Trump owes it to USA, to ask UN to confirm Chinese claim that WHO said ‘Coronavirus is not Lab-made’. By Hem Raj Jain


Obviously in reply to the  accusation of Prez Trump and of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (that Coronavirus might have originated from a laboratory in Wuhan in China moreover China is not coming clean on the data of sick and dead in China due to Coronavirus) the Chinese foreign ministry on April 16, 2020 said in a press briefing ( that the accusation that (Coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan in China, where the disease first emerged) are baseless because the ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO) of the world body, the United Nations (launched by the USA itself after World War II with its headquarter on the soil of the USA), has found no evidence that this virus was made in Chinese laboratory.

China further said in this press briefing that this is a scientific issue and should be studied by scientists and medical experts indirectly saying that Prez Trump and Secretary Pompeo are not such experts hence these accusations by the USA should not be taken seriously.

Because of 9/11 in 2001 in which about 3,000 were killed, the USA waged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (with immense loss of lives, blood and properties) and further constrained UN to wage global war against terrorism by Jihadi-militants. The Coronavirus deaths in the USA till April, 16 are 34,384 which are more than 10 times than even in 9/11 (and 673,215 are infected and the number of dead and sick in the USA due to Coronavirus are going to rise further) but surprisingly no head has rolled so far either in the USA or in the UN  / WHO or in China. This is sending the wrong message across the world that the lives of the people of the USA under Trump-administration have become cheap and easily dispensable with impunity. 

Therefore, Prez Trump should take the advantage of said press briefing of China and should ask the UN whether WHO has given such clean chit to China and if yes then on what is the basis of it. Whether such clean chit was given by WHO after proper study by scientists and medical experts (as China also likes) and if yes then the UN should be asked to constrain the WHO to make all the records of this study public for the entire world to see.

If the USA finds that said clean chit given by the WHO to China is not on the basis of proper study by scientists and medical experts then the USA should constrain the UN to carry out such proper study (through WHO or otherwise) by scientists and medical experts to find out the truth whether Coronavirus emanated from Wuhan or from any other laboratory in China.

If China or any other permanent member tries to scuttle such study by UN / WHO through Veto, then the USA (as a leader of the free-world) should dissolve the UN and should start working for the launch of another world-body as was done after World War II when the USA replaced ‘League of Nations’ by the ‘United Nations. Because, after all, the Coronavirus deaths in the USA are more than 10 times than even in 9/11 and surprisingly no head has rolled so far.

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