An Open Letter by Bishop Ijaz Inayat


My dear Humphrey,
Greetings, love and peace from Karachi .
Thank you for your e-mail dated 3rd October 2006. At least you have broken the silence which we very much wanted from somebody representing the illegal and defunct Church of Pakistan and irrefutably who would be better than you purporting to be the General Secretary of the this illegal and dormant body.

I hope this should become a point of learning for the people at large all over the world and I wish you would be responding to the issues rather than fighting a war of words which cannot be constructive.

Let this turn into a dialogue admitting the truth, trying to be good and real Christians for the sake of the mission and witness of the Church.

Firstly I would reply to your raised questions/objections and then further deliberate on what you have intentionally omitted.

You stated that the Church of Pakistan did not accept my election. My first question to you in person is as to how I got elected?

My reply in your response is that; perhaps you are unaware of the history of recorded minutes of the Church of Pakistan or you want to show another picture to the rest of the world who do not have access to those documents.

I quote minutes of the Synod Executive Committee held on 14th February 1998 at Rawalpindi. Approved and printed along with all Executive Committee Minutes held from November 1995 till 1998 by your Synod under the chairmanship of Bishop Samuel Azriah. This was published by your illegal Synod prior to your holding the first illegal Synod of 5th June 2003. Please note at Page No. 69 of this book. The Minute No. 15: Pay of the Bishop Elect. "The House was told that because of the Civil Court cases the Rev. Ijaz Inayat, the Bishop Elect Karachi, was not getting any pay from the Diocese. It was argued that since he was elected by the Synod, it was the duty of the Synod to give him pay so that he could meet his personal expenses. The house unanimously resolved that till the final decision of the court, the Synod should pay Rs. 15000.00 (Rs. Fifteen thousands) per month to the Rev. Ijaz Inayat. All the Dioceses shall contribute Rs. 2000.00 (Rs. Two thousands only) per month towards the pay of the Bishop Elect. This contribution should be from October 1997."

Did you or your Diocese honor that minute?

Secondly, it reflects on the character of the Synod who held my election according to a system in 1997, and later through a conspiracy hatched by the then Moderator Sammy Azriah (which was afterwards adopted by your present illegal Moderator) in which you were also a party along with your Bishop and by way of impersonation and befooling His Grace Archbishop Carey, whose trust all of you abused, tried to defeat the ends of the justice, even though you call yourselves a Church. His Grace Archbishop Carey did not know you from inside and therefore considering you churchmen he innocently got trapped in your deception aimed to monopolize the resources of poor Church, which is now evident from the manipulated and ultra virus scheme of the administration of Church properties vested in defunct LDTA. Even His Grace Archbishop Carey failed to apply his mind to note that his Recommendations dated 18 th April 2001 were related to an application bearing CMA No. 10406/1999 in Suit No. 1454/1997 with reference to perjury committed by the defendants/deponents of the main suit including the former Moderator Sammy Azriah, resultantly His Grace Archbishop Carey also became party to this conspiracy which was to hijack the Church, which all of you are trying to defend.

Your second point relates to the inquiry held by the Lambeth Delegation. This is where our trust was betrayed. The Lambeth Delegation had agreed with us that all the Bishops of the Church should sit together in order to resolve the matter in dispute and for this reason His Grace Archbishop Carey wrote to all the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan vide his letter dated 19.04.2001, that "I expect to finalize my advice to the Court very shortly" and "to this end I intend to invite you to a meeting with me and I would hope, some at least of the Partners, so that we can address these matters face to face" .

His Grace had written to consult the Bishops and while they were on their way, you, Sammy and Malik went all the way to Lambeth Palace to mislead and deceive His Grace Archbishop Carey and by impersonation and concealment of facts persuaded His Grace to sign an antedated letter (dated 18.04.2001) whereby Bishop Malik was appointed as Election Commissioner in accordance with Anglican tradition, in the capacity as senior Bishop of the Church of Pakistan, whilst the fact of his alienation and separation from the Church of Pakistan was concealed and cloaked from His Grace Archbishop Carey and his Delegation (for this reason separate proceedings for setting aside the impugned order dated 13.02.2002, secured fraudulently and deceitfully by concealment of facts under Lambeth Recommendation have already been instituted in Sindh High Court).

His Grace Archbishop Carey and his delegation were expected to look into the legal issues through the trust entrusted to him with our consent, by the High Court, for the resolution of complex litigation and all of us were ( as he was) more interested in vital issues of immense significance upon which he reflected in his letter dated 19th April 2001, wherein he wrote that "The report raises wider questions with regards to the well-being of the Church of Pakistan" . Thus straightaway he fell short of the expectations entrusted to him and helped you to harbor the above-narrated conspiracy, watching the personal interest of a few.

By the way would you let know the member of Church at large that His Grace Archbishop Carey and Lambeth Delegation were informed about Malik`s legal position at that time (after alienation of 1996)? OR have you clarified this issue with the Church of England even now? Does not his participation in the proceedings of Anglican Communion and Anglican Consultative Council as a Bishop of the Church of Pakistan and your and Revd Shahid P. Mehraj`s participation as his nominees in the ACC-13 held at Nottingham on 19 - 28 June 2005 besmirching the legitimacy of these houses ? Please be informed that fraud vitiates solemn proceedings.

This is a straightforward betrayal of the trust we had in the sacred office of Archbishop and abuse of the offices which all of you purport to hold by way of impersonation and concealment of facts.

His Grace Archbishop Carey and Lambeth Delegation should have proceeded according to the agreed line of action and I have the right to let the world know, what the basis of this conspiracy was.

From your Mission Hospital Project in Peshawar and the amount which is going un-accounted in your Diocese and simultaneously the rehabilitation project of Ballakot, it is translucent that Billions of Rupees is the only interest of illegal occupants of the offices. This includes the sale of properties through premium on goodwill, wherefrom you intend to pocket the actual sale consideration under the table while offering peanuts to the Church, who had to pay the huge taxes after the commercialization and sale.

Your project of Mission Hospital Peshawar was stopped on my single letter which evidently proves ulterior motives of your team and my recognition by the Government; even then you talk about my official recognition so as to misguide the innocent member of the Church you are looting with both hands. Let me assure you that although the legal system in Pakistan is lengthy but a time will come when facts will find definite words in verdicts and judgments bound to come.

More so, the role of Inquiry Commission is evident from your participation in the one made by Malik Sahib in the case of Ghazala Shafique (whereby she was publicly stripped naked by one of your honorable bishop in Karachi and criminal proceeding are taking place in the court of law against him and his accomplices, I think this is where your pride takes its origin) where-in-which you regretted over the incident when you met her in Mehran Hotel at Karachi but when you wrote the report it was false, concocted and against the facts vindicated later by investigating agencies including the Human Rights International and the local fact finding missions including the Police High-ups. For the sake of your team you can go to any extent against the truth and justice and for the sake of the Church let me say we appoint a neutral Auditor from the west and let the audit of all the Dioceses be done for the last ten years so that the world should judge the working of the stewards in-charge of financial matters.

You pointed out the Court orders of Sindh High Court dated 9th October 2002. Let me remind you that these orders were ex-party which everybody knows through which channels they were obtained. What happened next you have not tried to tell your readers? The said case hopelessly suffers from multifariousness and it is for this reason that the Honorable Court is pursuant to determine whether your appointee (Sadiq Daniel) who instituted the said case in the capacity of a bishop appointed by Bishop Malik after alienating from the Church of Pakistan is a bishop or not? And for your information, the said case was fixed for hearing today i.e. on 9th October 2006 but the Learned Counsel of your so-called bishop of Karachi failed to attend the said case as he do not have any answer to the pertaining issue that as to how Bishop Malik of an independent and alien Church appointed Sadiq Daniel as bishop in the Church of Pakistan. Furthermore, let me refer to the orders of the same High Court dated 8 th September 2003 in which you are Defendant No. 3 whereby the Honorable Court while observing that your so-called Synod is illegally elected has ordered you and all the officers of your dormant Synod to maintain Status Quo in respect of sale of properties and bringing amendment to the Constitution of the Church of Pakistan and Rules and Regulations framed there-under, since you do not have locus standi to do so. (For facility of reference a scanned copy of the said order is attached herewith as attachment)

Let me short list the issues for the sake of brevity and would seek your honest answer to them.

Did your Bishop resigned from the office of Bishop of Peshawar Diocese when he joined USPG?

Was the seat of your Diocese declared vacant by the then General Secretary on 29.11.1999?

Was your Bishop re-elected upon his return? Also let us know is it honest?

Is your Bishop on bail in a criminal case?

What constitutional revision you and Malik had in re-appointing him after his resignation?

Has not Bishop Malik re-written the Constitution of his Diocese without the mandatory approval of the Lahore Diocesan Council of 1996 and that of the Synod of anytime in history?

If that is true, what is the constitutional position of the Synod now, he being the Moderator?

If the same is true, which off course is; then what is the constitutional position of the Bishops elected under his chair and through the participation of his delegates? Specially that of Rafiq Masih who was elected Bishop of Hyderabad (when he was over sixty years of age and inherently disqualified to contest the said election) against the recorded minutes of the united and undisputed Synod. Please refer to minutes of the Constitution committee dated 26 th October 1994 vide its minute 5 (a) duly endorsed by the Executive Committee vide its minute EX-S 4/97 (a) dated 8th April 1997. Also note that Bishop Malik and Rafiq Masih had voted for this resolution which was approved by your Synod and is on page 29 of the book printed by your Synod.

Does the rule of jungle apply to the actions of the bishops AND are not they bound by the Constitutions of their Dioceses and that of the Synod and above all the rules of good governance of the civilized society?

Is the sale of the properties even if through premium transparent and legal?

Have you been educated on the principles and position of ordinations and consecrations in the Church of Pakistan and the entire Church? Please be informed that Bishops issues licenses to the Presbyters, they don`t need any license to perform sacraments from anybody.

You are objecting over my role of National Coordinator of Church Properties Bachao Tehreek. You fell the dishonest stewards/officers of the Church be left un-questioned to do their will and drain resources under the table as was being done in the case of Mission Hospital Project Peshawar by under invoicing? Shouldn`t I fulfill my responsibilities to which I am constitutionally, legally, morally, religiously and dutifully bond?

Would you please define what an upright Christian and an upright Church is so that I may reflect on it in my next letter in continuation?

How many buffalo`s have been purchased as against those documented, through whom and on what price? Has any purchase been tendered specially those involving huge amounts?

I hope you will take the courage to respond correctly to put me to infamy. Otherwise all these issues will be settled in the Courts of Law in Pakistan. Until then you remain illegal Diocesan setup and illegal Synod.

God Bless you to repent before the day which is bound to come.

Truly yours in the Lord for the sake of His Church.

Bishop Ijaz Inayat Masih

PS. There will be other opportunities to write about other matters.

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