After 12/2 people of USA should think about ‘Regulated Global Political Order’. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- US politicians totally confused and paralyzed about solution to global Islamic terrorism hence the people of USA should take the lead.
After Russian plane crash on October, 31 (killing all 224) and Paris shooting on November, 13 (killing 130 and injuring many more) by Islamic terrorist organization ISIS it was widely discussed in US prominent media whether USA (only after some terrorist attack in USA) will take effective measure to tackle global Islamic terrorism. Though shooting at San Bernardino on December, 2 (killing 14 and injuring 21 by Muslim husband and wife having remote operated pipe bombs which luckily did not detonate) in California State of USA may not be conventional terrorist attack inspired or conducted by ISIS etc. But it certainly requires that the people of USA [not leaving it on politicians of USA (whether in power or otherwise) who are totally paralyzed & confused about solution to this global problem] start thinking, as given below, about some comprehensive effective solution to this global menace which is rightly termed as planned & concerted assault by Jihadis on liberal & humane Western way of life:-
(1)- The people of USA should not forget that ISIS gave a call to Jihadis to kill the people where they are (especially in West as was done at San Bernardino) if these Jihadis can not come to Syria to fight along with other ISIS Jihadi fighters. In this age of globalization this global Islamic terrorism will have to be defeated and West (USA, Europe and European origin countries) will not be able to do it unless the leader of West and free world the USA (especially its people) not only give-up woolly sentiments and ideas about religion but also understand that any bad idea (of blood thirsty Caliphate of ISIS) can be defeated only by a human right friendly superior and more powerful idea like of ‘’Regulated Global Political Order’ (RGPO).
(2)- For this first of all the people of USA should stop giving unnecessary and undeserved respect to religions especially Islam because for practical purpose religion is what is interpreted by religious leaders. Hence the people of USA should ask the religious leaders of Muslims of entire world and especially of USA (and not from the ordinary Muslims as US Prez Obama has mistakenly done) to question the religious leaders of Islam of ISIS territory that -
(i)- How could ISIS perpetrate atrocities and cruelties on civilians (of ISIS territory and of other countries through terrorism) including on children, women and old people when millions of people in ISIS territory (including ISIS fighter) were coming to them at-least on every Friday for Namaz ?
(ii)- Does it not mean that all these cruelties and terrorist acts were carried out by ISIS in the knowledge or with the approval of these religious leaders of Islam in ISIS territories?
(iii)- Does it not prove that Islam is not a religion of peace and its religious leaders have developed vested interest in ISIS which wants to enforce Sharia Laws (through unethical bloodshed) which ultimately empower clergy of Islam in Caliphate?
(3)- Muslims in Islamic countries are under the stranglehold of its bigoted clergy hence are unable to project modern & progressive political leadership. Therefore Islamic countries can not be left alone / independent politically, rather their political process needs to be regulated. Because it cannot be done only for Islamic countries (as it will be discriminatory) hence not only RGPO will have be installed through eight institutions & mechanisms at and through United Nations (UN), as given below, but competition among religions will have to be encouraged so that people in religion like Islam (causing Jihadi terrorism world over) or Hinduism (with socially discriminatory caste system demoralizing majority of Hindus in Hindu majority ~ 1.25 Billion India hence unable to defeat Islamic terrorism emanating mainly from Pakistan) may choose another religion which will give them law abiding and or high moral life (both sine-qua-non for secular democracy):-
(i)- International Political Parties (IPP) registered at UN (which will also take part in election in NAME / Syria etc) to take care of demoralized & incompetent local population who on their own can not manage politics of their countries
(ii)- Notwithstanding so-called sovereignty (of even such UN member countries who do not have competence and resources to defend sovereignty) instead of Optional Protocol OP-1 the Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR of UN should be there for enforcing human rights in every UN member country, even militarily if necessary.
(iii)- Mandatory requirement for every UN member country to provide adequate facilities & place for protest / demonstrations and prisons for those who break laws or offer arrest during protests / demonstration (this will avoid excuse of ‘excess on demonstrators’ for forced regime change as happened in Ukraine and in many NAME countries)
(iv)- Mechanism (including international) for prosecuting government authorities committing serious crimes including war crimes and other excess on demonstrators / protesters.
(v)- UN Election Commission (UNEC) for supervising the work of Election Commissions of TROUBLED countries.
(vi)- In order to involve entire mankind in the process of managing RGPO (which is the only viable political system in this age of globalization) the present veto system of UN Security Council (UNSC) should be replaced with voting rights to every member with formula based on contribution of men, materiel, money and its record about human rights.
(vii)- Without global currency globalization is impossible hence global currency with proper asset back-up (under physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority) with head office at UN and branches in every member country of UN.
(viii)- Freedom of religion should be unfettered in all the UN member countries and ONLY ‘conversion through physical coercion’ (and not through so-called inducement of any type) should be made illegal by all members under mandate of UN.
It is hoped before it is too late the people of USA (in this period of elections for US President and Congress) will take the lead, as mentioned above, for ensuring that ‘’Regulated Global Political Order’ is installed in order to eliminate the menace of global Islamic terrorism.

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