a “lush green tree” but does not make its own food” It eats up the green tree and disappear with the greenery of the “eaten up tree or plant”). When I was still working on this topic, and praying, Lord God made it possible to raise more people who were and are still mourning the anticipated death of the church. On 30th April 2005, I was attending a wedding at Lahore when I received a phone call around 10:30 at night. I was informed that the General Secretary of our church has slept in Lord. Next morning I left for Sargodha a city 250 Kilo Meters from Lahore along with my wife, my sons and their families. After the funeral service Mr. Tariq C. Qaisar a former member of national assembly, who was also present at the funeral insisted that I must stay with him. As I had already arranged for my stay in a hotel, I politely declined his invitation. I was tired, I drive from Gujranwala to Lahore and from Lahore to Sargodha, but I had to accept his invitation to have dinner with him.

There I met some serious minded and concerned Christians. They wanted to know the “Status” of Pentecostalism as a church or “Christian Body”. I told them that “Pentecostalism” is a “Recognized Heresy and Apostasy” and have long been “Ex-communicated” from the church. Then I talked on the” History and Doctrinal Errors of Pentecostalism” especially the present day “Charismatic Movement”. The issue was discussed from Biblical point of view at length. At that very moment it was decided “Enough is Enough”. The Church must be saved at all cost and be prepared for the “Second Coming” of Lord Jesus Christ. It was decided to wage a “War against Heresies and Apostasies”. In May issue of the Monthly Kalam-e-Haq published the first article on Pentecostalism and at an appropriate time “War against Heresies and Apostasies” was declared in Islamabad on 26th June 2005. This war is being fought on three fronts. Through publication, through bringing awareness in the churches through Seminars in various places of Pakistan and a “Frontal Attack” on “False Prophets of Darkness”. This was the time when the “Crusade” of Marilyn Hickey had been planned and all arrangements had been made. Speaking in Islamabad Convention, pointing out at a “Banner” of Marilyn Hickey’s “Crusade” in September 2005, I declared that Marilyn Hickey is a “False Prophetess” and we will not let Marilyn Hickey hold the “Crusade”. The story of Marilyn Hickey has already been publicized. A “Bridgehead” had been made and many families who attended her ”meetings” have thrown away their “Pentecostal Identity”. (I always say that winning even one soul back for Christ is a victory)

On 28th October 2005, a Seminar was planned by Mr. Tariq C. Qaiser in the city of Sargodha. The Monthly Kalam-E-Haq and www.siloampak.org had already exposed Marilyn Hickey and her “False Doctrines”. The people were eager to attend the Sargodha Seminar. Christians who were seeking to know and learn the Truth of Christianity attended the Seminar in large numbers. People had come from near by villages and as far as Mianwali and Faisalabad. A large number of local Pentecostals were also present. I spoke for two hours. tried to explain the “Gifts of Holy Spirit” in light of the Biblical teachings. I am well aware of the fact that many Pentecostals did not like what I said, yet good number of Pentecostals met me and gladly told me that “we were misled but now we shall not allow them to cheat us”.

Crakes have been seen in the “Fort of Devil”. A sense of fear has developed and though I have lost some friends, we have been able to save many souls for Christ. Our church and Anglican Orthodox Church has engaged in the Battle but the “War” reaped better results. Many pastors of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and The Church of Pakistan have come to me and have told me that there is a great panic in Pentecostal “Pastors” in villages. Since 2nd October 2005, I have received many letters, emails and telephone calls, appreciating and supporting our efforts. Today hundreds of people have joined the “War against Heresies and Apostasies” and by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, WE SHALL WIN THIS WAR. I must appreciate the working of the Team of Mr. Tariq C. Qaisar which is working day and night, through their prayers and support. The Sargodha Seminar was arranged by Mr. Taric C. Qaisar, and his family who arranged the Seminar at their school premises at their own expense. Lord willing the next Seminar is planned in Karachi in November 2005, and at Kohat in December 2005. Readers are requested to remember us in their prayers for the Glory of Lord Jesus Christ.

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