Zeeshan Ejaz comments on “ Thou Shall Not Let Any One Burn The Churches”


This is in response to your article ‘THOU SHALL NOT LET ANY ONE BURN THE CHURCH’ published on PCP and CNI websites.
The Sangla Hills Church attack was no doubt the next episode after the ‘Shanti Nagar Incident’ wherein the whole town of the Christians was burnt to ash. On the other hand the killing at the office of ‘Idara-e-Aman-o-Insaf’ and the bomb blast at the office of the Pakistan Bible Society at Karachi are incidents need attention of every Christian of Pakistan but sadly our community have not been educated that the mission of the Christ and Church is a mission of every Christian.
According to Bible there was a time when people used to sell their own properties to contribute towards the propagation of Christ’s Mission, now people are selling Church’s properties to make their fortune.
Last week at the ‘United Christian Convention’ held at the Cathedral Church of Resurrection by the Lahore Diocese, the Lord conveyed His massage through ‘ELIJAH JOSIAH’ that the leadership of the Pakistani Church is busy in politics and Real Estate business; He said: ‘the present leadership of your church do not pray even for themselves’ thus restricting mission of the Church. He termed the Church of Pakistan as a ‘Dead Church’.
The bad luck of our community is that the people on the higher posts are busy in minting money through resources of the Church meant for the immense significance of the whole Christian community. Over the issues of Blasphemy Law, Shanti Nagar Incident, Sangla Hills Church attack and other such incidents and issues our leadership has been silent in order to attain support of the Government for their personal interests, exposure and glamour.
Our community have not been educated to realize that the assets of the community are our collective assets, they prefer leaving their Church instead of playing their mandatory role, they are even unaware of the fact that the present leadership is cheerful with the carefree attitude of the congregation.
Promotion of sense of belongingness among our community is a need of the day; most of us are least bothered for what is happening to our community in episodes and silence of Government over these incidents tantamount to encourage such activities. Our people are stupid enough to believe that present leadership will raise voice for their rights instead of gaining their personal interests and support for their unlawful activities and specially for help in their Court cases.
The Youth of the present day is the upcoming leadership and whatever we are educating them today will be their line of action tomorrow.
People sitting out of the well (out of Country) thanks God for they have fled out of the Country and do not acknowledge their responsibilities and role, they do not even consider Pakistani Church a part in the Body of Christ thus do not feel our suffering. All they want to do is criticize or condemn (verbally), there maybe some who are sorry for what is going on in the well but is it truthful role they are playing?
The present day leadership has earned a lot for their coming generations and has plenty of contacts for sustenance, moreover they are not interested in community’s survival or uplift, and literally speaking nobody from England, America, China, Korea, Russia or Canada will come for our safeguard, therefore in the present circumstance we have to rescue ourselves on our own.
May Lord give us strength to survive.
Zeeshan Ejaz

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