Every one is councious from this Glaring fact, that our homland Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, Where Fundamentalism is on its highest peak. Christian community has a lot of hardships to face here, like Discriminatory laws, wave of religious vi

I am writing it with very sad that after highly and unforgetable secrifies Of old missionaries the future of Christianity is not bright here. Specially in Remote areas. It has various reasons. There detail you can see as under.
1-Lack of Education
It is an established realty that no nation Can stabilize its economic. Social. Religious and even political position Without sound educational base. The most horrible tragedy of the Christians that They are deadly backward in education. Approximately 85% youth have not Admission in any schools, again there are no arrangements of Bible schools for Them. There for such children are in difference from religious activities. No One thinks that these children are the leaders of the tomorrow. If there Future is not secure its mean the future of nation is also UN protective. Number of schools running under the administration of clergy with the
Help of foreign donor agencies, although these schools are running on the Name of Christians but there doors are absolutely shut for Christian. The Strength of such schools students is in thousands but Christian students are Not exceed then 2% because they cannot afforded expenditure and standard of These schools. Many ex presidents. Premiers and other ministers are old Students of these schools. If these schools can produce above people why Should they cannot turned out Doctors? Engineers and Political leaders for Christian community. Actually they are not sincere with there cause, they just Working for business and not for nation.So our innocent children go to jobs they works in Factories, Workshops, Hotels, A very little strength goes in government schools. Although Education in these schools is free but our students feel hesitation due to Classis. The students belong to Muslim majority dislike to mix-up with them They consider them inferior even calls them sweepers.So in spite of there intelligence and laborious nature they live the School. Seem situation is on the side of technical education. Therefore in Future we cannot expect any change. Without the saving future of kids. If we
Want to save the future of the nation. . It is very necessary to more and More Christian primary schools should be set up in backward areas.

Economic UN stability is a major cause of conversion here. The Poverty Stricken masses are leading a very miserable and deplorable life they can Never think of the comforts aments and facilities.Un employment in Christians is very highy. Not to speak of the illiterate Masses even qualified and skill people do not get a job.Nearly 75%christians live in rural areas, they work in fields from dawn To dusk and then it is very difficult for them to make ends to meet, There Families also works with them, some work in the houses of land lords , Some time these women face the sexual violence,
A big majority of the young Christians is skill handed, they work for the Surgical instruments, Leather garments and Sports goods., There work is very hard but the industry owners never pay them according to There labor, as a result they always lives in hot soap, their ill babies Dies before their eyes due to UN availability of medicine, some time there Wives die because the non availability of a qualified doctor or nurse at The time of delivery, in such situations some rich people give them help and Said them to change the religion, so many backslide Christians change the Religion, usually conversion in Christian girls is very common, Economic Prosperity is very must in order to save the people from conversion, I think it is difficult to bring economic prosperity but not impossible it is Quite easy through micro loans which we can arrange from Christian donors Organizations and well-wishers of the community. Some donor agencies are Already working for this task through clergy. But there assistance is not Going to deserving people.Certainly my readers will be surprised to learn that only in 500us$ our one Skill person can set up his own cottage industry of surgical instruments, Sports goods, And Leather garments. Through this industry not only he can Get a suitable income but also can provide employment to his few other Fellows.When people will free from worries and sorrows then they will think about Religion then new Churches will constrict and people will turn to God. It Will also check the conversion.

Need of active gospel work,
Due to poverty, illiteracy and lack of religious education the rural areas Are much backward on religious side, Even people are unconscious from the Basic believes of Christianity, Nearly 54 years has been passed after the Establishment of Pakistan, still 75% remote areas are with out churches Because local community cannot afford the expenses of construction, mostly These people attend the church only two time in a year on the day of Christmas and Easter, on same day they can see the face of their holy pastor , I have seen many old people who are unable to attend the church since Last 5 to 10 years, because there is no church near around them and they can not Travel a long distance to reach the city church, they are also deprived From religious education, such people are backsliding and going to other Nations, this situation is very harmful for the future of Christian.
Thousands of western orgs. Are working in Pakistan with a lot of Money for the promotion of gospel work, but result is found nothing , Although, they are much sincere with their aim, but there relevant Pakistani partners are not faith full, they are not struggling for gospel of Christ, They just run after there business in which they spend nothing but Get a lot,

As I have been mentioned above nearly 80% Christian community is populated in rural areas this area is real Field for gospel work but all church ministries are working in around areas, Because there ministers dislike to go in to UN facilitiable poor Locates of remote areas, Therefore these Pear cutler pastors point few Untrained and uneducated people for pastoral work on very low wages, There Severely is not more then 10,us$, per month, Inspire of very low wages they Give them a large area to work; they work in 25 to 50 villages, even with Out facility of transport, Certainly, There vast in there working areas is Few and far, such ministers show their membership in thousands to there European donors. But there real strength is not more then the passengers Of a tango which can count on tips, Appropriately pear culture church leaders Are working for the spread of Christianity, But internally they are brothers Of, YOUHADA ASKER YOUTHI, Whose sell our poverty in the hands of European Donor agencies and get a lot of money on the name of, LORD JESUSES CHRIST , But use this money for there personal gain or family, the role of such people is Absolutely harm full for the future of Christian, IN abroad they show Him self representatives of Christian, But here local community hate Them and dies like to follow them, Western donor can bring religious revolution in Pakistan. But if they Change there way of invest, for positive gospel they can trust on Christian. N. G. O.s, These organizations can work under the patronage of donors Representatives, These organizations can check the highly rate of conversion
Through bible schools, Such N.G, Os can also bring economic stability and Educational evolution in local Christian, It will hopeful step for the Protection of Christian.

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