The word terrorism stands for great fear or the use of violence to accomplish political purposes. Terrorism can also be defined as the person or organization that believes to secure their political power or purposes must be by using force.

Terrorism can also be defined a premeditated, systematic and calculated plan or organized crime with aim to hurt people causing them injuries and deaths. The deaths and injuries are not the primary objects of terrorism.

It is beyond the death and injuries. The very basic aim of terrorism is to create carnage and chaos in society or in a country to obtain their dirty aims and purposes. Terrorism appeared to be on the decline in the late 1980's, however a new breed of terrorist has emerged. Today's terrorist threat comes from extremities that have established their own funding network through out the world.

These terrorists obtain money from drugs business, private business, independent wealth, charities, and local financial support. And they continue to be as ruthless as ever. The tragedy of world trade center depicts the brutality of Terrorist. A cult was released saran nerve gas in the Tokyo city subway system, killing 12 people and injuring more than 5000.A bomb was exploded in Oklahoma city, killing 168 and hundreds of juried. Now the terrorist are using the all the latest devices and gadgets to accomplish their nasty purposes. According to Frank J.Cillufo, the director of the information Warfare Task Force of the center of strategic and International studies (CSIS) and Robert Kupperman, the senior advisor to CISS, stated in 1997 that if the terrorists choose to execute high- tech methods, no government agency currently exist to cope with the repercussion of their attack.

Now the world is facing the threat of biological weapon and will be proved more hazardous if the terrorists use the biological devices to obtain their ends. As some agencies are claiming that the terrorist are striving to acquire nuclear weapon that can cause a mass annihilation on the face of earth. The terrorism can also have an impact on national economy through out the world, the governments have been forced to spend enormous amount of time, money and resources to combat it. For example, in the United State alone, is spending ten billions dollar to eradicate the terrorism. Life has become unsecured on account of terrorism; people do not want to travel in plans. Terrorism has destroyed the economy of the every country. A bus can be blast and a building can be exploded. It means that terrorist can target all the main buildings any time, as it is happened in the world trade center on September 11, and in Indian parliament. These are live and nasty examples of terrorism.

But there are some critics who claim that there are several reasons and factors behind this massive action of terrorism. Such as hatred, according to J. Freech, the director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation stated that hatred and those who harbor such elements fuel terrorism; they live in the world of conspiracy and ignorance.

Stephen Bowman defined that the oppression is an other factor of terrorism. He writes in his book " When the Eagle Scream", it can be stated that a great deal of terrorism is born of despair and oppression. Frustration is an other element of terrorism, in many cases; the primary motivation for a terrorist is a genuine frustration, social, political and economical problems.

Injustice is an other symptom of terrorism. In my opinion, our long term goal should be eliminated because when we could not achieve our social and political aims then these ends take the form of terrorism which result in the deaths of children, men and women. So we must have to vigorous efforts to enhance freedom, dignity, justice and humanitarian values.

It can be said that the terrorism is the production of illiteracy, poverty, hatred, frustration, and oppressions. We can overcome on terrorism by eliminating these elements and factors because these are the major factors, which assist terrorism to grow rapidly.

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