“I Have Already Been Convicted” By Bishop T Nasir


To all my friends, well wishers and concerned bother and sisters in Europe, The United Sates of America, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, United Kingdom, South America, South America and even Pakistan, I am thankful to you all for your moral support in the “Law Suit” against me in Sindh High Court, Karachi, Pakistan. Your concern, anguish and support has given me more courage to face the worst on 10th of August 2006 in Karachi. Yet I must tell you that I have already been “Convicted” by the Sindg High Court Karachi, they I was illegally Summoned to appear before the Court on complaint of a “Real Pakistani”. There is no logical reason to admit such case at the first place. The court is well aware of the fact that such cases are always of “malicious” nature and such cases can go on for years with no result. I take these “Summons” from the Sindg High Court Karachi as verdict against me by the court. Strangely enough, I received “Three” Summons, two directly from the Registrar of Sindh High Court and the third from Senior Civil Judge Gujranwala. Out of two summons from Sindh High Court is “post dated”. It reads, singed on this 10th Day of August 2006. The second and third summons however are signed on 10th May 2006. All three summons are signed by the same person i.e. Assistant Registrar D II of the Sindh High Court Karachi. In his eagerness to punish me the “Assistant Registrar D II” even did not care to see if the dates on the summons are the same. However they bare the “Seal” of Sindh High Court. Let me tell you my dear brothers and sisters, as far as the court is concerned, the verdict against me has already been given by the “Assistant Registrar D II” of the Sindh High Court Karachi. The points to be noted are,

1. I have been convicted by “The Assistant Registrar D II” by “fining” me RS 1,00,000.oo that I will be spending in my travel to Karachi, hiring a Lawyer, to prepare an appropriate answer to the claims of Mullah’s claims against me, my room and lodging and other related expenditures.
2. Traveling to Karachi again on 7th August 2006 to “Defend” myself. Another “Fine” of approximately same amount. Only God knows how many times I have to travel between Gujranwala and Karachi. Yet the Court knows how to punish a person trying to defend his Faith.
However I am not surprised by the action of the “Assistant Registrar D II” of the Sindh High Court Karachi. I very openly state that “Justice” for Christians does not exist in Pakistan. I don’t care if this statement of mine is taken as “Contempt of Court”. For me “Contempt of Holy Bible, Contempt of my Faith and Contempt of Religion” comes first. I am not a “Slave of Muslim Mullahs” or “Zimmi” (A conquered person by Islamic Army). I have more services for Pakistan than any Mullah in Pakistan. I command more respect than any “Third Rate Mullah” in Pakistan or any where in the world. And I have done nothing wrong while defending my religion. I am not involved in any anti state activity and never harbored any terrorist. I have never been involved in any kind of “Terrorist Activity” as all Mullahs are. I have never violated any law of the land. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan ensures my “Rights” yet the Sindh high Court has denied my right to rebuke any or all who insult my Religion and me in most shameful way.

I ask the government of Pakistan, “where are my rights” as Pakistani citizen (if at all I am considered a citizen). I ask the “Judiciary “of Pakistan, where is “Justice” for me and for thousands of people like me belonging to Christian faith? If I being a Pakistani “merit” the Rights and Justice than where can I find it?

No Sir, I and my fellow Christians have no Rights or hope of Justice for us in Pakistan. If I and my fellow Christians Rights have been transferred to “Terrorists” and Afghans and we have no hope of “Justice” then what if the justification for us to keep and feel pride in Pakistani Citizenship?

Therefore after my Conviction and advance Verdict of Sindh High Court and the silence of the government of Pakistan, I don’t need such a crippled and useless citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. On 10th August, I shall first surrender my “Crippled” Citizenship and then I will see what I have to say in my defense.

I need your prayers and moral support.

May the Lord bless you all including the Muslim recipients of this letter.

In Lord Jesus Christ,
Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir.

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