If Trump doesn’t act fast Ayatollah will plunge the region in bloodbath before ‘sacrificing’ the Ruling-Imamate in Iran. By Hem Raj Jain


The world community is living in its make belief world and is almost satisfied that sort of mini-World War will not happen in the wake of the killing of General Soleimani and others (of Iran & Iraq) at Baghdad airport on the soil of Iraq on Friday. But the USA should not take this matter lightly and if Prez Trump doesn’t act fast then Ayatollah will plunge the region in bloodbath before sacrificing ‘Ruling-Imamate’ in Iran as explained below: -

 (1)- First and foremost people need to understand that though Shias are only 15 % of world’s Muslim population but Shia Iran has been able to create so much trouble in NAME & other regions (including through Shia militants in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc) due to basic nature of Shia Islam which is fundamentally different from Sunni Islam. The concept of martyrdom is much more deep rooted in Shia Islam and they are more fanatic than Sunni Muslims which is reflected during ‘mourning of Muharram’ too when mainly the Shias whip them to grave injuries through whipping by remembering the battle of Karbala where Imam Hussein (the grandson of Prophet Muhammad) offered  martyrdom for Islam.

 (2)- Though in entire Muslim majority countries theocracy in some or other form (in varying degrees) is practiced but the said basic difference between Shia and Sunni Islam is also the reason that Iran is the only reckonable Muslim country having ‘Ruling-Imamate’ where a religious leader (Ayatollah) is the head of the State (the Supreme Leader). This is the main reason that now Ayatollah will fight not merely for restoring the credibility & clout of the State of Iran (in the wake of the killing of General Soleimani) but will be making a last-dich effort to protect this ‘Ruling-Imamate’ which has come under sever threat due to natural course of political dynamics [where in present age of secular democracy any theocratic State (what to talk of full-fledged Imamate) will ultimately wither] but also due to precipitate actions of Trump administration of cancelling ‘2015 Iran nuclear deal’  and subsequent unprecedented severest economic sanctions against Iran.

 (3)- In other words presently Ayatollah is left with no other alternately than to go for all-out ‘defensive’ (and not offensive) war with the USA where Iran will not attack the mainland of USA directly (which is not possible in any case) but by attacking ‘US military installations and other assets’ on the soil of other countries (especially but not exclusively of US allies). This will constrain the USA to launch all-out offensive war against Iran which is bound to create political vacuum in Iran and which is bound to suck-in China, Russia etc in Iran theater in order to fill this political vacuum because Imamate is not going to remain or allowed to remain in Iran after this all-out war [in which Iran may even use some nuclear power (made by Iran or purchased from some other nuclear countries) especially after Iran, as per media, said on Sunday that it would no longer abide by any of the limits of its unraveling 2015 nuclear deal with world powers after a U.S. airstrike killed General Soleimani in Baghdad].

 (4)- This is where is the main problem for the USA. Fortunately, Trump can easily overcome this problem if he asks PM Modi of India to come forward to solve this global political crisis. For this to happen first Trump should not be apologetic (as many misguided Americans are in the USA) about said killing of General Soleimani etc because: -

 (i)- Prez Trump is unnecessarily accused of cancelling 2015 Nuclear deal with Iran arbitrarily & unilaterally (which was signed by P 5+1) and then imposing sanctions on Iran which allegedly has deteriorated the political and security situation in Gulf region. These critiques are not realizing that even if accusation by the USA of nuclear proliferation by Iran (despite this nuclear deal) may not be taken at its face value but Iran was certainly using the money (freed and got due to removal of sanctions due to this nuclear deal) for creating trouble through militant Jihadis / terrorists in NAME region including in Syria, Yemen, Iraq etc. Hence the USA had no other option than to cancel this nuclear deal. These P 5+1 (except the USA) did not care about said subversive activities of Iran (hence showed soft approach towards Iran regarding cancelling of this nuclear deal) because they are not responsible about and do not take interest in running the global order.

 (ii)- For killing General Soleimani and others (of Iran & Iraq) on the soil of Iraq, Prez Trump is unnecessarily accused of breaching the sovereignty of Iraq.  These critiques do not understand that after 9/11 the USA (with its allies) entered Afghanistan and Iraq and have remained in Iraq also under UNSC Resolution 1483 (https://www.globalpolicy.org/component/content/article/168/36082.html. ) This means unless the USA comes out of these countries militarily, they are under protection of the USA. This further means that if anybody (Iraqi or outsider) tries to disturb the peace & security of Iraq then the USA has every legal right to take any suitable action including killing of such persons.

 (5)- Trump can easily solve said Iran crisis by asking India to take the lead for realizing ‘United States of Federal Secular Democratic Indo-Pacific rathe Eastern Asia) where from Pacific to Iran it will be one country under the leadership of India (may be FSDSAARC in first stage having Iran also in it). This is required also because the ‘new horizon for mankind’ is the need of the hour (as mentioned at https://www.alwihdainfo.com/New-horizon-for-mankind-expects-debate-on-global-issues-during-2020-US-President-election-campaign_a80912.html   or   https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3516  . The Christian West led by the USA (mainly & crucially of Europe origin) should not think that it got secular modern democracy after ~ 100 years of religious war in Europe (with immense loss of lives, blood, properties and honor) hence rest of the world should also get it through same gory way.

 (6)- India is a country having ~ 16 % world population and enjoying sizable economy under global political order hence is under legal obligation to contribute commensurately for the protection of human-rights-friendly global order. Therefore, the USA should persuade / constrain India to immediately go for plebiscite in united-J&K (mandated by UN resolution 1948 and ‘Instrument of Accession’) by getting it free from outsiders. This is bound to result in independent united-J&K (which can be 9th country of SAARC) and which will  help in launching FSDSAARC [by taking Afghanistan (which is already under the said protection, hence influence, of the USA) and then Iran (which will be under political vacuum due to said US-Iran War) in this FSDSAARC]. Other countries of SAARC (including Pakistan) and of Pacific region may join this USFSD-Indo-Pacific, gradually.

 Therefore, Prez Trump should act fast (through persuading / constraining India to realize USFSD-Indo-Pacific in which Iran will also be a member) so that Ayatollah Khomeini does not have any chance of plunging the region in bloodbath before ‘sacrificing’ the Ruling-Imamate in Iran

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