INNOCENT GIRL' Call online recorded on 23rd Nov20. By Rt. Rev. Farhad Shahzad Bhatti


 First of all, we, leaders of all of churches, political workers, social workers, journalists, scholars give thanks to Sindh Government, Judiciary, Advocates, especially advocate Jabran, Pastor Ghazal Shifique and Balawal Bhutto who take action for underage girl without any religious discrimination. We salute to all who were praying for this case day and night with commitment and devotion worldwide.

INNOCENT GIRL' Call online recorded.

May God do justice with an innocent girl named Arzoo Raja after listening to this recorded innocent voice call. Her voice explained innocence. Answering questions of ladies on the phone is a vivid witness that she has a pure heart of confidence as a child to elders. She wanted to live with the lady. She was ready to give a statement to live them in the court who are on the phone to whom she personally did not know. But due to her underage mistakes, she wanted to keep herself on the risk more. Insecurity creates more unnecessary risks.

She deliberately did not want to go with her parents due to her underage decision. This kind of innocence cleared the normal mind that she wanted to keep herself with fake husband in a hidden place from her parents. She wanted to talk with her mom but she is in the realm of fake marriage.

According to the Law of Sindh High Court' decision. Azhar Ali is not her husband any more but an accuser of adultery, forced marriage, maker of fake documents and fake conversion. It is clear that if it was not a matter of underage girl, Christian nation would never protest against injustice. There are so many people converted from one religion to another religion. It is NORMAL People converted for their causes. But it is the minor who cannot take any decision of marriage and conversion according to the Law of Government.

According to highly qualified and sensitive Muslim human rights defender and Advocate Muhammad Jabran.  Azhar Ali is an accuser by telling lies about age. He tried to keep the Court in the illusion with fake statements and fake documents. It has been proved that Marriage is fake.

The Court is honorable for all of us, the Court has done justice by cancelling Azhar Ali case about fake marriage. Azhar Ali had been arrested and sent to jail due to a fake case.

But there is a BIGGEST question mark on the justice due to incomplete justice from the religious side, when marriage has been considered as fake with proofs, then why it is not still considered as fake conversion on the standard of humanity due to underage decision and under the pressure of Ali Azhar and his team. Even it is fornication with underage girl.

For God' sake, don't allow this case to be religious matters because it is a matter of minor human rights' justice. It is not a matter of religion. but it is unlawful. We must support the standard of humanity and justice. When it has already been clear that everything is fake due to underage girl. Now why the honorable judiciary is not in this favor of parent' custody due to underage decisions? Who can better take care of the parents above? It is incomplete justice.

Please reconsider! The court already allowed one hour for counseling and taking care of underage girl. On the standard of justice with humanity. Ali Azhar is an accuser. Ali Azhar did not take care of Law of Government but tried to create illusion for Christian nation and Muslim Nation also. May God bless Arzoo Raja to admit her mistake before her parents to be blessed always.

How she was exploited by inhuman attitudes? how she had been trapped in forced marriage? how she had been kept in the snare still? This call may touch all sensitive and humanity minded who have fear of God. Who wants to make Pakistan a better place for human beings? Who wants to see all human beings on the standard of humanity?

we again request that Please don' t allow it to make it a religious matter because it is human rights for underage girls and justice with a grieved parent.

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