Imran should honor April 20 commitment to TLP of moving Parliament but for bringing secularism in Pakistan. By Hem Raj Jain


Contemporary Muslims have already harmed Islam immensely and Pakistan can do the course correction (ii)- Jinnah recommended State policy (tantamount to secularism) in his August 11, 1947 address to Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

‘Qudrat’ (power of nature) has its own way of manifesting itself. Despite all his weaknesses and handicaps (that he was brought to power by military establishment  by illegally removing Nawaz from Prime Ministership through a judicial coup and then denying Nawaz and his party fair participation in 2018 election by keeping Nawaz out of party positions & contest) Prime Minister Imran Khan has two very strong points (despite his inexperience of administration before coming to PM office, as he himself admitted) namely (A)- Due to his stint in Britain for studies and first married life and impressive career in international cricket, Imran is well conversant with and even at home as a global citizen (B)- Though he doesn't know how to achieve it (despite his claims ) he is genuinely interested in establishing Riyasat -e-Madina

But contemporary Muslims have already harmed Islam immensely and Pakistan can do the course correction if Imran try to understand the following:-

(i)- Islam is the only religion on earth which is closest to modern times for two reasons. First it worships the ‘Abstract’ which is in consonance with modern science & technology (which flourished after Copernicus who in16th century said and proved that it is not not the sun but the earth which revolves around the sun (thus stressing abstract over senses). Second in consonance with democracy, Islam is the only religion which is meant to keep the State (temporal power) as people friendly and under its control.

(ii)- Like Christianity (based on Bible) Islam is also a religion based on a book (Quran) hence like what happened in Christianity (when protestants in Europe in 16th century denied the authority of the clergy of Roam Catholics and asked its follower Christians to follow only the book, the Bible) the Muslims will also flourish in every aspect of life when they would rely only on Quran and not on the clergy of Islam.

(iii)- As per Quran Prophet Mohammad is not the supreme authority / entity but Allah, the Abstract. Hence Muslims are doing maximum harm to Islam by way of become absurdly over sensitive (even violent) in modern world on (a)- Blasphemy where any thing said against Islam / Prophet Mohammad (even unimportant) is severely punishable in most of the Muslim countries(b)- ‘Khatme Naboowat’ (finality of prophethood of Muhammad ) ( c)- Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat (protecting the honor of Prophet Muhammad)

(iv)- Every religion deals with other-worldly matters hence nothing special if Islam also does it. But Islam is the only religion which provides mental paradigm to tackle the problems and issues of this world most effectively. But there is one huge problem (rather trial) in Islam namely it is a very simple religion and as the saying goes ‘Bus ki dushwar hai har kaam ka assan hona’ (it is difficult to be simple) Islam becomes very difficult if people only read Quran without practicing its basic principles (which doesn’t take more than six months in any case).

(v)- Any body who has not merely read Quran but has practiced its basic principles knows that the contemporary Muslims are (including PM Imran Khan) merely reading Quran that is the reason tens of millions of Muslims are weeping and bleeding profusely from Myanmar to NAME region (including Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen etc).

(vi)- Christianity doesn’t bother about weaker sections of the society even in the USA (the leader of Christian Western world) as is evident from  or

 Moreover Hinduism has failed to provide even basic livelihood to two third population of India (who are mostly oppressed and backward castes of Hindu order) who are fully or party dependent on farm income and who have committed suicide in hundreds of thousands due to nonremunerative prices of farm produce hence presently the farmer’s agitation is going on in India (after 26 November 2020 at Delhi border etc) as mentioned at .

(vii)-The mere verbal commitment of Muslims to Islam has prevented the spread of Islam in rest of the world especially in present situation when Christianity and Hinduism have failed to provide succor to their followers and when Christians and Hindus are potentially prepared to convert to Islam gladly, provided Muslims make Islam human-rights-friendly and do not prevent Islam from becoming relevant to present times in consonance with the basic preaching of Quran.

Therefore in the interest of spreading Islam in rest of the world Imran should do the following in view of given below:-

(1)- Imran-government on April 15 has banned the political party Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP as reported at ) whose supporters staged three days of violent protests across the country after the arrest of their leader. But after November 2020 sit-in near Pakistan capital by  the TLP (under its leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi who died in November 19, 2020 after signing the agreement on November 16, 2020) over the issue of remarks by President Macron that had been considered Islamophobic. The two ministers of Imran-government signed a deal with the TLP wherein it promised to consider expelling the French ambassador, banning all French goods from Pakistan etc and Imran-government was to bring this issue in Parliament on April 20 (but its draft was not acceptable to the TLP hence agitation by it which led to said ban).

(2)- Now whether the TLP is banned or even dissolved through court order, the commitment of the Imran-government (given by its two ministers to late Rizvi) remains for bringing  this blasphemy issue to Parliament. Hence Imran-government should bring a bill in the parliament commensurate with the modern trend of secular democracy (which makes mind free from the coercion of the traditional two, the religion and State power and which is necessary for the progress of modern science and technology which has revolutionized the world for the better) :-

(i)- For making the Pakistan State, secular

(ii)- For stopping to consider Islam as some weak religion (in need of absurd protections) hence for removing from the statute of Pakistan punishments for (a)- Blasphemy (b)- ‘Khatme Naboowat’ ( c)- Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat 

(iii)- For declaring that Pakistan will practice Islam in a way that the beleaguered and harassed non-Muslims would gladly adopt Islam in consonance with the right to religion (freedom to convert) as mentioned in the ICCPR of the UN.

It is hoped that Imran Khan will do the real service to Islam (by removing all the hurdles Pakistan has put in the path of spread of Islam) in rest of the world by way moving the Pakistan Parliament on April 20 for bringing legislation to make Pakistan a secular State including for abolishing the punishment for Blasphemy, ‘Khatme Naboowat’, Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat etc.

Pakistan was created because Muslims (led by Jinnah) thought that in Hindu majority India Muslims couldn’t get justice in other words India couldn’t practice secularism. Hence Jinnah in his August 11, 1947 address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan said that - “[You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed -- that has nothing to do with the business of the State]”. Now theocracy has become a problem to Pakistan itself hence Pakistan should adopt Secularism through its Constitution (as per the said recommendation of Jinnah).

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