The Darker Side of Things… By Shinee Eric


Back in the early 90`s, there was a weekly program telecast on one of the Pakistani Channels called the "Darkside"
The introduction of which went like this:
"Man lives in a sunlit world
of what he believes to be reality
but â€" there is unseen by most
a place that is just as real
but not as brightly lit â€" THE DARKSIDE!"

As much as the concept of heaven and hell is prevalent in the Christian faith this whole statement is quite ironical in itself in the sense that there is a `dark side` in each one of us, a place where no one else has access to, where certain things are kept aside, a place where we are truly ourselves â€" a part of us which is just as real…

Thomas Hardy in "Under The Greenwood Tree" writes:
"Times have changed from the times they used to be" as a reminiscence of how things used to be once upon a time.
And that is the reality of life; each generation seems to think the way they did or do things is the best way, whether it’s the `Baby Boomers`, `Generation X` or `Generation Y`, all have their own distinct ways of doing things and thinking patterns.

On the other hand `what a person really sees in another is what is in his own heart`
One question at times is why we as humans always try to justify our own actions and almost always find something wrong with others.
The cry of many people today is `know me before you judge me`
And that`s where the true test of our faith comes in, as for Jesus
"He did not keep Himself away
He was no stranger to my pain
He walked a mile in my shoes"
and so the song goes…

Instead of criticizing people just because of being different to us, it would be better to appreciate those differences and try and encourage and build them up instead of breaking them down - because we never know, today we might be pointing a finger at someone else and tomorrow we might end up doing the same thing we condemned
others for.
Who will be the judge then?

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