Presently China can easily win India and defeat Western democracy led by USA, if instead of mocking India dominates it politically. By Hem Raj Jain


The prominent US-media is right when it criticizes China for mocking India (with images of cremation pyre in India) which is overwhelmed by and who’s medical system has collapsed due to the coronavirus. India is widely regarded in China as an example of the flaws of democratic systems.  India’s image in China of a poorer, unruly country is used in China to defend a “more centralized and authoritarian rule” and Chinese believe that India has joined the West to counter China’s rise in recent years, as mentioned at 

The callousness  (in showing these images of pyres) was realized by China itself hence these images were quickly taken down by the Communist Party-run news service that posted it. But it does not obliterate the reality that presently India is a devastated country which is evident not only from the Corona fiasco in India but also from the fact that two third of India (which is wholly or partly dependent on farm income where hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide due to nonremunerative prices of farm produce) are agitating since November 26, 2020 at Delhi borders and at other places in India. 

Therefore China should creatively exploit this situation in order to benefit both China and India which China can easily do, as given below:-

(1)- In this age of modern science & technology (which has revolutionized the world for the better, during the last about 500 years) the  free mind is necessary which is possible only by coming out of the coercion of the traditional two (religion and warriors) hence the necessity for secular - democracy (for which the West gave immense lives & blood especially in 16th and 17th century in Europe). Such a free mind, the Indians simply don't have hence without support from the West (institutional mechanism through the UN for ensuring human right as enshrined in ICCPR) the ‘Liberal Western Democracy’ (LWD) hasn’t succeeded in India. The West is racially prejudiced hence will not help India in future also in running the LWD. The racial prejudice of the West is evident also from the fact that Britishers not only treated even Anglo-Indians with disdain but didn’t launch their political party in pre-partition India and instead left it on the political humbug like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel Jinnah etc who first communalized India with the criminal complicity of the Britishers and then trifurcated the motherland on communal lines (though anyone who can’t protect the territorial integrity of the motherland doesn’t know even the abcd of politics) 

(2)- China should make programs only for a decade or two for India (and for Indian subcontinent) and should not be over sensitive about the type of political model India adopts. Because due to inevitable unprecedented advance in efficiency (due to Artificial-Intelligence, Thinking-Machines, Robotics etc) very few people will be able to produce enough for entire mankind hence all the human beings of working age would not get traditional / conventional employment and new economic activities would be introduced (including in space and on other planets) but many are bound to remain unemployed / underemployed. Hence the economic freedom of all the citizens will have to be protected by the State and the entire world will have to shape the social-economic-political policies by keeping this ‘new horizon for mankind’ in view. Moreover China should know that merely the defeat of ‘exclusive private capitalism’ will be the defeat of the USA (the leader of the LWD) which is in the forefront of containing China through QUAD etc. .

(3)-  Presently the ‘Authoritarian Chinese Democracy’ (ACD) can easily win India and defeat LWD if China  stabilizes India (and also Pakistan and Bangladesh) by promoting secularism in the region by ensuring dual citizenship for about 160 million Hindus & Muslims (descendants of displaced) of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who were violently displaced due to illegal population transfer and which has communalized the entire Indian subcontinent (there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act’)

(4)- Chinese brand of socialism (with joint-capitalism where State-capital and private-capital jointly run the economy of the country) is the best solution for devastated India. Socialism has always been supported by many Indians (even since pre-independence) hence it should not be difficult for China to motivate some Indians to launch a political party which will have genuine belief in socialism.

(5)-This political party should immediately organize (under its banner) Dharnas at all the Tehsil / Taluka, District and State headquarters for demanding ‘Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’ the LEMSP (presently for 23 items which can be increased to about 40 by including fruits, vegetables etc) along with ‘Comprehensive Public Distribution System’ (CPDS) in which this Party should provide ‘Langars’ (which make such Dharnas successful, as was the case about farmer’s Dharna at Delhi borders). These ‘Langars’ (free-food) will not cost any money worth the name to this Party because farmers near these Tehsil / Taluka will donate food items for these Langars. This Party should also carry-out 'Jail Bharo Andolan',  if necessary for achieving the objectives of these Dharnas. In this CPDS there will be about 14 Lakhs outlets all over the country (one for every about 1,000 people) along with commensurate infrastructure of godowns, mandis, cold-storages, transport mechanism etc.

(6)- Farm laborers are the poorest of the poor in India and do not get the benefit of labor laws like minimum wages etc. which is due to small land holdings. Hence this Party should work for increasing the size of landholdings in order to provide benefits of labor laws to farm labor with a condition that corporations will not be allowed to hold the farm lands.

(7)- The huge State-capital required for CPDS can come by recovering about Rs 1,000 Trillion (Lakh Crore) Income-tax from about one million fake farmers as discussed in Parliament and reported also at  . This State-capital should be utilized for health-care and housing sector too, as given below:-

(i)- For free health-care to all,  the modified ‘Employees State Insurance’ (ESI)  program should be launched where the employees, their employers and Government shall make the financial contributions and in the management of this modified ESI the representatives of all the contributors (elected for employees and employers and nominated by government) shall be there.

(ii)- With an increasingly greater share of the service sector in the economy, the mobility of people will increase but housing is the biggest impediment in it in India. Hence this Party should ensure that the government constructs residential houses / complexes which will be given profitably (practically on no-profit no loss) on rent, which will be decided by 'Statutory Rent Commission'

(8)- China will succeed in India only by not seemingly meddling in Indian affairs because Indians are highly egoistic people (mostly like empty vessels which make huge noise). Rather China will be well advised to let the Indians boast that as per the values of the ancient Indian (mostly Hindu) civilization, India is coming out of the dire situation (through this Indian version of socialism). Moreover the dispute of India with China (unlike India's dispute with Pakistan, which is political) is legal hence China can eliminate most of ill will against it in India by referring Indo-China border dispute to some ‘Judicial commission’ preferably having commissioners from different countries acceptable to both India & China.

It is hoped that (in view of the West led by the USA ditching India, politically), China instead of mocking India (on its devastated economic & political situation) will dominate India through Chinese motivated 'new Indian political party' (having genuine belief in socialism) which will bring socialism in India (as mentioned above) which will be beneficial to both India and China (and also to the wider Indian subcontinent).

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