God is in control. By Shiny Eric.


Regarding the incident that happened in Sangala Hills and seeing all the debate going on, makes one think what`s next?!
The truth of the matter is that as long as we live persecutions will take place just as in the days of the early church and as long as the world remains there will be natural disasters, calamities, wars and so on.
The lesson to be learnt out of it all is that how do we learn to handle or deal with things when faced with difficult or unexpected situations.
It`s heart breaking to see what happened at Sangla Hills, it’s a sad situation and it`s true the pain of the people who went through the rampage is much more than those watching from outside. In as much as most of us can help them practically, probably the best we can do is …pray - getting God involved in the battle we are fighting and asking Him to show His people what they need to do in times of crisis.
It`s futile for Christians to blame each other and hold one another responsible for the state of their fellow believers in Pakistan.
I`m sure Christians in the body of Christ around the world feel as much for their brothers and sisters going through this time of testing as those within the country and in times like these as mentioned earlier the most powerful thing we can do is pray.
In the Bible, time and time again people were saved from their plight not because they were more strong or well versed than others but just because of their simple faith in the God above, be it Daniel in the lions den or Noah and his family in the ark, people got saved only because they believed that the God they trusted was able to rescue them.
And the same holds true for us today, the grace that God showed us first is the grace we need to show each other, choose to remain united in the body of Christ and keep the faith even when we face hardships because He has promised that in the end all things work for good for those who trust in Christ Jesus.

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