Such drama of Indian Christianity mainly responsible for destruction of religious freedom & harassment of Christians in India. By Hem Raj Jain


Though March 19 Jhansi incidence was not about conversion but Indian Christianity can’t get relief if continues to be apologetic about conversion / religious-freedom 

On March 19, 2021 when four Christian girls (2 nuns and 2 postulants) were harassed by Hindu mob and taken down  from train at Jhansi because these two (nuns) were allegedly trying to convert other two (postulants)  it is a fit case to learn how the Indian Christianity merely gives lip service to religious freedom and merely completes a formality in the name of speaking against the harassment of Christians by Hindus (who harass the Christians by taking lame excuse of fraudulent conversion).

About this March, 19 Jhansi incidence the Kerala-based Syro-Malabar Church, Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council, Global Council of Indian Christians also gave lip service in the name of condemning this harassment of 4 Christian girls

No doubt in India many laws have been enacted mainly to stop the conversion of Hindu girls to Islam because Muslims are the main religious-minority-community in India (including so-called anti-love-Jihad law ) but it is mainly the Indian Christianity which is responsible for this lawlessness and high-handedness of Hindus in India.

This is for the simple reason that the tens of millions of Muslims all over the world from Myanmar to NAME region (including in Syria, Yemen etc) are weeping and bleeding profusely and are unable to solve their related problems and Muslims are having theocratic States hence are not practicing modern & progressive secular democracy. Therefore nothing much can be expected from such a powerless & backward Muslim community. But Christians (of the West) are ruling the entire world (also through their global economical - political practices and institutions including the UN) hence if Christians are harassed then they themselves are to be blamed (even a priest and his son was burnt alive in 1999 in Odisha by Hindu mob and this March 19 Jhansi incidence is not the first and will not be the last, if Indian Christianity does not do the needful).

Therefore if Indian Christianity is serious about protecting religious freedom in India and about avoiding harassment of Christians by Hindus in the matters of conversion then it should immediately do the following:-

(i)- The Indian Christianity should immediately move the Supreme Court of India in a writ petition for declaring that the “Right to Freedom of Religion” under Article 25 of the Constitution is an inalienable & unfettered fundamental right (not only under Indian Constitution but also under international laws of the UN to which India is a signatory) and no law or provision in Constitution can overrule or deny it, hence all such contrary provisions in Constitution and and in laws (of the Union and of the States) ought to be and are declared null and void under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution

(ii)- The Indian Christianity should immediately move the apex bodies of the Christianity (including Pope in Rome) to move the governments of the Christian majority nations to ensure religious freedom in India  by talking to the government of India (GoI) and also through the ICCPR of the UN.

(iii)-  The Indian Christianity should immediately move ESPECIALLY the US-Christianity to move the government of the USA (the leader of the Christian West) to ensure religious freedom in India  by talking to the government of India (GoI) and also through the ICCPR of the UN.

(iv)- The Indian Christianity should immediately mobilize some NRIs in the USA who will ensure (as per laws of the USA) the mobilization of US-Christianity for the above (iii) mentioned purpose.

The Indian Christianity should understand that the excuse of the Hindus (which they give like  force, misrepresentation, undue influence,  allurement,  fraud, for marriage etc) for denying conversion are all legally and morally untenable because there are already enough provisions, in the ‘Indian Penal Code’ against such offenses, available to the victims. Therefore religious conversion by an adult can not be denied to him / her due to any such absurd reason and the Indian Christianity need not be apologetic EVEN about conversion (though in this March 19 Jhansi case there was no conversion because all the 4 adult girls were already Christians from birth)

Therefore in view of the above mentioned it is hoped that the Indian Christianity will stop giving mere lip service to the cause of protecting the Christians from Hindus [who are bent upon harassing the Christians through cooked-up conversion (as was the case in March 19 Jhansi incidence) and by denying religious freedom in India] but will provide the real relief, as mentioned above, including and especially by moving the Biden-administration through US-Christianity (preferably & effectively by mobilizing some NRIs in the USA for this cause). 

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