Forever stability at Faith and Politics. By Andy Swarna


Success in life is determined by how we integrate our thoughts and actions in a way that creates a common bond between our values and the institutions, nations, religions and cultures that govern our lives. Harmony of our thoughts and values with those of the political and cultural societies in which we live is necessary for our well-being and stability. These societal structures are reflected in human history in the form of beliefs, philosophies, culture, languages, and others.
Societal stability is a concept that depends primarily on two institutions: faith and politics. Politics reflects our common values and beliefs in a practical structure that governs and constrains our behavior. Faith is our personal relationship with the Almighty, governed by our conscience and compassion towards one another. It is through faith that we attain our religious identity
Politics and religion meet at a point and give birth to the modern concept of religious freedom, the right to believe or not believe as one's conscience leads, and live out one's beliefs openly, peacefully, and without fear. The essence of this very engagement is to transcend beyond our existing attitude, levels of tolerance, and endurance, limitations and belief in "Devine Providence." We have to collaborate with one another to find common ground to overcome our political and religious differences. The world has changed and we now live in a pluralistic society. People of so many faiths, each having their own political ideology, surround us and we can no longer tolerate those differences that cause violence and hatred. Our beliefs and their impacts have become much more sensitive now and we should learn go beyond our historical understanding of politics and religion to sort out our differences. People who are trying to resolve these conflicts to maintain peace in the world should increase their efforts from all fronts so that global harmony is achieved.
My involvement in religious freedom emerged as Great Truth awareness: belief in God should be a solution for life, rather than cause for conflict. This truth is realized when one is in harmony with the will of God and free of conflicts in our own human nature. Our thoughts encompass our consciousness and interpretations. These must be free of doubt, so that reality is what we see. Humanity is who we are as individuals, and our perception of reality enables us to use justice and virtue formed through wisdom gained in knowledge to live in harmony with others. The greatest attributes of an individual are reason, conscience, peace and harmony --- the everlasting stability of faith and politics.
Our awareness is governed by our thoughts. The website explores the basic purpose of our existence, our relationship with Almighty, and our natural identity. It creates an awareness of the importance of freedom of expression, religious freedom and the thought for life., in a sense, is dedicated to all those like-minded individuals who come together, share experiences, thoughts, perceptions, and perspectives towards creating a peaceful and better world.
Thus, I welcome you all to the world of – Great Truth.

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