Instead of repeating Sri Lanka in PoK by promising Bangladesh, as per IoA India should ensure plebiscite in united J&K. By Hem Raj Jain


On the face of it the June 14 statement of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh ( would seem to be innocent, innocuous and born out of noble sentiments [of enviable progress of J&K which will motivate the people of Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK) to pine for joining India]. But it is not only against the specific condition of plebiscite mentioned in ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) but also a call to India as is evident from programs on prominent Indian TV channels ( which is meant to prepare & instigate Indians to play mischief in PoK as India did in Sri Lanka (in this case by promising a Bangladesh in PoK so that on the sought call of the people of PoK the Indian military can enter PoK to liberate PoK in a repeat from Pakistan).

The Modi-government is in a deep political crisis due to another Kargil in Galwan etc in Ladakh which has demolished the self-projected macho image of the Modi-government. Moreover especially after the August 5, 2019 drama of amendment & repeal of Article 370 & 35-A of the Constitution and bifurcating J&K into two Union Territories the Government of India (GoI) doesn’t know how to satisfy Indians who now want nothing less than immediate retrieval of PoK from Pakistan. At the same time like earlier government of past 72 years the incumbent GoI also does not want to use military (if necessary) to retrieve PoK in order to conduct plebiscite for deciding political fate of united J&K as mandated by IoA which reads as - “[the question of Accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government’s wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State’s Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”.

Hence before adopting a dangerous & irresponsible path Indians should know that: -

(1)- It is the responsibility of India to conduct plebiscite in united J&K as per IoA hence the people of united J&K are not concerned whether India retrieves  PoK on its own or through UN for carrying out plebiscite.

(2)- Instead of demanding federalism (with linguistic States as in India) India irresponsibly instigated (provided them arms, amunition and training) to Tamilians in Sri Lanka which resulted in terrorism and after sending Peace Keeping force in Sri Lanka Indian military came back from Sri lanka and gave free hand to Sri Lankan government / military to deal with Tamil terrorists which resulted in massive human rights violations and war crimes which are still being addressed by UNHRC. Hence if Indians think that the people of PoK will support Indian initiative to repeat Sri Lanka in PoK then they are living in their make believe world.

(3)-  Despite gross human rights violations in East Pakistan by West Pakistan especially by its military, India could liberate Bangladesh only because USSR (under defence treaty) was backing this military operation of India (even against military threat by USA including through 7th Fleet in Bay of Bengal). But so far no big military power has come forward to militarily support the repeat of Sri Lanka in PoK by promising another Bangladesh type of operation in PoK.  Especially given the fact that China (which is already angry due to August 5, 2019 said measures taken by India) due to CPEC & Gwadar port (which is question of life & death for China, as was Panama Canal for the USA during Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt) will support Pakistan in every way including militarily.


(4)- Indians don’t mind rather would be happy if people of J&K progress in a normal way in India. But when GoI spends huge amount to bribe the people of J&K (especially of Kashmir) so that they can opt for India during plebiscite then it is unfair not only to people of rest of India but is an insult to the basic intelligence and political integrity of the people of J&K and also by extension to the people of PoK who are being tried to be lured by showcasing such unethically manufactured & illusive progress of J&K.

(5)- How much love the Muslims of PoK will be able to generate towards Hindutva forces led Modi-government -- which has earned the ‘reputation’ (including internationally as is evident by reports and statements of ‘United States Commission on International Religious Freedom’) of being anti-Muslims due to what it did to Muslims in rest of India and to Kashmiris especially after August 5, 2019 through lock-down, political arrests etc. -- is anybody's guess. Hence Indians should first of all try to eliminate communalism (not only from India but from Indian subcontinent) by dual citizenship before assimilating Muslims of PoK in India.

Therefore in the interest of resolving chronic & gory Kashmir problem government of India (instead of misguiding the people as Rajnath has done through said statement) should do the following:-

(i)- For eliminating communal poison from Indian subcontinent GoI should work for reversing illegal ‘population transfer’ which is against the mandate of partition of India by repealing ‘Citizen Amendment Act’ of India and to identify ~ 80 million (~ 20 % of their expelled population) mainly Hindus from Pakistan & Bangladesh and to work for giving them dual citizenship (one for India and another for Pakistan or Bangladesh). Also to allow dual citizenship to mainly Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh (the displaced due to partition) who want to come to India.

(ii)- For solving Kashmir problem - (i)- India should repeal the Article 1 (3) (a) of The Constitution of India and PART II THE STATE (3) of the Constitution of J&K [which illegally show J&K as Indian territory (like any other State of India) and even an integral part of India without any mention of the condition of plebiscite to decide the territory of J&K as per the IoA].

(iii)- India should ask Pakistan (even under military pressure if necessary may be by forming military alliance for this purpose) to facilitate a plebiscite in united J&K under Indian authorities (with UN Observers & international media) at the earliest possible after ensuring in united J&K (including Aksai Chin in second stage) the conditions conducive for carrying out such plebiscite required by IoA.

(iv)- To repeal all said changes made in its Constitution / Laws on and after August 5, 2020 and release all the people of J&K who have been arrested on political basis [out of legally objectionable (in view of IoA) the apprehension of Indian authorities that they may demand plebiscite or independence of United J&K] including those people who have been arrested since August 5, 2019 on political basis.

(v)- To ensure the peaceful & just rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir in a time bound period.

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