Jesus Christ is not in Denomination but in hearts. By Bishop Br. FS Bhatti


This topic is a shocking, heart breaking and sore that can open eyes spiritually and earthly about dangerous plan of devil against body of Christ “Church”. Truth always shocks, but who loves truth that set themselves free from all darkness and bondage mentally, morally and spiritually for eternal place in heaven.
How anti – Christ is supporting those who are working for wickedness, on the direction and guidance of Anti – Christ compromising working for materialism and selfish desires. How much part of body of Christ is working on the guidance of devil’s spirit (Anti – Christ). Governments who are leading and supporting Anti – Christ system of man -made system.
It is new thing but old things for last so many years, Even disciples of Jesus Christ asked Lord Jesus Christ, then if human’s condition for marriage is worst then it is better to be not married. (Mathew 19: 10)
If it is being said that there are few believers of Christ in denominations who love Lord Jesus Christ where Christianity stands firm. It is crystal clear truth. This truth is hearts breaking that professing Christian are most dangerous without acts.
Nobody can refuse this truth that have prevailed biggest world basic’s organization that pollute body of Christ with manmade system. That biggest organization creates small groups for spreading wickedness through women. They similarly use women as tool as devil used a woman to pollute God’s plan.
Devil’s spirit gives women shelter for sinning, polluting families against the words of God, God solemnized one man and one women according covenant. Now you cannot see reality in the societies of world, they did not do marriage with one man and one woman, but one woman is wife of so many man to whom Bible said Jezebel’ spirits. They have given women shelter for sinning and polluting body of Christ (Rev 20: 20 – 21).
These women shelters that had been worked organizing for one woman and many men according to the system of world man made system. Because they still did not accept the heavenly Father God’s words for their lives. They are calling themselves also Christian. Then where is Christ, teaching and principles of Christ. How they say themselves Christian without Christ. It means that Christian have no concept of Christ’s real teaching even big organization that are supporting “women shelter” for spreading wickedness, Jezebel’s spirits. It is shameful that societies are proudly doing with permission of their elders without Christ.
Christ is the savior of the world who did not marry in this world on the earth to give human example, how man can live righteously without marriage ( 1 – Corinthians 7: 9 ). It is wickedness of those minds who did not like Christ’s teachings for their interest, desires and benefits. It is spiritual wickedness that is on high places (Eph 6: 12).
Most dangerous elements for Christian societies that women shelter organization prepared one women for marriage, then arrange divorce also. Women’s work is not being married with one man of family but to spoil and pollute body of Christ, families’ men of husband who are corrupt and already spoiled because of women ‘traps. When married women trapped all men of husband’s families, then she gets divorce, if husband is not ready for mutual marriages with her wife' suggestions (Mathew 22: 25). Women shelter support women for divorce through administration and managements.
It is also downfall of Christianity. There are so many organizations (NGOs) who are supporting to spread wickedness and create small groups to whom they called ministry, even they don’t know real meaning of Ministry. They are polluting Christianity.
After divorce, she had been intentionally made as head over husband’s families to use all of these families according to the plan of women shelter organization and any NGOs who had been supporting. women are spoiling purposely. In this way, husband’s job or true ministry of Jesus Christ or church had been destroyed and polluted by women on the direction of organizations who hate Jesus Christ.
Organizations had given power to women for killing her husband and even she is in-charge of her husband’ provision for daily needs, It is vanity. She had been killing husbands morally, spiritually and economically. Even it had been observed that there are so many cases of martyred for Christ in societies because of Women’s wickedness. It means that husband and his family brothers and sisters had no their life independence any ways.
Even organizations helped her to approach husband anywhere, as he tried to take away from sins. It is quotation as “sin follows people”. It means that devil did not want to see anyone righteous and good anyway but want to see all polluted and spoiled in worldly ways. They trapped him again and again in their snares. These kinds of women are in the society to pollute Church “Body of Christ” who wants to work for Lord Jesus Christ sincerely and truly.
Ministry means to serve, Minister means servant. Now we know that who is Christian and who is so called Christian, who is spoiling Christianity with small groups. Why so many people are creating new small groups and ministries on the guidance of Jezebel’s spirits for giving them women’s shelter. They had changed real meaning of ministry.
Jezebel spirits must be excluded from Church because Jezebel spirits want to use shelter of Church for sins. Jezebel spirits are trying to spoil the Body of Christ through social NGO who gives women shelters. It is devil who wants Jezebel spirits in the churches. Devil wants to rule over church “body of Christ”. Even all wicked and polluted minds support them who are follower of Jezebel spirit to pollute Church.
The devil’s spirit that works in the Jezebel’ spirits to pollute the Body of Christ through women, those who had no concept of Christ’s teaching and principles of Christianity but denomination even they know Jesus who is witchcraft and wicked.( Acts 13: 6)
Jesus Christ taught to human, if anyone cannot control his emotions, it is better for them to be married. Bible completely guides about godly marriage. One man and one woman is allowed to be married in the Christianity in New Testament. Christianity is because of Christ. If Christ is not in Christianity then what it is ? But in Old Testament have been so many marriages for man and women as king Solomon did.
Devil polluted the Plan of God through women (Adam’s wife Eve). God wanted to bless them, but they did not wait on the God and have no patience to understand God’s plan that how God will prosper them on the earth because devil’s spirit doubts.
Now polluted teachers, managers, chief of organizations, and preachers had been affected by jezebel’s spirits, they require women only; they consider women as men. They had forgotten softeness of women as God had created women for as beautiful and soft creature for man.
They cannot work without women according to their orientations and made up minds. But we did not see teaching of Lord Jesus Christ in them when Lord Jesus Christ gave great commission, He did not do through women. There are righteous and good women who love Jesus Christ and teaching of Lord Jesus Christ. These are few in this world. If women had been so necessary in serving Lord, Lord Jesus Christ never said to human, who will leave his wife and children for sake of Lord Jesus Christ.
Note, this article means not to hurt anyone and denomination, but praise the Lord Jesus Christ and teaching Lord Jesus Christ is eternal life giving and peace not mess. How much wrapped, but it will be wickedness.

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