Biden faces first major international crisis from Pakistan if NOW some Americans paint portraits of Prophet Mohammad. By Hem Raj Jain


If Trump / GOP decides to pose a challenge to Biden-administration through Pakistan, it will not be that easy for Biden (ii)- India the sworn enemy of Pakistan, can exploit the situation through its connections in the USA

The policy of Prime Minister Imran Khan has not only backfired on Pakistan but it has a potential of creating the first major international crisis for Biden-administration too. Imran tried to run with the hair and hunt with the hounds. After knowing the success of the April 19 shutdown call (on the issue of France)  given by TLP (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) and supported by other Islamic parties, Imran realized that TLP & Other Islamic parties can’t be stopped hence he started playing a double game. On one hand in his April 19 evening address to the nation Imran tried to be in good books of the West by narrating government policy of not taking any action about expulsion of French ambassador and instead for contacting all Muslim countries and international forums for taking action against France and any other country which indulges in blasphemy. On the other hand in order to pacify the Islamic parties Imran sent a team to negotiate with TLP (an organization banned due to terrorism) and then got a private member bill (through his party member) in Parliament on April 20 for discussing primarily the matter of expulsion of French ambassador as mentioned at

After getting this private member bill introduced in Parliament many Pakistanis especially the members and supporters of Imran’s party ‘Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’ (PTI) started saying in media that (the West need not bother because ) this bill means nothing as government is not bound to implement it but they do not realize that what they are saying is nothing new or unknown. Even French media knows it ( ) where it says that -”[Resolutions relating to sensitive Islamic issues are often passed unanimously in Pakistan's parliament, but are non-binding, with many previous votes not enacted by the government]”.

The opposition parties also know about this obfuscation and double game by Imran government that is why when Parliamentary Affairs Minister of State Ali Muhammad Khan said in Parliament that “[The government desired a debate on the issue but the resolution based on the exact discussions held between the government and the TLP has been moved by a private member whereas earlier on April 20, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced after talks with TLP that the government will present a resolution on the expulsion of the French ambassador in parliament]” as reported at .  

The member of an Islamic party Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl  (JUI - F) said in Parliament that the JUI-F was given to understand that the government would present a resolution calling for the French ambassador to be expelled but the wording of the resolution was "weak". Also the MNA of the main opposition party the PML-N said that clarification was needed on many things concerning the resolution. "[On one hand, you want to debate on the expulsion of the French ambassador. On the other hand, you are saying only the state can do this]".

Hence if Imran is thinking that by bringing private member bill he has neutralized the TLP & other Islamic parties then he is keeping himself and Pakistan in a make believe world. During said April 19 shutdown the Islamic parties have already shown their strength on street and if Pakistan Parliament does not constrain the government to expel the French ambassador then they will paralyze entire Pakistan which Imran simply can't handle for the simple reason that he always want to be seen to be siding with the communal elements as he also said during his April 19 address to the nation that - “He and TLP are on the same page (the only difference is in their approach) about taking action against France”. But Imran is evidently oblivious of the fact that his obfuscation and double game has created a situation which has a potential of creating the first major international crises for Biden-administration, as given below:-

(i)- The USA need not be reminded of what place France has in its history. Not only the USA could not have achieved independence the way it did if France had not come to militarily help US-founding father George Washington at Yorktown in 1781 but France did not help the South militarily to secede from the USA during the civil war of 1861. Hence when Pakistan is bent upon humiliating France by way of expelling its ambassador  (through parliament resolution) on an untenable ground of blasphemy,  the USA is bound to go to any length to support France against Pakistan notwithstanding Pakistan's overblown importance to the USA in Afghanistan. Moreover it is not merely the question of France but the protection of ‘fundamental right of expression' which is the most important factor in the on-going global war against 'Authoritarian Chinese Democracy’ for ‘Liberal Western Democracy’ (the responsibility of the USA to protect and propagate across the world) and which Pakistan is unnecessarily trying to destroy,

(ii)- The problems for the USA do not stop here. Has Imran ever thought that what will happen if NOW some Americans start painting portraits of Prophet Mohammad in the USA especially when Imran has paved the way (by private member bill through his party member) for the expulsion of French ambassador which the Islamic parties (not merely TLP) will ensure by arousing religious sentiments rather frenzy in Pakistan. Imran should further know that if the main opposition party in the USA the Republicans (especially former Prez Trump who wants to go to White House without doing any creative political activity on ground) decides to thus pose a challenge to Biden-administration via Pakistan (through some portraits of Prophet Mohammad by GOP members or their supporters in some cities of the USA) then it will not be that easy for Prez Biden to handle it (because the Islamic parties in Pakistan will certainly press for expulsion of US ambassador from Pakistan in such case).

(iii)- Biden-administration is under no delusion and knows perfectly well that the Islamic parties in Pakistan can’t be deterred by the immensely pinching US-sanctions against Pakistan because the clergy of Pakistan will love to be another Ayatollah of Pakistan and will love Pakistan to be seen suffering mainly due to the USA (as is the case with Iran) which will give formidable power to clergy of Pakistan and which even Pakistan military (radicalized since the days of General Zia) will not be able to control (given the Islamic slogans raised by soldiers during last week's TLP agitation).

(iv)- Meanwhile Pakistan (a nuclear country with 220 million population) will be at the mercy of it’s sworn enemy India, if India and / or its allies decide to use their connections in the USA to mobilize some Americans (especially white Americans) to paint portraits of Prophet Mohammad in some cities of the USA

This does not mean that all is lost for Imran government or for Pakistan on the contrary Imran can use it as a blessing in disguise if he does the following through loyalty to Islam and true love for Prophet Mohammad as given below:-

(1)- First and foremost Imran should understand that whatever dawned from God (Allah) on Prophet Mohamad is in Quran and there is no mention of things on which people in Pakistan are presently making meaningless noises (such as Blasphemy,  ‘Khatme Naboowat’, Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat etc) as if they are serving the interests of and protecting Prophet Mohammad, which is absurd. All these things are later developments after the life of Prophet Mohammad and after Him & now have been and are being misused by ill-motivated Muslims (especially clergy and the Muslims under their greater influence) who are misusing the name of Prophet Mohammad to fulfil their this-worldly vested interests (Imran must be knowing and is discussed in Pakistan media too that a Lady used to throw dust on Prophet daily when He used to go to Mosque for prayers but he never took any action against her rather one day when she did not appear, Prophet went in her house to enquire whether she was OK and not sick. Because Prophet Mohammad gave more importance to Allah than to Himself hence was very humble hence it is absurd to kill & injure the people in the name of protecting the honor of Prophet Mohammad].

(2)-  The intolerance on the part of misguided Muslims is coming in the way of spreading Islam in rest of the world as mentioned at:- 

Therefore in the interest of true Islam, Imran government should bring a bill in Parliament to make Pakistan a secular State including for abolishing the punishment for Blasphemy, ‘Khatme Naboowat’, Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat etc. so that not merely with France / Europe but unnecessary & potential confrontation with the USA is also avoided and Pakistan (and its region) moves ahead on the path of peace, justice and prosperity.

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