Macron can realize unthinkable if believes in participatory-UN, political-EU, Capitalism and welfare-State. By Hem Raj Jain


This refers to interview of French President Emmanuel Macron to ‘Financial’ Times ( ) where in view of on-going Coronavirus pandemic, he offers himself philosophically to achieve what seems unthinkable for the welfare of the people. Through this interview Macron reminds the fresh & fragrant air which once emanated from France during the ‘French Revolution’ at the end of 18th century. Macron can of-course realize this unthinkable if believes in HR-friendly-participatory-UN for global order, Capitalism (Private & State), political EU and welfare-State,  as mentioned below:-

(1)- HR-friendly-participatory-UN:-

(i)- Macron should work for reshaping UN for realizing ‘ New Horizon for Mankind’ as generally mentioned at . This will solve many problems which are being presently faced by mankind (by making the UN participatory and based on rule-of-law).

(ii)- This participatory UN will take care of the threat democracies are facing from authoritarian political systems (as mentioned also at )

(iii)- The USA presently does not seem to be interested in getting justice for the mankind in the matter of Coronavirus hence France should take the lead (as generally mentioned at ) for initiating resolution for constraining  the UN to carry out proper study (through WHO or otherwise) by scientists and medical experts to find out the truth whether Coronavirus emanated from Wuhan or from any other laboratory in China.

(2)- Political EU: -

Macron has rightly aired his concern at the lack of concern of many members of European Union (EU) towards the suffering of some of the members of the EU who have suffered immensely due to Coronavirus. No doubt the members of the EU should help other members in their hour of need but the EU faces much deeper political problems. The present arrangement of the EU is  a political absurdity. Instead the EU should convert itself into United States of Europe (USE) where USE will have one military at Centre, which will deal only in martial matters (like defence, foreign affairs, currency, human rights, national transport and communication etc) whereas all the civil subjects (including natural resources) will be with the member States. Without this political transformation the EU will remain merely a market project (which Macron detest).

(3)- Capitalism (Private & State): -

Most of the problems people are facing across the world is due to the simple reason that the people think that Capital is only private-Capital (which has sanctity and should be deployed profitably) whereas State-Capital (born out of mainly fiscal deficits) can be squandered. Therefore Macron should reverse this unfortunate trend by deploying State-capital profitably.

(4)- Welfare-State: -

The ‘Economic Sovereignty’  of the USE and not over-dependence on China (which Macron wants) can be achieved once said participatory-UN is realized based on rule-of-law. If things can be got from China at a competitive price (as advocated by the father of modern economics Adam Smith in ‘The wealth of Nations’) in a transparent system then there will be no harm to the sovereignty of USE. In view of what has happened during Coronavirus the Welfare State of USE should take care of four issues as mentioned below: -

(i)- The USE should have a ‘Public Distribution System’ at an affordable price to the people. It will be of much help to unemployed people too, who are bound to be there in ‘New Horizon for Mankind’.

(ii)-In this age of mobility owning a house is an absurdity. Hence the USE should deploy State-capital profitably for constructing government houses which can be given on rent to be determined by ‘Statutory Rent Commission’.

(iii)- ‘Free Universal Health Care’ should be launched in the USE through “Employees State Insurance” (ESI) in which the employees, employers and governments will contribute and this ESI will be managed by the representatives of these Contributors (mainly of the working class).

It is hoped that President Macron will prove to the world that the noble ideas which guided the ‘French Revolution’ for the welfare of the entire mankind, are still alive in France.

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