CPS Punjab article, the warning signal to India for handling farmer’s protest carefully to preempt Khalistanis. By Hem Raj Jain


India should clearly tell the USA that due to Indo-US strategic & military partnership India is facing a situation where China (with tacit approval of Russia) and with the active support of Khalistanis (operating from USA & its allies Canada, UK etc) and Pakistan, may try for no-border with India.

The December 19 article in ‘Hindustan Times’ by Suresh Kumar the Chief Principal Secretary (CPS) to Punjab Chief Minister (https://www.hindustantimes.com/columns/guest-column-farmers-prove-their-resilience-but-need-to-optimise-outcomes/story-Mo989DhPleXhstkLFWToFK.html ) has created a very serious & challenging situation for the Government of India (GoI). Suresh has made the whole issue of Farmer’s protest very simple & clear by saying to the effect that - “The situation of farmers in rest of India (who are 94%) is very much different from the farmers of Punjab and nearby Green Revolution (GR) areas (who are 6%). GoI should respect cooperative federalism as mandated by the country’s Constitution. Given the logic of 94 by 6, most states (94%) may implement these new reforms. The GR areas (Punjab etc 6%) that have seen less risky and largely assured agriculture, should get time to ponder and engage in dialogue with agitated farmers to settle the way forward”. Hence as per Suresh the CPS of Punjab, this means that GoI should withdraw three new farm laws from Punjab.

Earlier also agitating farmers (who have encircled India’s capital Delhi) had hardened their position and refused to talk further with the GoI unless these three new farm laws are withdrawn but now after said article of Suresh the GoI can rest assured that these farmers at least from Punjab will agree at nothing less than the withdrawal of these three farm laws [because now not merely the people of Punjab (including Akalis who have resigned from Modi’s government) but also the Government of Punjab (of Congress) is supporting the demands of the agitating farmers (notwithstanding the disclaimer in HT that the views expressed by Suresh are personal)].

The hundreds of thousand of agitating farmers who have encircled Delhi are capable of feeding themselves for few months at the site of the protest and remaining things (necessary to live over there) are provided (comparatively more) by farmers from Punjab (specially to the agitating farmers who are with the farmers of Punjab) through the well organized infrastructure of Gurudwaras and financial support is being provided to Punjabi farmers by Khalistanis too from the USA, Canada, UK etc.

After said article of CPS Suresh at least the farmers of Punjab will not leave the protest site and (if the GoI does not withdraw these three farm laws then) the GoI will have to remove them with force which is what Khalistanis want. Rather Khalistanis will prefer that serious injuries or even some casualties take place on Punjabi (especially Sikh) farmers through the use of force by the GoI so that it can be used to stoke the fire for Khalistan. To what extent the Khalistanis have come prepared is evident from the public statements of Haryana Chief Minister and Union Cabinet Minister  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jv6TZGThGo and https://www.republicworld.com/india-news/politics/protest-was-never-about-farmers-smriti-irani-calls-out-nefarious-activities-in-stir.html ) where they have objected that the Khalistanis are even openly talking about assassination of Prime Minister Modi.

The GoI should know that earlier also when India used Tibetans in a military conflict with China at Eastern Ladakh in September 2020 (as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3663 ) China had legal justification to work for mini-Khalistan comprising the districts of Amritsar, Gurudaspur, Pathankot and upper part of Hoshiarpur from the State of Punjab and districts of Kangra, Chamba, Lahaul & Spiti and upper part of Kullu from the State of Himachal Pradesh. But now the situation has deteriorated further for India after Russia has expressed its reservation about India getting too close to the West led by the USA against China in military & strategic matters.

The way India has reacted by saying that the country has an independent foreign policy based on its national interests (https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/independent-ties-with-countries-india-pushes-back-against-russian-minister-s-comments/story-bseCNBUpPiNP29AUPgdRNP.html ) it is obvious that India has not taken seriously rather has pooh-poohed the recent statement (https://eurasiantimes.com/russia-slams-the-quad-puts-india-in-the-firing-line-as-moscow-inches-closer-to-china/ ) of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that - “India is currently an object of the Western countries’ persistent, aggressive and devious policy as they are trying to engage it in anti-China games by promoting Indo-Pacific strategies, the so-called ‘Quad’, while at the same time the West is attempting to undermine our close partnership and privileged relations with India”.

This  close partnership and privileged relations of Russia with India is not merely the question of military purchases by India from Russia but has much deeper implications for the regional strategic & military calculations of Russia. Therefore India should take it with utmost seriousness especially given the fact that Russia thus has projected China as the victim of this persistent, aggressive and devious policy of the West led by the USA which means Russia has already made the ground for any action (including military) by China against India which will be morally, ethically and legally justified as per Russia

[It further increases the problems for India when Pakistan is already preparing for war against India by taking excuse of a likely surgical strike by India on Pakistan as on Friday Pak Foreign Minister Qureshi from UAE said (https://www.dawn.com/news/1596460 ) and Kashmiris (especially after August 5, 2020 when India removed special status of J&K and converted it into two Union Territories and curtailed their human rights) reportedly looking towards China (even as per former CM of J&K) for relief]. 

Therefore India should not be surprised if now in view of said Russian complaint, China may feel further threatened and even tempted (due to emboldening Russian support) to work for no-border with India as given below:-

(i)- This no-border with India will be a reply of China to India which wants no-border with China by independence of Tibet which is the reason India has allowed Tibet-government-in-exile on Indian soil. It will also be a reply to the USA which talks about independence of Tibet including by the legislation (H.R. 6948) which Congressman Scott Perry , on May 19 introduced  to the ‘US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs’ - a bill to authorize the US President to recognize the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country.

(ii)- If we leave J&K aside (where India has territorial dispute with Pakistan) China has border with India only at Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand in North and with Arunachal Pradesh (which China claims as its own) and some with Sikkim in North-East of India. As far as N-E of India due its geographical reasons (of chicken neck near Doklam / Sikkim) China will not have much military difficulty in cutting off the entire N-E from India where separatist movements have their long history and Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators (under influence of Pakistan too) will also play an important role in favor of China. [India can’t expect any help from bordering Muslim Bangladesh which has already come under considerable influence of China or from bordering Myanmar which is already having Chinese supported Arakan Militia in it bordering India]

(iii)- As far Chinese border with Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand of India these two States can also be made part of Khalistan which will have territory north of the line from Ganganagar & Hanumangarh of Rajasthan to southern tip of Udhampur District of Uttarakhand including the State of Delhi and North West part of Uttar Pradesh and upper part of Haryana (former Punjab). Sikhs already have a presence in these areas and  most of these areas were under either direct rule or conquest of Sikhs or have been considered by them as their legitimate territory. (Recently the author of ‘MacDonald-Laurier Institute Report’ on Khalistan Terry Milewski said that I saw a map by a splinter group that shows a very ambitious Khalistani map including many parts of India besides Punjab and extending up to New Delhi as mentioned at https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/sikhs-suffer-in-pakistan-while-isi-promotes-khalistan-agenda-report/articleshow/78212990.cms )

If India thinks that very few Sikhs support Khalistan then India should remember how Pakistan was created. Very few Muslims supported Pakistan but a handful of determined Muslims created Pakistan (with the support of the outside power, the UK) which was supported even by Muslims of those areas of undivided India (like U.P. etc) which were not to become part of Pakistan. It was an emotional idea which created Pakistan and with the active support of the outside powers, China and Pakistan (and with tacit support of Russia) determined Khalistanis too can create said Khalistan.

India should not underestimate the strong emotion of some determined Sikhs (in India and in foreign countries including in the USA, Canada, UK) due to what happened on June 6, 1984 at Golden Temple (where 'Akal Takht' was partly demolished by Indian military) by ‘operation Blue Star’ in Amritsar and in Delhi where massacre of thousands of innocent Sikh took place after the assassination of the then PM Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984. India should not forget that Hindu majority India could give some justification for ‘operation Blue Star’ to flush out Bhindranwale (who was initially promoted by Indira Gandhi / Congress) but no Indian could justify the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs by Hindus in Delhi in 1984. Hence Khalistanis will do everything to bring Delhi within the territory of Khalistan (also to teach Delhiites a ‘lesson’ by taking their territory)

No doubt Khalistanis (even with the support of Pakistan) can't achieve Khalistan but once Pak military (supported by China) enters Kashmir to snatch remaining J&K from India  and once China (with tacit approval of Russia) supports Pakistan & Khalistanis to carve out said Khalistan from India then nothing can stop the creation of said Khalistan and the severing of remaining J&K from India. If India thinks that the USA the leader of the West will not allow this or will come to the help & rescue of India then it is living in a fool's paradise as mentioned below :-

(1)- Now it is certain that Joe Biden will be in the White House on and after January 20, 2021 because Prez Trump, (for the reasons best known to him) is not taking effective action to win his fight against alleged voter-fraud as mentioned at  https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3732 .

(2)- Biden does not believe in protecting US-Allies and friends which is evident from some examples what Obama administration (of which Biden was an important part as vice-President) did to Ukraine (where Russia, despite Budapest Memorandum, snatched Crimea from Ukraine without shedding a drop of blood) to Syria (where what to talk of removing Assad even Russia was allowed to enter militarily on the side of Assad) to Pacific countries about South China Sea (where China was allowed to get away despite adverse verdict of International Court against China in a petition by Philippines).

Therefore India should seriously think about its relations with the USA by clearly asking the USA to what extent it will go to help India militarily in case China (with tacit approval of Russia) try for no-border with India also by militarily helping Pakistan to snatch remaining J&K from India and by helping Khalistanis militarily to carve out Khalistan up to Delhi.

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