Monkeys on our backs. By Bishop T. Nasir


Ever since conversion of Pakistan from “Republic of Pakistan” to “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” every “Muslim Dick Tom and Harry” has become a scholar. All there energies are focused on Christian Faith. They write shamefully against the Holy Bible and Christianity. From a third rate scholar to former judge of the highest court of Pakistan find fun and pleasure in insulting Christianity. In my 25 years of confrontation with such scholars, not a single “scholar” has been able to answer my questions on Islam. I have never questioned or criticized Islam, I wish to know rather learn about Islam and the Holy Koran in all hounesty. I can read or speak Arabic but in Arabic language my knowledge is almost ZERO. Therefore when I study the Holy Koran “On Line” in English or Urdu, I do want to understand the meanings of “A” verse, but no one has ever helped me, not even Late Sheikh Ahmad Dedaat from South Africa who came to Pakistan in October 1987. We had a “Public Dialogue” in Sialkot Pakistan on 7th October 1987. Yet a scholar of his repute openly admitted that “he has not come prepared to answer my questions”. I started my “open dialogue” with Dr. Nadir Raza Saddiqui, who wrote a “Poisoness” book against Christianity “Pakistan main Masihiyat” (Christianity in Pakistan) that I read in May 1980 and wrote an answer to the book. My logical reply was published regularly in “The Monthly Kalam-E-Haq” from September 1980 to December 1982. There was complete silence from Dr. Saddiqui. There after I have silenced a number of Muslim scholars who have been busy in insulting Christianity. These days I am exposing one Muhammad Mateen Khalid who wrote a book “Essayiat Kay Taqab Main” (In Pursuit or Chase of Christianity) a collection of rubbish of various so-called scholars. I started a “Postmortem” with my articles in Kalam-E-Haq “”Abbla Pa” (Blistered Feet). No answer from Mateen Khalid so far. In July 2002 a former Motor Mechanic Mr. Illias Sattar (now a lawyer and industrialist) wrote gave a meaning less challenge to Christian world. I would have ignored it but when I read “Assli Bible” in “brackets”, I did not like it and did mention his name as a reference in July issue of Kalam-E-Haq. Ever since this “Monkey is on my Back”. In three and a half years, this man Illias Sattar has been sending me “Idiotic mails”. Offering awards that started from “One Hundred Thousand Rupees”, reached a peak of “Seventy Million Rupees” in June 2005 and dropped down to “One Million Rupees” in December 2005. Knowing that we are bound by “Law” to keep our mouths shut even in response to such idiots, this man started “cashing” his status of “Muslim” in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He would fire Batteries of questions at me, use abusive language and threats. He called Christians, “Chohrah who cleans there latrines” and gave many names to Christians. He wanted me to “sue” him in any court of the world. (I suggested that if he was so eager to be sued in court, he should take a brick and smash it on his head. He would be booked under Pakistan Penal Code for attempt to commit suicide and a court case against him will be initiated automatically) He offered a “Debate” in “Mumbai India” on his expense. I declined the offer on valid grounds. With my military background, I needed to go through a very lengthy process of obtaining a “No Objection Certificate” from army and the Ministry of Defense Government of Pakistan. Then again a lengthy process of obtaining Indian Visa with military background. And even after getting a Visa taking risk of Indian Intelligence following me had to be taken into consideration. Therefore in March 2005, I decided to silence this “small gun” of enemies of Christianity. I offered a “Debate” to be held in Gujranwala in my office. I gave him “30 Days” to respond and give me date when he and one of his guards Muhammad Abdullah Sheikh, a former Christian Priest as claimed by “New Sheikh”. The month of April ended with an “End of Illias Sattar”. On 1st May I closed the Chapter of Illias Sattar as a defeated person. He could not dare to speak tome directly, so he requested one of his followers to call me and demand a “bigger platform” (Barha Maidan). I was in Islamabad at that time. I came back on 27th June and immediately offered him the largest “platform” in Islamabad. (The details of my “Challenge” are on our web site on Urdu Page). This stunned Illias Sattar and finding no way to run, he sent me a “Legal Notice” on 27th of July 2005. (I did not want to indulge in court therefore I rendered my unconditional apology to a person who should have apologize to millions of Christians himself, yet I refused his “damages claims” of Rupees Two Hundred Million). But I did not take back my ”Challenge” or altered the place i. e “Islamabad Convention Center” to be presided over by the President of Pakistan and Hounerable Chief Justice of Pakistan as Judge. I also asked Illias Sattar to invite the Prime Minister of Pakistan, The Federal Cabinet, all Ministers, all Governors of Four Provinces of Pakistan and the Chief Ministers of all Four Provinces, the members of Islamic Ideology Council and the President and Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir. I also demanded that Mr. Illias Sattar should make all arrangements by 31 December 2005 at his expense and let me know the date. I requested or demanded a “Live Coverage” of all “Pakistani Private television channels including Pakistan Television and the BBC. And my final demand is that who ever is defeated must commit suicide right there. I could not offer a “Platform larger than this platform”. As Illias Sattar’s “reward offer” was 70 Million Rupees, and knowing that he will have to pay me any way even after committing suicide through a “Will”, he should spend some “reward money” on arrangements of the proposed debate in Islamabad. Time trickled by but Illias Sattar kept sitting on his “haunches” and finding no way out few days ago told me to make all arrangements. What he could not do with 70 Million Rupees in Five months, he wants me to do in 18 days. Illias Sattar does want to commit suicide therefore he is looking for a way out. I shall wait till 31st December, proclaim him “dead” and forget him for good. Meanwhile Faisalabad Congregation sent a “Legal Notice” to Illias Sattar for rendering an unconditional apology and pay damages, he replied, “go ahead”. I was informed by Faisalabad Christians that some serious minded Islamic Clerics want an end to this whole saga. I might be meeting some of them when I visit Faisalabad. However the reply of Illias Sattar made it clear that he as Muslim will find special favor by the court and if the Judge gives a verdict against him he will still has one option left, the most effective option. This option is, burning of Churches and homes of Christians and defiling churches and the Holy Bible. I did not want Christian community of Faisalabad to become another Shanti Nagar or Sanglla Hill or put the lives of Christians in jeopardy. I told the Faisalabad congregation not to take any further action.

In November 2005, another monkey jumped on my back, This time it was a retired Group Captain who sent me some of his books, on the same topic that are published in Pakistan without being noticed by the government. I replied the Group Captain a retired Pakistan Air Force officer (equal to a Colonel in Army) in a polite way and told him that I respected a senior armed forces officer and did not want any debate or discussion on religious matters. He wrote me an idiotic letter that has been taken care off on . Today I received another book from Mr. Group Captain in Urdu. Now I have to get this “newly born monkey “ off my back and I shall do it befitting way.

I don’t know how many more monkeys are hiding around me, but I shall take care of them. I shall catch them and hand them over to “Monkey Trainers” who teach them “Dance” and show this “Bandri Tamasha” all over the world. Pakistani and Indians know what “Bandri Tamasha” is. For the convenience of Urdu readers, I have decided to bring “Abbla Pa” (Blistered Feet) on line in year 2006. Why I named this article that is being published in Kalam-E-Haq “Blistered Feet”? I know the people like Muhammad Mateen Khalid, Maulana Taqi Usmani and such evil minded hate traders, having realized the shallowness and hollowness of their own doctrines are trying to throw mud at Christianity. And in their ”Chase” of truth of Christianity, their feet developed “Blisters” yet they are running after Christianity with “Blistered Feet”. I want to see how far can they follow?

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