The Non-resident Indians (NRIs) are being contacted by sending the following letter to them. By Hem Raj Jain


To, The Non-Resident-Indians: When India and China became independent / communist in late forties, India was ahead of China in every way, even economically. Since then the way an authoritarian communist country China has made spectacular economic progress and as a result has increased its clout all across the world (which has alarmed even the USA) and the way India (which is practicing liberal secular Western democracy, led by the USA) has been left much behind China, economically (which has affected India adversely vis-a-vis China in other fields too, especially in strategic and military matters, as is evident from what China has done to India at Eastern Ladakh since 2020 April) - it has started raising serious questions about the suitability of 'human rights friendly liberal democracy' to Asian countries including India and this problem needs to be addressed. The NRIs in the USA (the leader of the free-world) should comparatively be more interested in ensuring the success of liberal, secular Western Democracy in India than the NRIs in other countries. The problems with politics of India are mainly, as given below:-

(i)- Whether people like it or not, Asians have proved themselves to be unfit for democracy (that too secular democracy). Hence unless NRIs directly influence the politics of India, the Chinese democracy will increasingly dominate & humiliate India. This will damage the standing of the NRIs too, in their countries of choice.

(ii)- There is no political party in India which sincerely practices inner party democracy, human rights friendly policies and genuine secularism with modern-global-progressive out-look.

(iii)- All the political parties in India are dependent on mostly the hidden money provided by moneyed-people (including corporates) and by entrenched politicians who as Ministers, MPs, MLAs etc amass adequate money (mainly by corruption & patronization) for contesting next elections (hence elected representatives naturally work for those fund-providers who provide money for their elections). India needs a political party which will take entire funds (from subscription, donations etc) transparently (with audited annual financial returns honestly filed by the party and displayed on the website of the party). Moreover the contribution by Limited Companies ( a legal person) will have to be stopped through writ in SCI because natural persons (shareholders) are already there for contributions to political parties (legal persons are invoked only when natural persons are not available).   

(iv)- All the political parties are clueless & deeply prejudiced (communally) as to what is to be done to resolve the border problems with China & Pakistan, which has poisoned & stagnated the entire political scenario of India.

(v)- There is no political party in India which has such influence in the USA (on its Congress, White House etc) which will ensure pro-India policies of the USA (which matters most for India). If the US-NRIs (instead of behaving as drawing room politicians) formally patronize and participate in a political party in India then such Party can have considerable influence in the USA.

(vi)- No political party of India takes the State-capital (Sovereign-capital) seriously rather either squander it or do not recover it when in power though the State-capital (to the tune of another Rs. about 1,000 Trillion recoverable from about 1 million tax evaders / the fake-framers) can solve most of the problems of India, born out of money-shortage with the government [including about basic needs - the housing (in this age of increased mobility due to dominance of service sector in the economy), health care and right to food] .

(vii)- All the political parties in India do not realize that the last word on India's illegal partition (due to illegal population transfer during partition) is yet to be written and the Federation of undivided-India & Afghanistan is the only solution (if not initially the Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC).

(viii)- All the political parties in India give only lip-service to Federalism (which is supposed to keep only martial matters with the Union and all the civilian matters, including natural resources with the States). 

(ix)- No political party in India understands that the demoralized people can't run democracy. Hence unless reservation with the demoralizing tag of oppressed, backwards etc is removed, India has no future whatsoever in such democracy with demoralizing-tag reservation.

(x)- No political party is taking interest in making the land holdings of the farmers bigger, though small land holdings of the farmers, which has become untenable (as it's average is about meager 1.5 Hectares) is the main cause of the myriad problems of the small farmers. Moreover, small land holdings have denied the farm laborers (poorest of the poor in India) the benefit of labor laws like minimum wages etc.

(xi)- No country can progress without rule-of-law. But no political party in India is serious about it [even the Supreme Court of India (SCI) is of no help] as is evident from the cases of Babri-Masjid, CAA / threatened NRC, Habeas-corpus & other writs about Kashmir, anti-conversion / love-Jihad, cow-vigilante etc- especially in the name of putting the Muslims 'at their proper place'.

(xii)- Under the influence of unbridled usurers, India has also incurred public debt much more than consolidated funds of the governments in violation of Article 293 & 293 of the Constitution by taking excuse of unconstitutional FRBM (Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management) Act.

(xiii)- All the economically developed countries work in their native languages (USA, China, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc). Hence unless India works in its native language it can't progress. Hindi and its variants (Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali etc) are spoken / understood by about 1475 million people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (even Urdu uses the syntax of Hindi) but these people don't have any right to impose Hindi on the people of South India. The South Indian languages are spoken by about 335 million people but they also don't have any right to prevent these about 1475 million people (the same language using largest consumer market of the world) from developing Hindi in Devnagari script as their working language (in all the fields including science-technology, medicine etc) . 

The said & other political problems of India can easily be solved if a political party in India (based on said desirable ideology) is patronized by the NRIs of all the countries (where the NRIs from the USA ought to take the lead). The majority of US-NRIs are of service class (employees) who can give only a regular small amount monthly (in contrast to lump-sum large amounts which businessmen / employers can give) hence the following system of funding will be better for the NRIs. I happen to know one such struggling political party which fits said requirements and with the political and financial support of initially the US-NRIs it is quite capable of becoming a political force to reckon-with in India (if not this then some other Party or a new political party can be launched). To start with, the funds required (of about Rs 335 millions per year to be provided by the US-NRIs) for the Party are as given below and the Constitution of this Party can be framed mainly as per suggestions of the US-NRIs :-

(1)- This initial fund is estimated on three basic principles namely to establish any national political party what are crucially needed are (A)- It's visible presence all across India through Party office with Party flag & board / banner on it (B)- Visible Party candidates for all the seats of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies, which makes the Party worth reckoning by the people and (C)- Writ petitions in the SCI for protecting the rule-of-law. 

(2)- Initially the fund of Rs 335 million (Rs 315 million + 20 million contingency fund) per year regularly needed by the Party can easily be provided by the US-NRIs. There are about 4 million Indians out of which about 2 million are working members in the USA. Even if one percent of these become members / contributors of the Party and give merely $ 20 per month per such earning member then it becomes $ 4.8 million (about Rs 335 million per year). The US-NRIs who are Indian citizens can give this money directly to the Party and (if they want, though not necessary) can become members of the Party. Whereas the US-NRIs who are US citizens can send this money through their family member or friend in India (who, if wants to, can also become the members of the Party, though not necessary)

(3)- Party offices can easily be taken on rent at various levels in Tehsil / Talukas (about 5,600 @ Rs 500 per Month), Districts (about 720 @ 1,000 P.M.), States / UT (29+6 @ Rs 2,000 P.M.) and National (1 @ 10,000 P.M) . This is total Rs 3.6 Million per Month which is 43.2 (say Rs 45 million per year).

(4)- If the Party gives Rs 1 million to each of 543 Loksabha candidates (it becomes Rs 543 million) and Rs 2 hundred thousand to 4,036 Vidhansabha candidates (it becomes Rs 807 million) which is total Rs1,350 million in 5 years (which is Rs 270 million per year).

(5)- The party will click only after filing 10 writ petitions hence out of Rs 20 million contingency fund these writ petitions will be filed  in the Supreme Court @ 1.5 hundred thousand per petition about (i)- Legally expected restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in presence of observer of the SCI in 1992 (ii)- Plebiscite in united J&K as mandated by 'Instrument of Accession' by getting entire territory (including and especially with Pakistan) free from out-siders (along with working for plebiscite in Balochistan who’s IoA, unlike IoA of J&K, was obtained by Pakistan under military pressure and against resolution of its Parliament / Jirga) (iii)- Dual citizenship for about 160 million Hindus & Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who were violently displaced due to illegal population transfer (iv)- Getting border dispute with China settled through 'UN Judicial Commission' because dispute with China (unlike dispute with Pakistan, which is political) is legal (v)- Getting discriminatory reservation laws quashed (vi)- Getting anti-conversion laws (which are against right to freedom of religion) quashed (vii)- Getting anti- cow-slaughter laws quashed as these are discriminatory because it protects religious sentiments of only Hindus (viii)- Quashing unconstitutional FRBM ACT and forfeiting all the public debts of Union & States governments which are above their consolidated funds (ix)- Prohibiting contributions to political parties by Limited Companies (x)- Recovering about Rs 1,000 Trillion income tax from about 1 million fake farmers

(6)- The NRI from other countries can also similarly provide remaining funds for financing the political activities of the Party in the interest of making the liberal Western democracy successful in India (even compared to China). Other remaining funds can come from the Indians living in India.

Looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you about your consent for becoming a member / contributor of such a Party.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

An Indian citizen presently at - Shakopee, MN, USA


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